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PC Some ideas about the bestiary


Some ideas about improving the bestiary and adding mob spawning items to make it possible for 100% completing in every world:
1. Adding some missing mobs in the bestiary, for example, Pirate's Curse and Spiked Slime (form King Slime).
2. Adding variants of some entries, for example, butterflies, and zombies (some are added, but it can spawn in bigger/smaller variants as well as armed ones, they can be added)
3. Adding fish entries, any fishing catch that's obviously a fish could be added, unlocks by fishing one. To make it possible for 100%, the Angler will give Quest Fish from other evil in Hardmode(like Bloody Manowar in a corruption world)
4. Adding an item called Scene Remover or something (perhaps sold by the Zoologist with 30% bestiary filled), it will allow player to turn placed walls into their natural version so that some monsters (like spiders or hoplites) can spawn if the world generate none of their background walls (for example, Not the Bees world or world created from old versions)
5. In the For the Worthy world, allowing normal demon to spawn in the underworld in hardmode, and normal bunny to spawn rarely. (so that it is possible to complete their entries). Also the Antlion Eggs could spawn slowly in underground desert so that world before 1.4 could get Antlion Larvae's entry.
6. A more accurate data, which determined by the world, could be added: for example, blue slimes get buffed in hardmode in expert/master world, their data could be updated accordingly; some mobs with more that one attack (Rune Wizard for example could be added for multiple attack entries) and some with more than one phases (like most bosses) could be added in different entries.
7. Related idea: If you put Key of Night in a chest in the Crimson, Crimson Mimic will spawn regardless of the world evil (and vice versa) so that it will be more convenient to get their entries (and drops:indifferent:)
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Duke Fishron
Good ideas all together regarding the alternate evil mimics there has been a suggestion to have keys of night summon the alt evil mimic in graveyards

Note that Marble enemies such as Hoplites and Medusas just like Granite enemies don't need background walls to spawn they just need their respective block type around. The wall dependent biomes/enemies are spider Caves, The Underground Desert, the 3 Dungeon wall types and the Lihzahrd temple respectively everything else can spawn without walls though the presence of other biome based walls does help limit what enemies can spawn such as Jungle walls restricting spawns to mostly Jungle enemies. Regardless the ability to make player placed walls be natural would be so useful as I could finally make nice looking arenas and the likes.
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