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[Sprites] The Confection: The Desserted Land- An Alternate Hallow

What is the Confection's most iconic creature?

  • Birdnana

    Votes: 52 7.9%
  • Cherry Bomber

    Votes: 27 4.1%
  • Cherry Bug

    Votes: 4 0.6%
  • Chocofrog

    Votes: 8 1.2%
  • Crazy Cone

    Votes: 6 0.9%
  • Crunchy Camel

    Votes: 3 0.5%
  • Dainty Donkey

    Votes: 2 0.3%
  • Gummy Worm

    Votes: 36 5.5%
  • Icecream Gal

    Votes: 26 3.9%
  • Iscreamer

    Votes: 55 8.3%
  • Krispy Kitty

    Votes: 16 2.4%
  • Meowzer

    Votes: 52 7.9%
  • Parfait Slime/Sherbet Slime

    Votes: 41 6.2%
  • Pip

    Votes: 9 1.4%
  • Prickster

    Votes: 5 0.8%
  • Rollercookie

    Votes: 211 32.0%
  • Rootbeer Floater

    Votes: 9 1.4%
  • Sprinkler/Sprinkling

    Votes: 16 2.4%
  • Sweety Gummy

    Votes: 12 1.8%
  • The Unfirm

    Votes: 69 10.5%

  • Total voters


The Painter
Hello friends! Welcome to my biggest Terraria project to date. I hope you'll find it interesting enough to read through to the end and possibly support! If this is too much to read, there are hundreds of pictures you can instead glance over. Some parts of this suggestion might not make much sense with the mechanical bosses, which I will hope to solve through future suggestions, but it's clear enough for now without them. Now let's get to what this thread is about!

Imagine a world made of icecream, cookies, sprinkles, and other delicious dessert toppings. The very ground beneath you is no longer grass, but sticky golden vanilla icecream. The creatures that roam here also seem one with the land, made of the same ingredients. They notice you are an intruder, someone not as sweet, who poses a threat to their land as creatures like you enjoy eating their world. They want you out, and might end up eating you instead. This land is known as the Confection, the cookies and cream biome.

"In the early days of the world, the Ancient Epicureans delighted in the elemental essence of the Sensation. They built shrines to the Serranoth, the avatars of the spice and heat.

However, they became addicted to it's impeccably spicy, zesty flavors. In an effort to balance our their civilizations palette, their gourmands baked and served what would become the Confection. Unfortunately, both flavor profiles proved too terrifyingly delicious and were sealed deep below and a guardian was put in place to maintain the freshness seal."

Against the Sensation, the Confection would bring a battle between Heat vs Sweet, or Sugar vs Spice! As a biome mostly made out of icecream and cookies, the Confection may seem like paradise for anyone with a sweet tooth. But, just like the Hallow, the Confection is a land of deception. What happens when you have too many sweets? Stomach aches, weight gain, and rotten teeth. The land is not as innocent as it seems!

The word Confection means "a dish or delicacy made with sweet ingredients." It also happens to rhyme with "Infection." This biome, like the others, will spread throughout the world. However, it can also "confect" dirt blocks as well as snow, turning them into cookie blocks and cream blocks, respectively, but only 3 blocks from a block exposed to air.

Due to the image limit, any mentioned already in-game item will not have a picture listed with it.

I have included some Hallowed versions of the new Confection items, however have not included all, like the Wings section. It is not my intent for the Confection to have more content than the Hallow, so whatever the Hallow lacks, it would have. I may eventually get around to filling more gaps for both biomes.

Here we have a player equipped with new armor facing a few creatures in the Confection. Giant scoops and softserve icecream would be seen in the background, as well as fields of cookies. The water colors as white, as if it were milk. When it rains, it rains chocolate. Cookies and wafers will sprout from the ground like weeds, with cherries and bananas as saplings. Enemies will do whatever it takes to lead to your expiration, but deep underground is where the true nightmares rest. Watch your step, as the enemies aren't as sweet as they may seem, and might end up throwing you into the pits of boiling hot chocolate.

"The forgotten flavors of sugar and spice have been unleashed!"

Cream Grass
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: The Confection's grass which grows various sugary flora. Spreads the Confection. Becomes a Cookie Block
when tapped once instead of a Dirt Block.

Cookie Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Confected Dirt Block, can be crafted into Cookie Block Walls. Cookie Blocks will only spread through dirt 3 tiles from empty air. They are effected by the Dirt Rod. Spreads Confection.

