Xbox One Someone's world is overwritten in mine! Xbox1

Discussion in 'Console Technical Support' started by Badcat1019, May 6, 2017.

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    OK, so I was playing with a friend on my main world for the XBOX 1 and his world overwrote mine! I can go about in his world but can't open anything and ALL my stuff I created and saved is gone. My items, my piggy banks, my building. Is there a way to get my world back or at least retrieve my stuff? Or get into the stuff on the world? I asked my friend and he doesn't know what happened either! Please help, or at least explain this to me! TIA
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    You were playing in your world and then his overwrote yours?? I've heard of people joining other players worlds and then when they leave or their host crashes it overwrites their corresponding save, but I've never heard of a player hosting a game and then having their save overwritten by a guest's. @Unit One might know more than me though.

    Unfortunately unless you've backed up your saves somewhere externally there's no way to fix this. The save has obviously been corrupted. I'm sorry :/
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    That's a bummer @Badcat1019. Like Nike said, I've also have heard where the visitor gets their world overwritten if the host crashes out of the game. That's weird that you were the host and had it overwritten.

    And with Xbox One, they make it so difficult to back up your save data, thinking that their way of always updating to the cloud is superior, but for games like Terraria it would be nice if they let you backup players and worlds to a USB. Sorry I don't have any better news.
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