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Spanish translation mistakes and bugs


"Barra espaciadora" means Spacebar. The correct translation is "Espacio". (The image is the counter shown by the Depth Meter)


Star Wrath was translated to "Espectro estelar". Wrath means "Ira" while "Wraith" is fantasma/espectro.
The correct translation is "Ira estelar" or "Ira de las estrellas"

Mandana is misspelled. The correct is "Manzana"



1. Excalibur - In-game: Excalibur - Correct translation: "Excálibur" (a is missing accent)
2. True Excalibur - Same as above.
3. Chain Knife - In-game: Motocuchilla - Correct translation: "Cuchillo con cadena"
4. Red's Throw - In-game: Lanzamiento rojo - Correct translation: "Lanzamiento de Red" or "Tiro de Red" (Red means "rojo" but in this case is referred to a nickname not a colour)
5. Changed my mind.
6. Rainbow Gun - In-game: Pistola multicolor - This weapon name is inconsistent with an achievement. See below

1. Stylish Scissors - In-game: Tijeras estilosas - A better translation: "Tijeras con estilo"
2-4. Jungle set - In-game: each piece was named "para la selva" (for the jungle) - Correct translation: Change "para la selva" to "de la selva"
5-7. Sapphire Robe, Apprentice Robe, Forbidden Robes - In-game: all robe-type armor was named "vestido" (dress) - Correct translation: all gem robes should be renamed "Túnica" and in more specific cases like 'apprentice robe' and 'forbidden robe' I think it will be better "Manto de aprendiz" and "Manto prohibido" (but that's my opinion)
8. Monk's Shirt - In-game: Camina de monje - Correct translation: "Camisa de monje"
9. Ancient Shadow Scalemail - In-game: Cota de escamas de las sombras antiguas - Correct translation: "Cota de escamas de las sombras antigua"
0. Spectre Mask - In-game: Máscara espectro - Correct translation: "Máscara espectral"


Original: Defeat the Eater of Worlds, a massive worm whom dwells in the corruption.
Correct translation: "un gigantesco gusano que habita (reside, mora) en la corrupción"

Original: Steal a key from dungeon's undead denizens, and unlock one of their precious golden chests.
Correct translation: "Roba una llave a uno de los habitantes no muertos de la mazmorra"

"Obtén un tesoro raro de un monstruo difícil de la mazmorra"

mudno to mundo (small typo)

Correct translation: "Sobrevive a un eclipse solar, un día más oscuro que la noche repleto de criaturas terroríficas."

Original: Complete your 1st quest for the angler.
I don't know what is Rape. A better translation: "Completa tu primera misión para el pescador (refering to the Angler NPC)" Also each piece of the angler armor should be changed to "de pescador"

Original: Spend over 1 gold being treated by the nurse.
Correct translation: "Gasta mas de 1 oro siendo cuidado por la enfermera"
Also I think that the title name should be "Viajero frecuente"

Related to the weapon Rainbow gun. In the achievement says "Pistola arcoíris" but the weapon name is "Pistola multicolor". One must be changed.

Dispara una pistola de abejas con una armadura de abeja completa. (small typo)

"Mata al slime rosa" (referred to the enemy of the same name)
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1. Eye of Cthulhu Mask - In-game: Máscara Ojo de Cthulhu - Correct translation: "Máscara del Ojo de Cthulhu"
2. Brain of Cthulhu Mask - In-game: Máscara de cerebro de Cthulhu - Correct translation: "Máscara del Cerebro de Cthulhu"
3. King Slime Mask - In-game: Máscara Rey slime - Correct translation: "Máscara del Rey Slime"
4. Queen Bee Mask - In-game: Máscara de abeja reina - Correct translation: "Máscara de la Abeja Reina"
5. Wall of Flesh Mask - In-game: Máscara de muro carnoso - Correct translation: "Máscara del Muro Carnoso"
6. Squeletron Prime Mask - In-game: Máscara Esqueletrón mayor - Correct translation: "Máscara de Esqueletrón Mayor"
7. Plantera Mask - In-game: Máscara Plantera - Correct translation: "Máscara de Plantera"
8. Golem Mask - In-game: Máscara Gólem - Correct translation: "Máscara del Gólem"
9. Ancient Cultist Mask - In-game: Máscara de Sectario Antiguo - Correct translation: "Máscara del Sectario Antiguo"

