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[Sprites] Skeletron Prime 'Hands' Minions


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Chadwick presents... The Prime Staff!
Don't you agree that Skeletron Prime needs more drops? Yes? No? Read the suggestion.
yeah, that'll do for an intro

The Prime Staff would be dropped by – you guessed it – Skeletron Prime. It would have a 33% drop chance but only if the player kills all four 'hands' before killing the head and thus finishing the fight. The staff would still be dropped by the head, of course.
I think this could make for an interesting fight, encouraging players to do the fight in a different way than they would do otherwise. The staff would spawn 4 minions, one for every of Skeletron Prime's hands. I realise that this makes for an insane amount of possible minions (for as far as I'm concerned the max amount of minion slots is 11, multiplied by 4 is 44 skeletron hands flying around) but do consider that the max amount of slots at this point in the game is (if I'm not mistaken) only 7, lowering the max amount of arms to a mere 28.
Wait, that's still insane. I have a new proposal: every 2 hands take up a minion slot. That way the max amount of arms active at a time always mirrors the max amount of twins active at a time, since the optic staff also counts 1 slot per 2 minions. Since both are also available around the same time, I think I can safely balance the Prime Staff around the Optic Staff.
'But wait,' I hear you say, 'what if I use the prime staff and there is only 1 minion slot left?' Well, dear reader, in that case it would spawn two random hands. Problem solved.
Prime Staff

Type: Summon Weapon
Max Stack: 1
Mana Cost: 10


Damage: 7 per second, 20 when throwing (see AI)
Knockback: 0
AI: It will fly close to the player, under and to the left of them. It functions different from other minions in that it focuses on the enemy that is closest to the player, and not to itself.
It will fly at the enemy at high speed, pick them up and lift them off the ground dealing 7 damage per second in the process. When it has lifted the enemy high enough (say, 20-30 blocks maybe? idk) it will throw them away from the player, dealing 20 damage.
After throwing the enemy (or if the enemy dies will being lifted up) it will focus on the enemy that is now closest to the player. If there are no enemies on screen, it will return to its position right-above the player.
I realise that this would bring up a little problem with worm-AI enemies and might be a bit OP against bosses, so it would work differently in those cases. Instead of lifting the enemy up, it would just stick to them for 4-5 seconds dealing 7 dps, and then deal 20 damage and fly back to the player. If you think it should work like this for any other enemies, tell me..


Damage: 18
Knockback: 0 (minion itself), 1 (laser)
AI: It will fly close to the player, above and to the right of them. Unlike the vice and saw, it never leaves its position. It shoots lasers at enemies, dealing 18 damage. Every now and then it randomly starts shooting faster for a couple of seconds, just like the real thing does. The lasers would pierce through enemies.


Damage: 25
Knockback: 3
AI: It will fly close to the player, under and to the right of them. When percieving an enemy it will start spinning (think enchanted sword) and fly at them at high speed, dealing 25 damage. After hitting them it would keep flying for a second more and then focus on the enemy that would be closest to it then.
The thing with this minion would be that it would be chaotic; It would just try attacking every enemy at once. Therefore it would be very useful for crowd control. You could see it as the less organized but (thanks to that) equally - and sometimes even more - effective brother of the Vice.
When hitting an enemy it would have a 1/3 chance of inflicting the Bleeding debuff. To make this actually useful against enemies, bleeding would now deal 4 dps to monsters.


Damage: 23
Knockback: 0 (minion itself), 5 (explosion)
AI: It will fly close to the player, above and to the left of them. Unlike the vice and saw, it never leaves its position. It throwssmall bombs at enemies, exploding on contact with anything, dealing 23 damage to enemies in a short range.
For some reason there's a bunch of things that I thought of for this suggestion but didn't end up adding. It's weird since none of my larger suggestions had that, but whatever.

Skeletron Prime Second Stage
I had this idea that maybe if the player kills all hands while the head is still alive, it could go into a second stage. This is for two reasons: One is that (if done right) it could make for an entirely new fight as well as a clear indicator that the boss could potentially drop the staff now. The second reason is unrelated to this suggestion; It's that old Primey would be able to defend himself even after all his arms are gone.
I decided not to add this to the suggestion because it wasn't necessarily related to the prime staff, although I still do think it would be pretty cool to have if the staff were to be added.

Individual Staffs
Originally the suggestion was for all arms to drop their respective staff, which would only summon its respective minion. The vice and laser could be combined, same for the saw and cannon. Then those two new items could also be combined into the Prime Staff.
Might sound pretty cool, but it was just a terrible idea in so many ways. The first tier weapons were called 'Prime [insert hand type]', breaking the pattern of all summoning items being called '[something] Staff'. The second tier weapons were called 'Prime Left Arm' and 'Prime Right Arm', which 1. are terrible names and 2. again broke the '[something] Staff' pattern. It would be way too grindy to obtain in the game. It was a :red:ing pain in the :red: to balance. Like, near impossible. On top of all that, it would just be a :red:ing avalanche of new staffs that all look almost identical in shape and colour. Would you support a suggestion like that? I wouldn't.

As you might've figured, there would be no arms inbetween the player and the minions. I originally had this idea, but it wouldn't really work. The minions would just be too far from the player and idk what the arms would do when the melee minions would move away from the player.
So eh... That was something. My first suggestion in half a year. I made it in one day, so it might not be completely perfect. If you have any ideas for how I could improve the suggestion, please do tell me.
If you really really like this suggestion, you could copy this banner to your signature, to increase the chance that the devs will see this suggestion:

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OMG I'm going to cut of developers' heads if they don't add this to the game! Well, maybe not. But still, amazing idea!
I like this because then I can use an invis potion or something ,wear a skeletron prime mask and become skeletor dime.
I was thinking about that as well. It would be pretty badass.
Oh and hope you have one free slot o' friends in Steam. ;)
Always :p


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Sorry for double posting, but I made a support banner for those who want one:

Dreadful man

You dont know what i saw last night! I saw you fighting a huge metal head. Now I don't care if you won or died but I saw an awesome fish which looked like a metal rod with hands popping out!
Now devs I want you to fish this thing out and pop it into the game so I can scare the clothier out of his flesh with all those hands!
Found in: your endless pool of code.
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Not quite the same :p Yours is a normal minion, while his is a sentry. His thread is also a lot older, so you probably hadn't seen it.
That's true, I guess. I was mostly looking at the name. It took me 15 minutes to come up with 'Prime Staff' and I was really happy once I finally thought of it :p And yeah, I've read a lot of his suggestions, but there's just too many to read them all.


Pretty cool, but what if it was equipment instead? I know you already have an idea going, but what if it was like a backpack? Like that one spiderman dude who's name I never learned. That way the minion problem would be solved, plus it'd just look awesome in general. (Just imagine the arms coming from behind you and attacking..)

Still, we really need more minions so support from me!
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