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WIP Spreading biome mini-bosses

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by Flashstriker, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    I always found the snow bound being the only one with a mini-boss a bit annoying. Sprucing up the enemies in the biomes is a given. So I present

    Corruption mini-boss

    Sticking with the theme of cursed flames, I present the

    Soul renderer
    Contact damage: 40
    Cursed blob damage: 80
    Health: 1000
    Defense: 30
    The soul renderer is a bit of an upgraded corrupter. It has two stages. Stage one: It hovers above you and charges you. Upon being hit, there is a one in five chance of gaining the cursed flames debuff for 5 seconds. Stage two: It hovers parallel to you and shoots cursed blobs that pierce once. It has a one in three chance of inflicting cursed flames.
    Corruption key mold 0.3 %
    Soul eye (5-10) 100%
    Limb renderer 25%
    Gold coins (2-3) 100%

    Limb renderer
    Tooltip- "perfect for carving limbs"
    Type- broadsword
    KB- average
    Damage- 70
    Cursed blob damage- 20 + one in three chance of cursed flames for five seconds
    This sword per swing generates three cursed blobs, similar to those fired by Soul Renderer, fired in the direction the player is facing. These don't pierce unless the target has already got cursed flames, where it will pierce up untill an enemy without the debuff or when it runs out of damage (loses five damage per pierce)
    Soul eye
    Tooltip- "ripped from a soul render, might be useful"

    Soul eye items
    Soul mask:
    20 defense
    + 10% melee speed with swords
    +20% knockback with spears
    Crafting: 10 soul eyes, 25 hallowed bars

    Soul hat
    15 defense
    + 15% speed for guns
    + 20% chance not to consume ammo for bows
    + 15% crit chance with rockets
    Crafting: 10 soul eyes, 25 hallowed bars
    Soul headgear
    10 defense
    + 1 pierce for book spells
    - 10% mana usage for other mana weapons
    Crafting: 10 soul eyes, 25 hallowed bars

    Soul breastplate
    20 defense
    + 5% speed to all weapons
    Crafting: 10 soul eyes, 40 hallowed bars

    Soul greeves
    10 defense
    +10% movement speed
    Crafting: 5 soul eyes, 30 hallowed bars

    Set bonus:
    All attacks have one in four chance of inflicting cursed flames

    EDIT 1:
    crimson mini-boss
    Note- i'm basing this off an idea i had for the Corruption/crimson rising thread here

    The Crimagon
    Contact damage: 50
    Ichor Spray: 20 + one in three chance of Ichor Debuff for five seconds
    Health: 1500
    Defense: 10
    This boss has only one phase. It repeatly charges at you from above then dives down into the ground. it then charges back up at you spraying Ichor. it also buffs all nearby crimson mobs to make them move 10% faster while its alive.
    Gold coins (2-5) 100%
    Crimson Key Mold 0.3%
    Ichor Scales (5-10) 100%
    Ichor Repeater 25%

    Ichor Repeater
    Tooltip: "quite sticky, might be hard to let go of"
    Type: Crossbow
    KB: Weak
    Damage: 30
    This Repeater has a one in three chance of turning the arrow into a Scale arrow. Scale arrows inflict the Ichor debuff for five seconds, bounce once, and have a one in five chance of exploding upon hiting an enemy. By exploding, i mean splitting into 5 pieces to hit other enemies

    Ichor Scale Armour:

    Scale Mask:
    20 defense
    + 10% boomerang range
    + 10% beam range
    Crafting- 10 soul eyes, 25 hallowed bars

    Scale Hat
    15 defense
    +10% arrow knockback
    +10% bullet knockback

    Scale Headgear
    10 defense
    +10% staff speed (inferno fork included)
    +10% book spell knockback

    Scale Breastplate
    20 defense
    +10% damage on ranged weapons
    +10% speed on melee and magic weapons

    Scale Greeves
    15 defense
    10% chance of ichor debuff on enemies

    Hallows up next but for now

    Flash out
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2015
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  2. Grand Paladin Tyrux

    Grand Paladin Tyrux Official Terrarian

    Nerf the sword and I'm okay with it, a Mech tier weapon should not be more powerful then the Terra Blade :p Also, 400 health would make this boss pretty easy, that's the same health as a Lihzahrd.
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  3. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    Nerfed. i also didn't realise how low the health was compared to others. also added crimson mini-boss, hope you enjoy
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2015
  4. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    sorry for inactivity, real life and stuff.
    right, after doing some research, i found that ichor arrows are an actual thing, so i'm changing the name to scale arrows, same effect. scale armour also added.
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  5. PrashBricks III

    PrashBricks III Eye of Cthulhu

    I like this idea! Maybe each biome could contain something like this, who knows...
    I would like to make sprites for this.
  6. BeMagnificentt

    BeMagnificentt Terrarian

    i thought you were making a snow biome boss?
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  7. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    No need, snow already has the Ice Golem.
    Feel free. You reminding me of all these old threads i made is pretty helpful. Thanks for that
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  8. BeMagnificentt

    BeMagnificentt Terrarian

    but you said you always found the snow bound being the only one with a mini-boss a bit annoying
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  9. Flashstriker

    Flashstriker Plantera

    Exactly. Technically the desert has a mini boss now as well, so that statement isnt true, but the point still stands that they are the only biomes with true mini bosses
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  10. AgentNoName101

    AgentNoName101 Terrarian

    Are there any set bonuses for the Armour?