1. SWAT Helmet - In-game: Caso de SWAT - Correct translation: "Casco de SWAT"
2. Wedding Veil - In-game: Velo de vestido de boda -> This is like saying "Veil of wedding dress". Correct translation: "Velo de novia"
3. Wizard's Hat - In-game: Sombrero de mago - Correct translation: "Sombrero del Mago" (referred to the Wizard NPC)
4. Jack 'O Lantern Mask - In-game: Trofeo de linterna calabaza -> This translation is incorrect as it says "Pumpkin Lantern trophy". It can be "Máscara de linterna de Jack", "Máscara linterna de Jack", "Máscara de la linterna de Jack", "Máscara del jinete", "Máscara de Jack 'O Lantern", "Máscara de calabaza" I don't know which can be better but anything is better than the current.
5. Giant Bow - In-game: Arco gigante -> This is "giant arc". Correct translation: "Moño gigante" or "Lazo gigante" (Arco is incorrect)
6. 0x33's Aviators - In-game: Aviadores 0x33 - Correct translation: "Aviadores de 0x33" (0x33 is a streamer)

1. D-Town's clothes - In-game: Each piece of this armor was named "de Ciudad D". It should not be translated, D-Town is a nickname not a city.
2. Crowno's clothes - In-game: Same as above. Crowno set was named "de Coronos". It should not be translated.
3. Pedguin's suit - In-game: "de Profingüino" This is funny but again you shouldn't translate nicknames.
4. Fish Costume - In-game: "Máscara de disfraz de pez", "Camisa de disfraz de pez", "Falda de disfraz de pez". The translation is redundant, you don't need to say that is a costume (disfraz). Correct Translation: "Máscara de pez", "Camisa de pez", "Falda de pez".
5. Creeper costume - In-game: "de criatura". It should not be translated. Creeper has no spanish translation in Minecraft.

Amethyst Robe, Topaz Robe, Sapphire Robe, Emerald Robe, Ruby Robe, Diamond Robe, Lunar Cultist Robe, Solar Cultist Robe, Dye Trader Robe, Reaper Robe. All these robes were named "Vestido" (dress) I already said it. The correct word for this type of armor is "Túnica".
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Also a better translation for "Red de ladrillos" would be "Cuadrícula de bloques". Plus the menu says Interface instead of "Interfaz"

-Parallax in the options is not translated, but I have no idea if it has a Spanish translation
-Clentaminator isn't translated either. Would be something like "Clentaminador", unless it has a better translation.
-A better translation for the Lunatic Cultist mask would be "Máscara del cultista lunático" instead of "Máscara de Sectario Antiguo"
-Better translation for the Poison staff would be "Báculo de veneno" instead of "Báculo envenenado"
-"Bee's knees"'s translation is too literal. "Rodillas de la abeja" doesn't make much sense in Spanish, doesn't sound well. Sadly, I don't have any other name for it.
-Beetle Husk item is translated as "Cuerno de escarabajo" (Beetle horn). A correct translation would be "caparazón de escarabajo", or "coraza de escarabajo"
-The Goblin NPC's Forge option says "Reciclar" (verb for trash), when should say "Reforjar". The same goes when opening the forge, it says "Coloca aquí un objeto para reciclarlo". It should say "[...] para reforjarlo"
-PwnHammer is translated as "Gran martillo" (Big hammer, or great hammer). Not a bug, but doesn't make much sense respecting the original name
-Chlorophyte headgear is translated as "Tocado de clorofita" (chlorophyte touch?). Sadly I don't have a better name for it
-Cutlass is translated as "Alfanje". Would sound better as "Cimitarra". Just my opinion.
-Steampunker's item "Cog" is translated as "Eslabón" (Slab). A correct name would be "Engranaje", or "Rueda dentada"

-The Dye Trader says "Querida", which means "Dear" talking to a female person. Maybe change it to "Cariño"? It also means dear, sweetheart, etc. Also the Dye Vat is translated as "Tubo de tinte" (dye tube). Would sound better as "Tonel de tintes", I think.
-Lunar cultist hood and robe, same as lunatic cultist's mask.

