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**REPORTED** Spiked Ice slimes spawning in front of walls


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Hello there,
I discovered that spiked ice slimes can spawn in front of player placed walls, even though they should not.

For bug replication purposes (pictures below):
I saw this when i created a pre-hardmode mob farm in the underground layer with 182 blocks horizontal diameter and 100 block vertical diameter, surrounded by a 5 block wide grey brick border. The lower half is completely covered with walls (i checked 4 times), while the top is left open. This is where the mobs are supposed to spawn and fall into a lava trap in the middle, killing them. The world is expert, the size is large, and the evil is corruption.
After a couple hours, I added 1500 ice blocks to get drops from the ice biome enemies, i quickly realized that spiked ice slimes spawned almost exclusively in front of the walls (no other enemy did this), sometimes even spawning in midair and falling to the bottom of the farm, or spawning in the passageway between the outside and the inside.

This is definitely not supposed to happen, so i decided to post this here. I don't remember this happening before 1.4, but i could be wrong.




As you can see, every block is covered by walls within range of them spawning. They even spawn in the lover half of the farm, where i even made sure everything was covered by walls with TEdit.
I am 100% sure that it is only those enemies (at least of all that i have seen so far).

Thanks for reading so far, have a nice day everyone <3

PS: The farm design is HappyDays', not mine.

PPS: I found a reddit Post talking about the exact same issue: Post by stasis2
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I tried the same thing in Version 1.2 today, and the same thing happened there, so the bug is probably in the game ever since these slimes got introduced.


I can confirm this bug in I built the same layout as OP and made an artificial ice biome. Only spiked ice slimes spawned inside walls.


I also encountered this bug today. I observed that only Spiked Ice Slime spawned in the area of player placed wall while other mobs didn't. Please look into this.


I am paying on the switch using the same design only with jungle slimes has a fix been found yet? Edit seen them being in the floor and falling through
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