Cream Vines
Info: Sprinkled vanilla vines that grow off from Cream Grass!

Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Pumpkins appear a little sweeter in the Confection.

(2nd and 3rd need updating)
Cream Trees
Tool: Copper Axe+
Info: The Confection's trees. They are topped with icecream scoops instead of leaves. When chopped, they drop the Confection's version of wood: Creamwood
. In the Confected Snowlands, they appear as popsicles.

Tool: Bucket
Info: Water colored creamy white when in the Confection.

Tool: Copper Pick+
Info: Used to craft creamwood furniture, armor, torches, etc.

Creamstone Block
Tool: Nightmare Pickaxe+
Info: Appears to be made of vanilla.. or is it white chocolate? Can grow Saccharite Crystals
in the Cavern Layer. Used to craft Creamstone Bricks
and Neapolinite Bricks
. Spreads the Confection.

Tool: Bucket
Info: Boiling hot cocoa often found in the deep Confection. Don't taste it! It's lava hot!

Gemstone Blocks
Tool: Nightmare Pickaxe+
Info: Confected gemstone tiles, because they look prettier than random splotches of gem speckled stone.

Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Just like gems, moss can become confected into caramel, syrup, icecream, and other frostings.

Stalagmites and Stalactites
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Cones grow from the floors and ceilings in confected caves.

Creamsand Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Sugary looking sand. Spreads the Confection.

Hardened Creamsand Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: More compact cocoa powder that keeps its shape, unless hammered. Spreads the Confection.

Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Densely compacted cocoa powder variant of sandstone. Spreads the Confection.

Sprinkled Cactus
Location: Dessert Desert
Tool: Copper Axe+
Info: Just a pretty tasty looking cactus.

Cream Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Confected Snow Blocks. Spreads Confection.

Blue Ice Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Smells like blueberry? Spreads Confection.

Saccharite Crystals
Location: Confected Cavern
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Alternate of Crystal Shards. Will grow in small patches but more spaced out. Emits a blue glow. Only grows in the Cavern layer. Grows similarly to Chlorophyte Ore, except grows onto empty tiles instead of Mud Blocks, somewhat like Corruption Thorns in smaller quantities. They are a background block like Living Fire Blocks and Coins.

Saccharite Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: A building block made of 2 Saccharite Crystals
. It emits a faint light.

Pink Fairy Floss
Location: Pie in the Sky
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: A confected Cloud block found high in the sky. It's soft and blocks fall damage, but also dissolves when touching any liquid!

Purple Fairy Floss
Location: Pie in the Sky
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: A confected Rain Cloud block found high in the sky. It's soft and blocks fall damage, but also dissolves when touching lava!

Blue Fairy Floss
Location: Pie in the Sky
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: A confected Snow Cloud block crafted by hand. It's soft and blocks fall damage, but also dissolves when touching water and lava!

Creamwood Furniture
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Crafted from Creamwood

Confection Chest
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+ when empty
Info: Contains Pop Rocket
33%, Wand of the Wonderbeast
33%, or Wild Airy Blue
33%. See this for more info on multiple biome chest weapons.

Neapolinite Ore
Tool: Adamantite Pickaxe+
Info: Ore dropped from the mechanical bosses in Confection worlds. Used to craft Neapolinite Bars
for Neapolinite gear. Can also be crafted into Neapolinite Bricks
. It cycles through a white, brown, and pink glow.

Neapolinite Brick
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Crafted with Neapolinite Ore
and Creamstone Block
at a Furnace
Info: A building block. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Hallowed Ore
Location: Boss drop
Tool: Adamantite Pickaxe+
Info: Ore dropped from the mechanical bosses in Hallow words. Used to craft Hallowed Bars for Hallowed gear. Can also be crafted into Hallowed Bricks
. It cycles through a white and yellow glow.

Hallowed Brick
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Crafted with Hallowed Ore
and Pearlstone Block at a Furnace
Info: Building block. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Creamstone Brick
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Crafted with Creamstone Block
and Creamsand Block
at a Furnace
Info: Building block. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Creamsandstone Brick
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Crafted with Creamsand
at a Furnace
Info: Building Block. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Pastry Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Dropped by Meowzer 10-15 20%
Info: Building block. Can be crafted in a wall variant, and is used to craft the Pastry Staff.

