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SonicBurst's Lores!


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This lists every mod I'm writing the lore for. If a mod is not on the list, then I am not writing the lores for that mod. Thanks for listening, enjoy reading.

Lores for the SacredTools Mod by @Dan Yami

It's only one lore, since the rest of the bosses' story are loosely based on Dan's story, Soul of Two Realms.

The Flaming Pumpkin
The Flaming Pumpkin is nothing else but a fire elemental possessing a pumpkin. In a war between light and dark, the underworld has been overrun by the corruption. Some of the monsters escaped, so did the Fire Elemental. In the mean time, The Halloween night occured. In a search for protection, he found a head of a pumpking. In a fear, he quickly possessed the pumpkin. The terrarians should fear the horrors of the night. Because, if they don't, they might be burned to ashes...

Lores for the Elements Awoken mod by ThatOneJuicyOrange.

Main Lore
In the far ancient times, there was nothing but peace. The world was pure, a place in harmony. No one would have ever imagined, that this peace, was about to find it's end. Within reality, a black hole appeared, none knew what caused it, but at this day, chaos truly struck this peaceful world. A legendary warrior had chosen to sacrifice her own life and close the black hole for eternity, however, she could not close it, no, instead the rift split into seven elemental spirits - they had spread out and attacked the flora and fauna, creating a completely foreign land with the collision, two of the spirits took over the lands of their respective power, the sixth spirit created the void, a lonely and haunting place, devoid of anything, while the seventh spirit attacked the warrior. The warrior tried to defend herself, with no success however - as the chaos spirit, Azana, took the warrior as an vessel. The differences of the spirits caused an elemental war, which caused the demise of many innocents, creature and human alike. The remaining parts of humanity split themselves, some retreated to the dungeon, never coming back, eventually becoming only but skeletons of their former selves, some escaped into the last fraction of purity and others learned to work with the elemental spirits. Azana's influence took over a lot of creatures, forcing them to become something greater, something more destructive. Yet the elements could not be tamed, no matter how hard she tried. You were found by one of the remaining survivors, a child you were, confused about the events that had been going about. The survivor raised and trained you, helping you in any way he could, hoping that you could be the one to bring back the peace, this world once had.

Toy Slime

The Toy Slime was made in the christmas time, with the purpose of being a toy for little children. However, it was labeled being too dangerous for them, given his power to summon little slimes which may harm the children. The Toy Slime was then locked away. This all soon changed however, at one night, the dreaded frost moon rose, and it gave power to the Toy Slime, allowing it to break out from its lockdown. Now, it rampages somewhere in the Terrarian lands, attacking bystanders and other creatures, perhaps in a fit of rage.

Wasteland is all that is left from a failed creation. A few years ago, some scientists experimented with an unique kind of scorpions. These scorpions had the ability to evolve quicker than the others. They, the scientists wanted to take advantage of that fact to create a being so powerful, it could bring genocide upon a race with ease. They began to inject energy into a certain scorpion. In that way, they would force the evolution to go even further beyond the boundaries. The experiment worked at first. The scorpion, which was dubbed "Wasteland" by the scientists, a heavily evolved version of others, from its kind. However, there was one huge problem - the energy did not stop spreading inside Wasteland and eventually fused with the poison, which attacked the mind of Wasteland. The scientists screamed for help, unfortunately there was none, as Wasteland then tore the helpless scientists apart. The failed creation fled into the desert and now resides there. Even though it's a neutral being, it won't hold back to kill those who enter it's territory.

What is this monstrosity, what have we created?! This... beast, it has killed the others, I hear it trying to break the door to my room... Its coming for me... Anybody who finds this note, END THIS MADNESS, I beg of you... Oh no.. Its her-

Infernace, or at least, that is the rumored name of this hellish beast from the depths of the underworld. Infernace was a normal demon, serving under the command of the Underworld's master, the Wall of Flesh. However, the state of the underworld was soon to change as a giant serpent attacked the underworld, specifically its core, Volcanox, a beast with immense power. The serpent, known as the Void Leviathan, prisoned the hellish being with the power of an otherworldly entity - the Moon Lord. Volcanox, however, before being imprisoned, shot out some of its energy, in the form of blasts, hoping they'd reach out to a member of the demonkind, and luckily for him, it reached out to someone - or more specifically, Infernace. It took away all the demonic powers of Infernace, instead granting him the element of fire. Infernace, now a hellish beast with a fraction of Volcanox power, kept the underworld stable, defending it from those who cause havoc.

