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tModLoader [Soon to Release] [WIP] Wyvernium Mod


Skeletron Prime

Welcome Dear Terrarians and Other Things that exist in this world,
Im a Wyvern and I present to you my osom Mod, Wyvernium Mod.
It will be on of those big Mods that change a lot, but first meet our team!

Main Spriter, Main Somewhat Coder

Amazing Coder

The Where-are-you Coder
@Serial Dreemurr
Osom Musician

Our Mod adds a lot of new content, some will come with the first release some with later updates!

- 1 New Pillar!

Creating Pillars is hard but not impossible!

- Asteroid Pillar, Themed around The Thrower

- Lots of new Bosses and one small Boss change!

Wow you probably never excepted that Im gonna add bosses *cough* *cough*
sarcasm *cough* *cough* but I also wanted to add something Missing

- Adding the missing Lunatic Cultist Treasure Bag, with an Expert Item and new Items
- a Brand new Pre Hardmode Boss, The Emperor Bloom
- a Brand new Early Hardmode Boss, The Spider Queen
- a Brand new Unspecified yet Boss, The Crystal Guardian
- a new Post-Moon Lord Boss Event, Galactic Mayhem

- New Events!

We also plan to add awesome new events =)

- The Blooming Sun, a Spring filled Event with 5 Mini Bosses
- The Chess Match, a Chess Army is striking your Lands! Can you defeat the King and
- The Steampunk Invasion, the Steampunker Pirates are invading! Can you defeat

- Alternative Evil and Alternative Good

The Darkness and Light are taking new forms, but will they defeat you?

- 2 Alternate Hallow (Light) Biome replacement, like the Hexotrope a Magic Focused
- 1 Alternate Corruption (Darkness) Biome replacement

- And much much much much more!

Here are some screens from ing






And Remember, #WyvernLovesYou
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seems pretty decent, not a lot of content (then again most mods start with only a couple of things) and the sprites seem very good.
Well, I guess I'll be really careful not to disturb a single flower then.

Also, will there be a large shadow and ice mimic? Also maybe you could add/complete the unfinished vanilla large jungle mimic too?
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