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[Spoiler] What do you believe is currently the strongest weapon?


Everyone is very focused at this yo-yo thing. But have you tested its dps vs other items with sets?

I have, After adding the yoyo bag, the celestial stone and the solar flare armor i was able to average 562 dps according to the dps tracker.


I'm guessing it's the Lunar Flare? I haven't had the pleasure of seeing that drop yet, but it sounds like a better Blizzard Staff, way better.

yes , thats it. even with the spectral mask on i only get like 1-3 seconds out of that prism i think the summoning items are pretty strong too though.

http://terraria.gamepedia.com/Stardust_Dragon_Staff < hits like 400+ crits rapidly provided your wearing summoner armour, i've got 6 segments

also theres a summoning crystal that flashs light beams that is staionary, much larger than the last prism

although highest crit i'd have to say goes to the nebula blaze, even just using spectral armour, rather than nebula i can hit up to about 1400 crit
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Eye of Cthulhu
Oh I know, I just LOVE the Stardust Dragon staff. It's such a good passive summon spell, that I have it on my hotbar and I play the melee class. It's just that good.


i just hit a 2410 with the nebula blaze, i'ma try 2 get a ss
meh whatever it shows the image in edit but not in the regular view :/
ok nvm thats just on the crawlipede its butt just weak :/
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