My colleagues found something very interesting within the deepest part of this world. A sentient being controlling fire at will...unfortunately, we can't go down there, as it may kill us if we approach it, but...we will continue watching it.

Cosmic Observer
The observers of the cosmos are self-minded beings living in the outer space. After the breakout of the spirits, a great mass of energy was released, which manifested into nearby stones like a parasite. The stones became sentient as a result, infusing with nearby gemstones to form their mindless bodies, time after time, they had grown a mind of their own, still, they could not seperate the 'good' from the 'bad.' All they know, is that they live.. Without goal, and without sense.. They roam within the space now, attacking anyone and anything, they consider as a threat.

Scourge Fighter
The three mechanical creations were created by a group martians a long time ago - a mistake it turned out to be, as an entity caused them to short-circuit, changing their AI. They learnt from their mistakes and then created a new machine, to help them in invading the Terrarian lands. And for that, they used a prototype head of the mechanical menace known as the Destroyer. The tests went successful. The AI was programmed to attack anything, so there would be no annoyance trying to stop the martians from achieving their desire. After a few weeks, the machine was finally created and it was rather stable. For a test run, they decided to release the Scourge Fighter into a test building. The machine however, caused so much destruction, that it tore a hole into the building and escaped, with the martians unable to capture it. Now it roams around somewhere in the world, following its AI - causing destruction everywhere it goes.

"Our other team managed to lose control of the 4 robots they've built. Seems like some people are better off being fired. Those things now roam the surface, I am not sure of what will happen..."

Regaroth is a powerful being infused with the mighty element of thunder. Nobody knows where this being originated from. In legends it is said to be a divine protector of the cosmos, created by the gods. Although, others say that storm-lords created this creature by fusing their power together. However, in the present, it seems to be that Regaroth is a rather dangerous being. Its powers know not any limits. Causing a massive and powerful storm across the lands, which lent some poor souls a rather unfortunate end. These menacing flashes also caused a slight problem in the circuitry of the mechanical guardians, which went rogue soon after and attacked all in sight. And there might only be one way to stop this chaos, finish off Regaroth, at all costs.

"A massive amount of energy surged through one of our machines, overloading it and causing it to blow up. The energy readings were... outstanding, to say the least, almost supernatural. It has probably to do with that thunder serpent, far up in the skies..."

The Celestial
Infusing all four lunar forces, Astra is but a singularity, Born within the everlasting circle of the moon, she is just a fraction of power that was once sealed. Guardian of the celestial forces and one of the Moon Lord's most trusted servants, she was.. Unbeknownst to most, she was born without a soul, or a mind, she only knew to serve and destroy. Soon, four powerful warriors would rise, the celestial forces, which she guards, would break out and manifest into these warriors, and it would transform them into four towers of destruction. Astra, against her will would absorb all four powers, and she turned to consisting of four different shades, each of which would represent those very forces - Nova, Aquila, Ember and Carina. Sent to earth by the command of the Moon Lord, they helped aiding the cult into capturing innocent creatures for their liking to sacrifice them to the moon god. Beneath that, they began searching a powerful being, may it be human or another sentient being, to drive out their own will, so that they could aid the god in conquering these lands.

"When we attempted to find a source for the cultists to relay celestial power from, we stumbled across an imperfect reflection of the celestial forces... However, it will be hard to find a source of power from that creature."


Permafrost used to be a normal wizard with the power of the frost. He was a great friend to other creatures such as slimes and other humans. At least, that was, before a giant dark serpent came to devour creatures of the ice and the purity. The Void Leviathan stopped at nothing. Permafrost attempted to defeat the Void Leviathan, which turned out to be a fatal mistake. He lost an arm and had retreated, wounded and lost. He was wandering inside the caverns of ice, lonely, and with a low chance of survival, for he had lost a great amount of blood already. His wounds get the better of him one day, as he slips off a ledge, he thinks to himself, that this fall, will be his end. But it was not his time yet, a great amount of frozen energy resided within him, as he slowly fused with a dark spirit and the element of ice itself. Permafrost, nothing but a hatred filled spirit of the frozen now, fell into insanity and began to freeze most of the flora and fauna of the Terrarian world. If there only could be someone being able from free him from his curse...

