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Sound Output bug.


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I've been having this problem since the 1.4.2 update. this is basically what happens:
When I open the game it goes well without sound problems. but it only sounds in the device I open the game to make it clear if I open the game without headphones connected I can't use them in the game and the game will only sound in the speakers of my laptop, and if I open the game with my headphones connected and then disconnected them the game will lose all sounds and in occasions will stop functioning right there.
I already tried deleting the config.json file, Reinstalling the game, and reinstalling the drivers(dotNetFx40_Full_setup/Full_x86_x64.exe and xnafx40_redist), it didn't work.


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When you launch the game, that is the audio device the game is going to play its sounds in. You will have to restart to change audio devices.

There is currently a bug where the game won't launch if you have NO audio device connected, and we are looking into that.
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