Shell Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Dropped by Gastropod 10-15 20%
Info: Building block. Can be crafted into a wall variant, and is used to craft the Gastropod Staff

Sherbet Brick
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Dropped by Sherbert Slime 30-60 100%
Info: Rainbow Brick for the Confection. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Pip Block
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Dropped by Pip 30-50 10%
Info: Building block. Can be crafted into a wall variant.

Sprinkled Blocks
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Dainty Donkey, Crunchy Camel, and Krispy Kitty drop their respective block 30-50 10%
Info: Building blocks. Can be crafted into a wall variants.

Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Yumdrop

"The Desserted Land"
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
From: Sold by the Painter when in the Confection

Confection Water Fountain
Info: When activated, turns water a creamy white.

Confection Crate
Tool: Copper Pickaxe+
Info: Found from fishing in the Confection. They contain the same loot as Hallowed Crates, except with Souls of Delight
and Saccharite Crystals

HP: 120
Defense: 22
Damage: 70(Melee), 55(Ranged)
Drops: Nothing
Info: Sprinklers are balls of chocolate surrounded by large spherical sprinkles. They are immobile and will fling large sprinkle projectiles around similar to normal sprinklers that spray water. They're like Antlions, except fire faster, fire in patterns, and don't leave a mess. When defeated, they will lift off the ground and become a Sprinkling.


HP: 140
Defense: 0-40
Damage: 75(Melee), 60(Ranged)
  • Sprinkles
    (1-4) 100%
  • Megaphone 1%
  • Fast Clock 1%
Info: Sprinklings are the Confection's Pixie and will float around with their sprinkles orbiting them. They will launch fast moving sprinkles at you. With each sprinkle lost, they lose 8 defense. When left with no sprinkles, it will regenerate 1 every 5 seconds. Sprinklings also have a 50% chance to spawn in place of a Sprinkler.





HP: 360
Defense: 0-34
Damage: 58
  • Cookie Dough
    (1-2) 100%
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Cookie Mask
  • Cookie Shirt
  • Cookie Pants
Info: Rollercookies are much faster Unicorns that can leap incredible distances. They roll around, minding their own business, until they spot you. With a startled hop and spin, they soon quickly dash after you at high speeds! A thing to note, if you dunk them in water, their defenses drop to 0! They also appear with a few variations with slightly different stats.

Parfait Slime
HP: 200
Defense: 16
Damage: 70(Melee), 55(Fruit)
  • Gel (1-3) 100%
Info: A fruity slime. It hops around slowly until the Player is close, then it begins launching berries at you, because I know how much people love Spiked Slimes! At least it gives no debuffs.

Cherry Bomber
HP: 160
Defense: 18
Damage: 60(Melee), 80(Bomb), 100(Tree chop)
  • Cherry Shells
    (3-5) 100%
Info: Spawns hugging onto trees. They will hurl 3 to 4 cherry bombs quickly at you before climbing up or down some to get a different angle, then throw again. If you chop the tree they're on, they'll fall on you and explode for 100 damage, with no drops. Explosions will not destroy tiles.


Sweety Gummy
HP: 180
Defense: 26
Damage: 60
  • Cream Puff
  • Trifold Map 1%
  • Gummy Mask
  • Gummy Shirt
  • Gummy Pants
Info: Acts like any other mummy, really.

Meaty Mummy
HP: 200
Defense: 18
Damage: 65
  • Can of Meat
  • Megaphone 1%
  • Blindfold 1%
  • Mummy Mask 1.33%
  • Mummy Shirt 1.33%
  • Mummy Pants 1.33%
Info: Another mummy that I feel more appropriately fits the Crimson than the Corruption's Dark Mummy.

HP: 280 (Head), 75 (Cannon)
Defense: 22 (Head), 16 (Cannon)
Damage: 30 (Ranged), 70 (Melee)
  • 5-10 Gel 100%
  • 10-15 Pastry Blocks
  • Toasty Toaster
Info: Meowzers can be seen as the Gastropods for the Confection. They float around similarly to them, however instead fire long, thick rainbow beams from their cannon-tipped tail. If you damage the tail enough, the Meowzer will enter an enraged state where it will fly through any obstacles to chomp you.

Wild Willy
HP: 800
Defense: 20
Damage: 30 (Melee), 52 (Cane)
  • Wonky Outfit
    100%, single piece
  • C-cret Ticket
Info: This creation in this world of imagination will rarely lurk around in the Confection at night time. Will you be the lucky one and win the golden C-ticket?

