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[Quick side note: I'm gonna need some other people to help me with this, mostly with the coding..]

Alright, I just added the tModLoader thing because I was thinking about usin it fer the mods.. Tho I'm gonna see if I'll even end up creating it, finding someone to help, or just not create it at all.. ANYWAYS, to the idea..

So I was thinking, and it's a pretty simplistic idea, about some sort of fabric that your character can wear. Now it is like a vanity item which can be any type of vanity item, depending on what you put in the slot (it'll have its very own slot in the menu thingy), and it will also have three to five other slots for weapons, tools, etc. (Not three to five for each, but three to five in total [I say three to five because I honestly don't know how many slots would be appropriate]). This piece of cloth can transform into any of those (lets just say four) weapons in any of the four slots, so basically switching between weapons and tools is easy. It might even have some sort of buffs or whatever. It's basically an expansion of space, while also being pretty handy..

Ok, a lot of this may sound confusing, so lemme put it a bit simpler.

A piece of cloth that can transform into any weapon/tool, and can be shown as any vanity item, or even armor, depending on what is in the slot. The default look will be a scarf that can be used as a grapple hook scarf.

Ok, maybe I'll just try and draw this stuff out to make it a bit better to understand. I honestly don't really know if it sounds all that great, but eh.. It's just a little mod idea...
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