"There appear to be signs of magic in the coldest parts of the land, we have sent someone to look into it, but unfortunately we have not heard from them as of yet... I fear he has been frozen due to the cold. After all, these lands are rather, harsh, to take on alone."


Obsidious, once just a mere terran, was obsessed with ancient artefacts. Rumors told him that there would be a crystal, deep in the temple of the underworld. His obsession of finding said crystal would eventually lead him to that certain temple. After rummaging through the rubble, he found the crystal, yet it was surrounded by a thin layer of obsidian. In a haste, he quickly grabbed the crystal and escaped the temple, immediately attacked by a few demons, as terrans were not welcome in the underworld. Obsidious pulled out his weapon and attacked the demons. At first, he succeeded fighting back, but the taste of victory wasn't long as a bigger horde attacked him. He tried to escape to the surface, yet the demons didn't let him get even halfway. He was hit by a trident, which made him fall out of balance. A barrage of both fireballs and scythes reached Obsidious, yet during this mayhem, the layer of obsidian cracked and the crystal revealed its true form. He crushed this crystal, so neither him nor the demons could have it. But with crushing the crystal, it revealed his power, healing Obsidious, albeit with a drawback. Obsidious lost his previous form, and turned a monster build out of obsidian and lava, with the crystal being inside him. He then took revenge at the demons and attacked them instead, with some falling to their death and some retreating. He then escaped the underworld and travelled across the land, for a core of lava did not satisfy him, he wanted a new core, a core filled with immense power. And that core, is in your hands.

"We've heard of some, artifact but never bothered to look for it. And the last time we checked it was gone. I suppose someone else found it first, ah well..."

Aqueous, one of the mightiest warriors of the ocean, used to be a kindhearted and determined woman. She was the most loyal knight to the king of the ocean, Duke Fishron. After the fall of the previous king, Aqueous swore to protect the new king with her life. She was known as the "Knight of the Ocean" by any being in the ocean kingdom. Everyone there knew her and a lot of ocean creatures looked up to her. But things were about to change. There was the rumor that the king suddenly disappeared. She found out why. She found the dead body of her king in the deep. She saw a terrarian from wide away. Aqueous fought this terrarian, but unfortunately, she returned wounded into the ocean kingdom. Depressed and saddened by the fact that her king was gone forever, she broke into the shrine of the ocean. A staff was hidden in there, infused with the power of the darkness and the element of water. She took it and used it, transforming her into what she is today. Over time, the throught of revenge drove her mad. She wasn't the kindhearted knight anymore. She wanted revenge and death. Death to the one, who slaughtered her king - you.

"The tides have risen rather high, and there have been rather heavy amounts of rain lately, with terrifying consistency. On top of that, there are multiple reports of tornados composed almost entirely of water. The wrath of the ocean may be upon us soon.."

The Eye and the Ancient Dragon
Long ago, when the world took form, an ancient race lived on the earth. Beings, built of stone and iron. They were an unkind race, immediately annihilating those who had dared enter their territory. Aided by the ancient guardian, they carved their doings into the earth. However, the race, soon came close to extinction - some apostate beings rebelled against the race. Those were blinded by the power of an ancient elder moon god. This power made them bring genocide upon their race. They managed to destroy way over half of them - their primary goal - murdering the Guardian, which was an enemy of the Moon Lord for years. But before that could happen, the remainder of the stone beings, sealed the power of the guardians into two separate entities - The Eye, which contained the voice and the mind of the Guardian and the Ancient Dragon - which contained the power and the destructive nature of the guardian. Both managed to escape. No one knows where they are now. But if one manages to defeat both - the Guardian will awake once again.

"001: This element, drakonite, is rather interesting to say the least. We've taken a shard of it into our lab for further research. However, we should be prepared for whatever danger lurks within this shard..."

