Sprites! - More Celestial-Tier Items


Full support. The underutilised weapon types not already included in the Lunar Pillars that you included here are incredible, and who doesnt love a motherf:red:ing dubstep cannon? Plus, those sprites make my mouth water


Eye of Cthulhu
what about an end-game boomerang, an end-game wasp gun (best weapon in dah world) or an end-game shotgun?


I am a huge fan of the Fist of Helios, as the Arkhalis is my fav weapon, but the buff and the spear seem a little to OP, maybe lower it to 2 spears and decrease the buff to 25%? The Dubstep Cannon also seems kinda strong, maybe increase the charge time by 1.5 seconds? All in all really cool idea.


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I personally think that the Sniper Rifle shouldn't get an upgrade as it's powerful enough as is. Maybe, an upgrade to the cross bows could be cool.


I wonder if it would be an option to put one's own custom dubstep into the dubstep cannon- so you could play your own beats during battle or something. Very cool idea, I love it! (The Sniper thing should do less damage but pierce tho)

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[doublepost=1549320905,1549320828][/doublepost]Can we get a Banner for the Stardust Construct turret?
Or maybe the Stardust Staff?
Gotta admit,
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