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PC Spoons in Terraria

Do you want spoons in Terraria?

  • Yes :)

    Votes: 6 75.0%
  • Nope :(

    Votes: 2 25.0%

  • Total voters


Hello Terrarians! We were talking with friends on Discord lately and we came up with an idea: SPOONS IN TERRARIA. How should they work? Let me show you!
With spoons in Terraria you can dig *not like normal pickaxe* and use their power to get buffs!
A lot of spoons means a lot of buffs!
Wooden spoon - no buff, simple spoon
Silver/Gold/Platinum spoon can be bought from merchant (Silver - 25 silver, Gold - 5 gold, Platinum - 1 Platinum *Platinum after 1 boss killed*)
Silver spoon (40% pickaxe power) uses 20 mana and gives you I FEEL THIS POWER buff. That buff gives you +20% mining speed (on spoon only) for 5 seconds.
Gold spoon (45% pickaxe power) uses 40 mana and gives you IT'S GETTING STRONGER buff, that changes your spoon into knife (16 melee damage) for 30 seconds! Then you need to wait 30 seconds until you can use your buff again!
Platinum spoon (50% pickaxe power) is last and the best pre-hardmode spoon, it gives you I'M ONLY STARTING buff, that gives you ability to throw your spoon around and dig block with it!
It's all for the spoons! Hope you liked our idea!
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