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Spanish translation mistakes and bugs


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When the weather is clear, the Weather Radio says "Borrar" but it should say "Despejado". "Borrar" is the verb "Clear" or "Delete".


The item Blessed Apple is translated as "Mandana Bendita", when the correct translation is "Manzana Bendita". Probably a typo.
The debuff description of "Infierno maldito" (Cursed inferno) is "Te succiona hacia la Boca" which should be the description of the "The Tounge" debuff. The correct translation should be "Perdiendo vida" acording to the english description.
[doublepost=1513620584,1513620361][/doublepost]I'd like to ask if it would be legal to use the Terraria Localization Packer tool and make a better translation avilable while the devs are focused on other things.


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Spectre set:
"Caperuza espectral" > "Caperuza de espectro"
"Vestido espectral" > "Vestido de espectro"
"Pantalones espectrales" > "Pantalones de espectro"
This is because "espectral" in english is "spectral", like the console-exclusive vanity set.
"Máscara Espectro" > "Máscara de espectro"


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Uh, I can still post errors here...
The description of the Hellwing Bow says "Las fechas de madera se convierten en murciélagos en llamas", when it should be "Las flechas de madera se convierten en murciélagos en llamas". "Fecha" means "Date", and "Flecha" means "Arrow".


-The tooltip name for the mob-spawning portal of the old one army says "Postal".

-Both glass and crystal furniture are translated as "XX de Cristal" in spanish.

-Pixies should be called "Hadas" instead of "Duendecillos". Even their drop is "Polvo de Hada". Duendecillo sounds more like an imp than a fairy.

-The control configuration screen shows Grapple as "Agarrar". With no context, you will not understand what it is supposed to do. I suggest to switch it to "Gancho".

-Most of the D-Pad's config UI is untranslated.

-Oddly wide space on the 10.000 number of the "Bulldozer" achievement.

-Since Terrarian is a yoyo's name, it should be capitalized. This is not the case in the achievement's description for obtaining it.

-Achievement "Medallitas de Maratón" should be "Medallista de Maratón".

-Achievement description for Truffle moving in fails to describe that a surface mushroom biome is required.

-Achievement description for wearing a matching set of armor fails to inform that the armor pieces need to be of a matching set.

-Achievement description for maxing out your health & mana is unclear of its conditions. I would translate it as "Consigue el máximo de maná y de vida sin contar accesorios ni bonificaciones".

-Tin is detected as "Aluminio" by the metal detector. It should be "Estaño". Tin-Foil is aluminio (No screen for this, sorry).

-And even though this was mentioned before, I saved it for last because it's probably the worst offender: RAPE. The angler is actually called Rape, which is a species of angler fish! The angler should be "Pescador" in spanish.

Now as a bonus, some screens of already-mentioned issues that either have no picture, or the existing one is no longer available.

-Jungle Set

Only one piece displayed, but that's the format. "Para la Selva" just sounds off. Also, instead of the previously suggested "de la Selva", I think "Casco Selvatico", "Camisa Selvatica" & "Pantalones Selvaticos" is a way better format.


As previously stated by @칸나, almost all robes (including endgame mage armor) have been translated as "Vestido" instead of "Túnica". "Vestido" in spanish are skirts, whereas "Túnica" describes the kind of ceremonial robes often used on religious events.

-Cursed Inferno debuff's description

Yep, as previously stated, it has The Tongue's debuff description. The name appears to be right, however (Averno is synonym to Inferno in spanish).

-Espectro VS Espectral

The correct translation would be Espectro. Sure, Espectral sounds better, but it conflicts with the now-retired Spectral Armor from console. Remember that even though it is no longer an armor, it still exists as vanity. Most spectre-tier items are translated as Espectral right now, including the paint tools.

-Rainbow Gun

As previously stated by @칸나, not only it conflicts with the achievement's description, it just doesn't make any sense to use "Multicolor" instead of "Arcoíris" (Rainbow).

-Specular Fish

As pointed by @Dwcels, this is an erroneous name. And as @칸나 said, it should be "Pez Especular", period.


As @Melster said earlier, if there are actually people calling "Tocino" as "Beicon", they are probably just memeing the word. Bacon has been "Tocino" for as long as I can remember, and I'm 36.

-Star Wrath

As stated by @칸나, translator probably read "Wrath" as "Wraith". It should be "Ira de las Estrellas" o "Ira Estelar" (not "Furia", because that's used by Starfury).

-Chain Knife

The translator was probably thinging of a chainsaw when (s)he wrote that name. In my opinion, "Cuchilla de Cadena" should be a good translation.

-Martian Madness achievement description typo

Should be "Mundo" instead of "Mudno".

-Solar Eclipse achievement description errors

There are more errors here than originally stated. The description should say "Sobrevive a un eclipse lunar solar, a un día mas oscuro que la noche repleteo repleto de criaturas terroríficas".

Also a better translation for "Red de ladrillos" would be "Cuadrícula de bloques".
I disagree there. The game calls them "Casillas" when loading a world, and I think it's a fitting name. Not all tiles are blocks after all, yet they all fit within a specific set of tiles.
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I am very confused with someting about the spanish translation on Terraria, the "Spectre Armor" (with the hood) reduces magic damage by 40%, the problem is, that the spanish version sais that the hood INCREASE the damage by 40% and this can be very confusing for someone that doesn´t know this. I hope the people of re-logic can solve this problem.


Oh yeah!
Flow Invader = Invasor del Ritmo

I seriously doubt that's the intended context for that enemy.

EDIT: Another find:
Stopwatch -> Reloj Parador
Wroooong. That's a blind literal translation, ugh.
It should be "Cronómetro".
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Aside from issues previously mentioned in this thread which I've found yet unfixed, for now I've found two more:
- The description of the achievement The Frequent Flyer reads in English: "Spend over 1 gold being treated by the nurse". However, this is translated as "Pasa una hora siendo cuidado por la enfermera", which means "Spend 1 hour being treated by the nurse". This mistranslation is utterly confusing and nonsensical, since you can't even measure the nurse's healing in time as it's instantaneous. The translation should read: "Gasta uno de oro siendo cuidado por la enfermera".
- "Ancient Cloth" is mistranslated as "Ropa antigua". Ropa is clothes/clothing, whereas cloth is tela/tejido. More specifically, the translation should be either "Tela antigua" or "Tejido antiguo", although the former is more fitting for this item.
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