The Guardian
The Guardian, it is an ancient creature created from stone and fire, and is the source of the flames of the now ancient species of stone. It was more than just a mere idol, it was a God for those who would pray to it, day after day, they brought him sacrifices, be it animals or even other sentient humanoids. Nothing was too sacred for them to not be sacrificed to their omnipotent. That was, until... some of the species began rebelling, calling out the promises the Guardian did as nothing but empty lies, killing those loyal to him and even attempting to assassinate the creature. It so turned out, they were influenced by the unholy magic prowess of the Moon Lord, which was known to be an arch enemy to the Guardian for eons. Some of the possessed managed to drain a bit of the Guardians power. Before they could even cause more discord than what they already did though, the few of the Guardian's remaining subjects cursed the creature into two separate beings, by the command of the Guardian - The Eye and the Ancient Dragon - which were only able to fuse back into the Guardian once both have been taken down. Those creatures and the remaining subjects, retreated into the underground, hoping they could continue their work and religion there, more peacefully. Some members of the race infused with a fraction of infernal energy, allowing them to become what the sentient races has dubbed as "Drakonite". The separated guardians regained their power as well, however, they are still separated, thus they are likely not powerful enough to combat the Lunar God. Albeit, something similar in strength, could be foolish enough the release the guardian from its weakening curse...

"002: The drakonite shard, it had quite the reaction to lava and then right before us, a giant...thing began to build up. It was entirely made of drakonite! However it was not friendly, we had to quickly evacuate to save ourselves."

Dawn of the Void
The Void has always been considered as a myth to the sentient beings of the Terran lands, and some despite the danger of no return, attempted finding it, and so it happened, they were either lost themselves... Or, fell victim to the Void Leviathan. The souls gathered by the Leviathan always remained as ghosts, spirits manifesting within the void since their creation, shrieking through the void and haunting the emptiness of it... Soon enough, it seemed as if salvation was near, as the god of the moon fell, the void began to become unstable.. When the Void Leviathan shattered parts of it to fill its everlasting energy, the shades of the void escaped, infusing with other beings to create abonimations, which caused the original bodies to lose their lifeforce.. But the mere thought of draining power of other beings let them survive.. Soon enough, an army of shades infused with the power of the void, marched within the night, gathering more time after time, until they finally found enough will to overrun everything they came across, spreading their malicious energy into others, becoming a ravaging force even worse than the corruption itself.

Living as nothing but a manifestation of fire and ash, Volcanox is the core of the underworld. It was created by a godlike warrior from the ancient times, to protect its territory. The power it possesses even rivals the Moon Lord. One could consider this, being, the god of the underworld, even the Wall of Flesh - considered the Master of the Underworld, was under the control of this being. It was a powerful, and a divine being, however... A portal to the void opened, resulting in the monstrous and vicious guardian of the void to cause havoc within the ruins of the underworld. The Void Leviathan, known for being an enemy of the Terrarian world for eons, it destroyed everything which was beloved by the god. Volcanox tried to stop this creature with its entire force, however, resistance was futile, as it only made the Leviathan create a forcefield, which held Volcanox prisoned down by the energy of the Moon Lord. It released a last blast of power to reach one of the demonic mankind, which resulted into the birth of the infernal beast, Infernace. However, as the god of the moon fell by the hands of a human, Volcanox could break out from it's prison, although greatly weakened. Eventually, it came to know that both Infernace and the Wall of Flesh fell by the hands of a human. It was not a big suprise for the creature and it knew, that it would eventually find death through the same human. Yet, it was prepared, to fight for his home, at all costs, with all of it's power, until the very end.

"After the fall of the lunar god, the underworld resonated an extreme amount of heat. Our machine, and even the armor with the strongest flame-protection did not last... What being could be powerful enough to handle such degrees of heat?"

The Void Leviathan
No living being knows the true intention of the Void Leviathan. It is a monstrous giant serpent, from the depths of the void. Its name was feared across all terrarian lands, because of its unnatural and dangerous power. The only force which was able to oppose the Leviathan was the godlike warrior of chaos, Azana. She managed to tame and lock the beast back into the void. It all seemed to change soon however, as the fall of the elemental guardians strengthened the Void Leviathan's power by a huge amount. The Void Leviathan then broke through the void and attacked Azana, which was overwhelmed by the furious newfound power of the Leviathan. She managed to weaken the monster, although using such forbidden power banned her soul into that of a small creature's. The Void Leviathan then got back to its old strength with the help of the ancient moon god. With that power, the Leviathan began to break parts of the void, to absorb it into more energy to devour - managing even to trap the god of the underworld, Volcanox, into a unbreakable force field. Now, the Void Leviathan only needs one last thing to get back to its entire power - a terran soul. As it eventually came to know that the terrarian crafted his idol, the Leviathan saw this as a perfect oppurtunity. It cursed this terrarian, to fall into madness and slowly using the idol against their own will, so it could get to them and devour their soul. Although, what the Void Leviathan didn't know, is that he may be the one to fall this time...

