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PC [SOLVED]Can't Connect to Any Servers or Friends


I've already tried:
-Verifying cache
-Reinstalling game
-Reinstalling dependencies
-Disabling/turning off firewall
-Removing the user folder

Is there way I can try with a fresher install on my current computer? I installed the game on my laptop and I was able to connect to servers fine.


Not exactly sure what I did, but I fixed it. After getting a log file from terraria, I saw an error "socketexception: no such host is known". Doing some googling, it seemed like the error had something to do with DNS.
I did the following to fix the problem:
- add google DNS servers ( to my network adapter
- do an nslookup in command line to see if it could find the terraria server
- type in the terraria server IP without the port
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