Sherbet Slime
HP: 420
Defense: 22
Damage: 77
  • 30-60 Sherbet Bricks
  • 1-20 Gel 100%
Info: Sherbet Slime spawns in place of Rainbow Slime in the rainy Confection. They both drop Rainbow Gel to craft Rainbow Bricks (no longer dropped by Rainbow Slime) and new rainbow items.

Creamsand Witch
HP: 1,200 (on broom), 3,000 (without)
Defense: 15
Damage: 60 (Desserts), 40 (Milk), 85 (Melee)
  • 30-50 Creamsand Blocks
  • Cream Hat
  • Cookie Corset
  • Cake Dress
  • Pixie Stick
  • Creamy Sandwhich
Info: As her name suggests, she only spawns in areas with lots of Creamsand. She will start off flying on her broom, swooping down to ram you. With her wicked Confection magic, she'll summon various desserts to hurl at you, including the animal cookie critters, the Crooked Cookie, and the Mint Jr. Zipping by, she's able to cast a streak of strawberries that'll spin in place before charging in your direction. When she is damaged enough, she'll fall off her broom and start summoning Hungers, start raining strawberries from the sky, squirt milk like an Aqua Scepter, and teleport if she takes too much damage at once.

Crooked Cookie
HP: 150
Defense: 24
Damage: 60
  • Nothing
Info: Summoned by Creamsand Witch, it will bounce around like Plantera's spiky ball but will actively try to direct itself in your direction

Mint Jr.
HP: 120
Defense: 20
Damage: 60
  • Nothing
Info: Mint Jr. will drift toward you like a faster Meteor Head. When defeated, they'll explode and leave a sticky minty mess on the ground, like walking on Honey Blocks. The mess can be mined away or will despawn in 30 seconds

HP: 500
Defense: 22
Damage: 80
  • Nothing
Info: It's a faster, further leaping Mimic

The Unfirm
HP: 5,000
Defense: 25
Damage: 90
  • 20-30 Cooked Marshmallows 100%
  • Admiral Hat
Info: There is something strange in the neighborhood. Please call someone before it's too late. This beast appears half cooked and it doesn't look happy! The Unfirm will move around like a holiday tree enemy, meaning it can walk through obstacles to reach you. It will swing its arms out to squeeze you. It's able to make small hops that send shockwaves out to stun you where you stand.

HP: 5
  • 30-50 Pip Blocks
Info: Pip will spawn in place of Birds.

HP: 5
  • Nothing
Info: Birdnanas take the place of Cardinals and Blue Jays

Dainty Donkey
HP: 5
  • 30-50 Pink Sprinkled Blocks
Info: Dainty Donkey will spawn in place of Bunnies.

Krispy Kitty
HP: 5
  • 30-50 White Sprinkled Blocks
Info: Krispy Kitty will spawn in place of Squirrels.

Crunchy Camel
HP: 5
  • 30-50 Brown Sprinkled Blocks
Info: Crunchy Camel appears in the Dessert Desert.

HP: 5
  • Nothing
Info: Chocofrogs
will appear by pools of milk in the Confection, or in place of frogs in the Confected Jungle if jungles become infectable rather than destroyable.

HP: 5
  • Nothing
Info: Chocolate bunnies more prominently found during the Easter season, however can be found uncommonly throughout the rest of the year.

Cherry Bug
HP: 5
Bait Power: 35%
  • Nothing
Info: Confection's Lightning Bug. Can be crafted into a Cherry Bug in a Bottle.

Gumble Bee
HP: 5
Bait Power: 40%
  • Nothing
Info: A cute little chonky gumble bee that buzzes from flower to flower. If you startle it, it'll blow into a big bubble!

Gummy Worm
HP: 5
Bait Power: 40%
  • Nothing
Info: Worm found in the Confection. Very flavorful bait!

Parfait Slimes will also spawn in the Underground Confection, with Sweety Gummies in the Underground Dessert.


HP: 220
Defense: 35
Damage: 75
  • Saccharite Crystals
    (5-12) 100%
  • Adhesive Bandage 1%
Info: Portmanteau of Prickly and Trickster. They will disguise themselves as a cluster of Sugar Crystals, either on the ground, walls, or the ceiling, always in clumps of 2x3 or 3x2. They behave similarly to tortoises but will hop around quickly instead of slowly walk. They will curl up and hurl themselves like tortoises, but not as far, but they will bounce off blocks.