"My colleagues have been constantly hallucinating, and were beginning to show signs of sickness, as well as being easily tired. They are barely able to breath. I am trying to find some way to save them, however... I have a feeling this will hit me as well. I need to get this cure done - at all costs!"

When the universe began its existence, the Terran goddess brought into being 6 spirits, which would revolve around the galaxy and live in harmony.
Each of them were unique in mind, and were meant to live in eternal peace, however, soon, the spirits spread uncontrollably, fusing into a singular elemental being
and taking on the goddess with their newfound overwhelming power. With her dying breath, she created a black hole, which sucked her and the spirits in, closing quickly after, it was seemingly an eternal prison for them all. The goddess however, over time went insane within the dark and burst into a seventh spirit - The Spirit of Chaos. They were all now searching for an exit, seemingly none existing, it was then that, a terrific event caused the black hole to reopen within the Terran world, a warrior however, managed to destroy the black hole. Unfortunately, this caused the black hole to release the spirits, which then influenced the Terran world.
The seventh spirit, now called Azana, attacked and defeated the warrior, then took control of her body. The warrior's fall left the world in fear, they, the Terrarians were sure, that it would cause their world to be destroyed. Azana proceeded to try and form the world after her likings - going so far to even create a deity for the deepest parts of the underworld. She sealed the monstrous void serpent away, and annihilated anything and anyone that got in her way, not even the strongest of the Terrarian warriors were able to take her down... However, beneath all this she sensed something... or rather someone.. Someone to rival the power of a deity, a pure and innocent Terran soul they were. She greatly desired to find that soul, and to shatter it, before it causes her problems.

"This is going to be my final entry... I've lost everything I had, all my colleagues... everything is gone and I'm alone. The chaos ravages the lands, and I am unable to do anything.. There is no reason for me to live anymore.. Whoever finds this... I beg of you, do not make the same mistakes as we did... Do not.."

Additional notes: Some of the Elements Awoken lores are made by both me and @Roy Inferlight. Roy helped with the grammar fixes and also was the one who made the Obsidious lore.

Last update: Removed Headcanon lores and "Lores of my own bosses"

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Dan Yami

I think you imported the SacredTools Support banner wrong in ur signature, it doesnt give a link when i click :p
The others are also broken. Just wanted to let ya know ^-^


I think you imported the SacredTools Support banner wrong in ur signature, it doesnt give a link when i click :p
The others are also broken. Just wanted to let ya know ^-^
I'll fix them as soon as I can. I have to write the lore down before I can import it in the lore thread. Could you please send me a copy from the lore which I did in this thread please?


Yeah, no. I am not the lore writer for Calamity. I have a old Yharon lore somewhere in page, but it's unused and crappy, in my opinion.


Yeah, no. I am not the lore writer for Calamity. I have a old Yharon lore somewhere in page, but it's unused and crappy, in my opinion.
way to true, i mean seriously, why would he be yharims most loyal servant if he was forced to help


Can you make lore for SPINXNAR, THE WORLD ENDER please?
It is my own boss idea,
It is a giant dragon that hatched from an egg in the war of cthulhu.
Can you make lore for SPINXNAR, THE WORLD ENDER please?
It is my own boss idea,
It is a giant dragon that hatched from an egg in the war of cthulhu.
Also it is hell bent on destroying the world for what reason you can decide yourself.


Can you make lore for SPINXNAR, THE WORLD ENDER please?
It is my own boss idea,
It is a giant dragon that hatched from an egg in the war of cthulhu.
Also it is hell bent on destroying the world for what reason you can decide yourself.
Not right now - I am working on a big lore project and once this is done, then probably. :)
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