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I'll start with the idea I care about most. Please make it so your first Summon Weapon in your inventory automatically resummon your minions when you respawn like the Finch Staff does and/or let Summoning items be autoswing until you have your Max Minions so you don't have to click a ton of times. After dying to the Daytime Empress of Light over 100 times, I really wish this was a thing.

A funny problem I have with Prismatic Lacewings is you can kill them by bouncing on them with a Winged Slime Mount, but the Empress of Light spawns in at just the right spot to kill you instantly when you bounce off the Prismatic Lacewing. Could the Empress of Light be made to be unable to damage you (or be damaged) durring her summoning animation.

For anyone that wants to fight the Daytime Empress of Light, two ideas. One, make Prismatic Lacewings a little more common after you defeat the Empress of Light. Needing to catch them when they're as rare as they are instead of being able to duplicate them makes me want to never fight the Daytime Empress of Light outside of Journy Mode. Two, make it so the Prismatic Lacewing lasts a little longer before disappearing if they're released outside the Hallow or during the Day. It's kind of annoying that I'm not able to hit them with my Whip and have to use my Pickaxe.

It'd be really nice if there was a hint about the Torch God's existence in game instead of having to find out through the chance or the Wiki, especially because it's in the Bestiary. Maybe some of the Guide's advice?

I doubt this idea will get considered because it's cruel, but how about an easier way to kill NPCs in case the wrong one spawns in or you want their drop? Rotten Eggs do so little and Lava is pretty slow after you defeat enough bosses. (Not going to lie, I'm more impressed than annoyed that they take less damage from the On Fire Debuff than the Lava itself after beating most of the bosses. It makes me wonder how they're able to be killed by accident.)

I said this in the Bug Reports forms because I wasn't sure if this belonged there or in Suggestions, but please let Hard Mode Ores generate over Hardened Sand and Sandstone. It feels like an oversight that most of the underground Desert can't have Hard Mode Ores but Hive Blocks can be replaced when you smash Altars.
Bumping, if you can call it that when this is still the second highest non-pinned thread, for two more ideas.

Magic Fertilizer that grows trees faster or instantly would be very useful if you want a lot of a type of wood to build with, like Pearl Wood when Hardmode starts. It's also pretty annoying to wait when you want to grow Palm Trees that lean the right way or aren't leaning.

The Magiluminescence makes your eyes (and the Magiluminescence itself) glow if it's in a Vanity slot, which is amazing for looking cursed with the right dye, but only if it's not hidden by another neck accessory, like a Worm Scarf, in a lower Vanity slot. How hard would it be to let it make your charter's eyes glow even if the Magiluminescence isn't visible?

The fishing and building bags can be an eyesore if stored in vanity slots. I know they're not hidden by much because some people want to have a backpack for vanity, so I don't know what to suggest about that. I'm also not too worried about it because a Magic Quiver or one of its upgrade in a lower Vanity slot is very good way to hide them and hard to notice with the right dye. There's also Texture Packs to make them invisible, but the Quiver is Vanilla. I just though I'd mention that for anyone else that's bothered by bags.
Edit: Echo Dye would work
ReEdit: Alternate loadouts are an even better solution! Thanks for making those! :D

Edit: Another Vanity idea, Fox Costume's tail hides Accessory tails. Could Accessory Tails hide the Fox Costume Tail instead or is there a quirk in the code that prevents this idea? (Ironically, I'm asking for this because I want the Fox Tail instead of a fox tail.)
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Rebumping this thread again because I didn't know if this would belong in NPCs, Game Mechanics, or Other.

I love that character creation lets you copy/paste the Hexidecimal code, but it's pretty annoying that you can't do that when changing your hair color with the Stylist. As someone that's bothered by not having the exact color I'm going for, I really wish the copy/paste the Hexidecimal code was for the Stylist too.

Speaking of character creation, it's hard to get a skin color that matches a Fox Mask or Lamia Tail, especially if you want to dye it, and you have to recreate a character just to try again if you don't match. What if the Wizard let you change your skin and eye colors like the Stylist lets you change your hair? (I'm suggesting the Wizard because good luck changing those without magic.)

This idea is kind of pointless because you can already change your default outfit, but I'm just throwing it out there because I'm already asking for NPCs to change everything else. Why not let the Clothier change your default clothes too or at least tell you that dressers let you do that?

Edit: Didn't know Dressers let you change your skin and eye colors after 1.4.
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