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Pixel Art Sprites and Pixel Art by Skeletony


Skeletron Prime
Requests : Open

I'm seeing a lot of people I know of making threads like this, so why not make it myself.
If I see you using my sprites without permission, well, you're gonna have a bad time.
Astral HexF.png
Charred Ore.png
Charred Slime.gif
Etherial Core.png
Flaming Fury (3)-export.png
Inlustris Logo.png
o bg.png

Let me know what you want for me to improve. Don't beg me to do requests when the request status clearly says CLOSED, or I'll go full sans on you.
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Yo, these sprites are absolutely nutty. You definitely got a unique lava/earth style going on and I absolutely love it. Since the wings on those rock things are a single color, that probably means they're a work in progress, right?


Skeletron Prime
Truly incredible. Is there a chance you could detail your process on how you do it, or what program you use?
I use aseprite and I usually draw out the outlines or the silhouettes first then shade
sometimes I make the palettes first or use an existing one but most of the time I edit the palettes as I go
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