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Spanish translation mistakes and bugs

Discussion in 'PC Localization Bugs' started by Dwcels, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. XazertiboDoeste es

    XazertiboDoeste es Skeletron Prime

    [​IMG] new moon is "nueva luna" in spanish
  2. Dwcels

    Dwcels Steampunker

    I think "Luna nueva" is better.
  3. Terra Boss Master

    Terra Boss Master Skeletron Prime

    The item "Bacon" isn't "Beicon" in spanish, it doesn't exist that word. It should be "Tocino".
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  4. Terra Boss Master

    Terra Boss Master Skeletron Prime

    When the weather is clear, the Weather Radio says "Borrar" but it should say "Despejado". "Borrar" is the verb "Clear" or "Delete".
  5. Allinxter_910

    Allinxter_910 Terrarian

    The item Blessed Apple is translated as "Mandana Bendita", when the correct translation is "Manzana Bendita". Probably a typo.
    The debuff description of "Infierno maldito" (Cursed inferno) is "Te succiona hacia la Boca" which should be the description of the "The Tounge" debuff. The correct translation should be "Perdiendo vida" acording to the english description.
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    I'd like to ask if it would be legal to use the Terraria Localization Packer tool and make a better translation avilable while the devs are focused on other things.
  6. Terra Boss Master

    Terra Boss Master Skeletron Prime

    Spectre set:
    "Caperuza espectral" > "Caperuza de espectro"
    "Vestido espectral" > "Vestido de espectro"
    "Pantalones espectrales" > "Pantalones de espectro"
    This is because "espectral" in english is "spectral", like the console-exclusive vanity set.
    "Máscara Espectro" > "Máscara de espectro"