For now, that's all. I'm loving the Spanish translation so far, and these are just suggestions for some items. Keep up the good work, and thanks for fixing the Win10 Creator Update lag spikes!

I see what you did there with the comic sans font for tildes



1. Eye of Cthulhu Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Ojo de Cthulhu > Correction: Trofeo del Ojo de Cthulhu
2. Brain of Cthulhu Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Cerebro de Cthulhu > Correction: Trofeo del Cerebro de Cthulhu
3. Eater of Worlds Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Devoramundos > Correction: Trofeo del Devoramundos
4. Queen Bee Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Abeja reina > Correction: Trofeo de la Abeja Reina
5. Skeletron Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Esqueletrón > Correction: Trofeo de Esqueletrón
6. Wall of Fleash Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Muro carnoso > Correction: Trofeo del Muro Carnoso
7. Destroyer Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Destructor > Correction: Trofeo del Destructor
8. Skeletron Prime Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Esqueletrón Mayor > Correction: Trofeo de Esqueletrón Mayor
9. Spazmatism Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Espamatizador > Correction: Trofeo del Espamatizador
0. Golem Trophy - Translated: Trofeo Gólem > Correction: Trofeo del Gólem

1. Eternia Crystal Stand - Translated: Stand de cristal eternia > Correction: Soporte del Cristal Eternia (Stand isn't translated)
2. Love Potion - Translated: Poción del Amor > Correction: Poción de Amor
3. Lens - Translated: Lentes > Correction: Lente
4. Black Lens - Translated: Lentes negras > Correction: Lente negro
5. Goodie Bag - Translated: Mochila de la suerte > Correction: Bolsa de regalos (I put a better translation but if you don't want change all at least change "Mochila" to "Bolsa" Mochila is a backpack not a bag)
6. Ichorfish - Translated: Pez picor > Correction: Pez de icor
7. Naughty Present - Translated: Regalo asqueroso > Correction: Regalo travieso ("asqueroso" means disgusting)
8. Vertebrae - Translated: Vértebras > Correction: Vértebra
9. Nanites - Translated: Nanitos > Correction: Nanites (doesn't need translation)
0. Purple Mucos - Translated: Babas moradas > Correction: Baba morada (also "Mucosa morada" sounds better)
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I just realized. While making a new character and selecting the difficulty, it says "Núcleo suave" for softcore and "Núcleo medio" for mediumcore. It just doesn't sound well in Spanish. Maybe leave it as "Fácil" (easy) and "Normal"?


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First mistake:
"Pillar" It's translated like "Pilar" but "Columna" is ok, but the Vortex Pillar says "Columan de vórtice" when It should be "Columna de vórtice"
Second mistake:
The achievement says "Sectario antiguo" (Ancient Cultist) but the boss says "Sectario lunático" (Lunatic Cultist).


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Can anyone confirm for me whether or not this tooltip is correct or not? Looking at whether or not to log this for fixing.

Spanish Spectre.png

Spectre Set with Hood SHOULD be saying "40% reduced magic damage", but I'm seeing indications that it says 40% increased damage instead?


Can anyone confirm for me whether or not this tooltip is correct or not? Looking at whether or not to log this for fixing.

View attachment 173860

Spectre Set with Hood SHOULD be saying "40% reduced magic damage", but I'm seeing indications that it says 40% increased damage instead?
Yes, it's wrong. The correct translation is "Reduce el daño de los ataques mágicos en un 40%"


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Found another wrong translation:
When seeing an NPC's name it says "(Name), el (Type)", but the article "el" is only used on masculine nouns, for female NPC's it should say "(Name), la (Type)", because "la" is the article used for femenine nouns.


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The description of the Super Absorbant Sponge says "Capaz de generar una cantidad ilimitada de agua" when it should be "Capaz de absorber una cantidad ilimitada de agua", because "generar" is "generate", and the sponge doesn't generate water...
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