Foamin' Float
HP: 140
Defense: 8
Damage: Suffocation, 45(Rootbeer)
  • C-cret Tricket
Info: Foamin' Floats can drift through blocks and may squirt a stream of rootbeer similar to Ichor Stickers but with less range. They can also enter an attack state where they home in on you and hold onto you, causing you to lose 5 HP a second. Movement is slown down as if walking on Honey Blocks. You cannot attack but will have to tap Left/Right to shake them lose.

HP: 400
Defense: 22
Damage: 38(Bear Claw), 50(Melee)
  • Yellow Warp Shard
  • Bear Claw
Info: Iscreamers can teleport other mobs around as well as themselves. They will launch their bear claws out a few blocks to attack from a short distance. They emit light upon teleport only, but you can tell one is near by its chilling screams.

Crazy Cone
HP: 200
Defense: 18
Damage: 80
  • Nazar 1%
Info: The possessed weapon enemy for the Confection.

Icecream Gal
HP: 1000
Defense: 8
Damage: 40(Melee), 64(Stars)
  • Souls of Delight
    (3-5) 100%
Info: A familiar face.. she will hop around quickly when you are near, jumping around 18 blocks in height, and will try to land on you. Sometimes she summons stars that circle around her that will fly at you like normal caster shots. She will always drop at least 3 Souls of Delight
and about 15 gold. She is a rare spawn, about as often as a Lost Girl, and can be thought as a miniboss.


HP: 320
Defense: 22
Damage: 48
  • Taffy Apple
Info: These little dudes move slowly, but when in range, they'll charge up and fling themselves at you! Unlike most slimes, they can ooze around, only leaping to strike. They can drip down are climb across walls and ceilings, and may drop down from above for a surprise attack!

Gummy Wyrm
HP: 1,000
Defense: 44
Damage: 70
  • Gel (5-9) 100%
  • Whoopie Cushion 1%
Info: They dig through blocks like any other worm enemy, hungry for a.. kiss! That's right, when you're within range, they pucker up for a sweet, adorable little kiss. Open up!


Striped Pigron
HP: 210
Defense: 16
Damage: 70
  • Bacon 33.3%
Info: The Pigron for the Underground Confected Snowlands. Other Pigrons would drop their own banners instead of all sharing the same one which would become the Hallowed Pigron Banner as it is pink.

Due to image restrictions, the rest of the Confection suggestion is in the post below.
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The Painter

Creamwood Weapons
From: Crafted with Creamwood at a Workbench
Info: They have the same stats as their Pearlwood versions

Grand Slammer
From: Dropped by Wall of Flesh or Chasme 100%
Power: 85% Hammer Power
Tooltip: 'Strong enough to crush Spiced Shrines'
Speed: Average
Damage: 24
Knockback: Above Average
Info: It emits cyan light when swung.

From: Crafted with
  • 20 Neapolinite Bars
  • Soul of Sight
  • Soul of Might
  • Soul of Fright
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Power: 110% Axe, 200% Pickaxe
Tooltip: 'Not to be confused with a Drax'
Speed: Fast
Damage: 38
Knockback: Weak
Info: It is a portmanteau of the words Drax and Mixer, but has the same functions of the Drax.

From: Crafted with
  • 20 Neapolinite Bars
  • Soul of Sight
  • Soul of Might
  • Soul of Fright
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Power: 110% Axe, 200% Pickaxe
Tooltip: 'Not to be confused with a Paxel'
Speed: Fast
Damage: 38
Knockback: Strong
Info: It is a portmanteau of the words Pick and Mix and has the same functions of a Pickaxe Axe. The tooltip is a reference to @Zoomo's Cyber version of the Pickaxe Axe.

Crunch Ball
From: Crafted with
  • Spell Tome
  • 30 Saccharite Crystals
  • 15 Souls of Delight
  • At a Bookshelf
Speed: Above Average
Damage: 38
Knockback: Above Average
Info: Launches a large Rock Candy ball that breaks into four smaller ones upon hitting an enemy.

Cherry Bomb x5
From: Crafted with
  • 5 Grenades
  • Cherry Shells
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Average
Damage: 52
Knockback: Strong
Info: Cherry Bombs are a touch weaker than Grenades in direct damage, but they will send 8 Cherry Fragments unaffected by gravity out from the explosion for 8 smaller explosions that deal half damage. They also throw much further than Grenades and don't harm the user.

