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[Sprites] Boss statues


Skeletron Prime
1: Cthulhu is spelled C-t-h-l-u-h-u
2: YES! I support, as long as they don't spawn the bosses :happy:[/QUOTE]

HAHAHA that says Cthluhu. C-t-h-u-l-h-u


Eye of Cthulhu
I get what your getting at, while statues are just created to represent the bosses, the trophies are the reward for actually killing them.


Skeletron Prime
I had a thought. Why would you need the sculptor at all? There is already the heavy work bench for statue crafting.

Why not have pre-hardmode boss statues cost 100 stone blocks, plus the boss trophy (making the statues even rarer, and more impressive to friends), and all be 3x5 (with varying pedestal height so the short bosses could be lifted up a bit more than the others).

The wall of flesh statue would be a whopping 3x9, because it's a friggin' wall, and include the mouth, because I'm sure we all want these statues to be super impressive.

Hardmode boss statues would be made of 300 stone, because by this time you'll have stone running out your ears with all the digging you've done, and also the boss trophy. Also, the Hardmode boss statues would be 5x7 on cool platforms.

For instance, the twins might have a statue together (requiring both trophies, and therefore doubly impressive to friends):
Twins Statue.png

I figure that if you're going to go and make something awesome, you might as well make it as freaking amazing as possible while you're at it. This way, the hardmode bosses can get the detail they deserve in their statues.
[DOUBLEPOST=1431021930,1431021566][/DOUBLEPOST]Btw, will Fishron get a statue?
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