Pastry Staff
From: Crafted with
  • 50 Saccharite Crystals
  • 10 Souls of Delight
  • 80 Pastry Blocks
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 24
Knockback: Weak
Info: Summons a little Meowzer to fight for you. They will float around and fire giant rainbow lasers at your enemies.

Gastropod Staff
From: Crafted with
  • 25 Crystal Shards
  • 10 Souls of Light
  • 80 Shell Blocks
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 28
Knockback: Weak
Info: Summons a miniature Gastropod to fight for you. They will float around and fire lasers like Gastropods and Retiminis.

Sugar Water x10
From: Crafted with
  • 10 Bottled Waters
  • 3 Sprinkles
  • Cream Beans
  • By hand
Tooltip: 'Spreads the Confection to some blocks'
Speed: Slow
Damage: 20
Knockback: Low
Info: The Confection's Holy Water

From: Crafted with
  • 12 Neapolinite Bars
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Above Average
Damage: 51
Knockback: Average
Info: The Excalibur for the Confection. It glows a light pink when swung.

True Sucrosa
From: Crafted with
  • Sucrosa
  • Broken Hero Sword
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Fast
Damage: 62
Knockback: Strong
Info: It fires a pink, white, and brown triple beam when swung. The center white beam can penetrate one enemy. True Excalibur's Light Beam could then penetrate 2 enemies.

Extra Info: Can be crafted with the True Spice of Life
to create the Terra Blade.

Spear of Cavendes
From: Crafted with
  • 12 Neapolinite Bars
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Above Average
Damage: 34(Spear), 16(Bananas)
Knockback: Average Knockback
Info: Fires a yellow beam that extends 12 blocks in front of you which dissipates into two yellow waves on each side for a second.

Baker's Dozen
From: Crafted with
  • 4 Neapolinite Bars
  • 3 Souls of Delight
  • 5 Souls of Might
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Average
Damage: 32
Knockback: Strong Knockback
Info: Like Light Discs, they bounce around when hitting blocks. They're a little slower and weaker, but they can stack up to 13 and reach further.

Neapolinite Repeater
From: Crafted with
  • 12 Neapolinite Bars
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Fast
Damage: 26
Knockback: Weak
Info: Almost half the damage of Hallowed Repeater, but it has triple shots. Arrows emit light. Only one arrow has a chance to drop again.

From: Crafted with
  • Clockwork Assault Rifle
  • Illegal Gun Parts
  • 15 Souls of Delight
  • 20 Sprinkles
  • 20 Souls of Might
Speed: Very Fast
Damage: 23
Knockback: Very Weak
Chance to not consume ammo: 33%
Info: Functions like the Clockwork Assault Rifle, but can pull up to 3 unique bullets from the inventory for each round of the three round burst.

From: Crafted with
  • 12 Neapolinite Bars
  • Illegal Gun Parts
  • 20 Souls of Fright
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Fast
Damage: 22
Knockback: Extremely Weak
Tooltip: 'Yes, it's the tricky kind'
Info: A weaker, but faster flamethrower, which sets enemies ablaze forever, with a random chance to flicker off for a few seconds, unless the target touches water.

Cream Beam
From: Crafted with
  • 20 Souls of Sight
  • 10 Souls of Delight
  • 60 Sprinkles
  • 6 Cookie Dough
  • 60 Saccharite Crystals
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Fast
Damage: 54(Initial beam), 30(Secondary beams), 22(Third beams)
Knockback: Above Average
Info: Fires a chocolate cream beam that splits apart into two after hitting an enemy, with each beam then targeting a nearby enemy, which will then split one more time into two beams each. If no other enemies nearby, the beams will bounce off a block and target the first enemy again.

Icecream Bell
From: Crafted with
  • 50 Saccharite Crystals
  • 20 Souls of Sight
  • 12 Souls of Delight
  • Bell
    (retextured Bell)
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Very Fast
Damage: 38
Knockback: None
Info: Works more like the Waterbolt. Note speed cannot be controlled but will last for 8 bounces or 20 seconds. When in use, it sounds like the icecream bell from icecream trucks. Cursor position determines note pitch.

Sweet Staff
From: Crafted with
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • 10 Cookie Dough
  • 12 Neapolinite Bars
  • 20 Souls of Sight
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 45
Knockback: Weak
Info: Summons a miniature Rollercookie to fight for you. They will roll around and slam into enemies. When airborne, they will fly around like frisbees.

Bear Claw
From: Dropped by Iscreamer 4%
Damage: 58
Knockback: Weak
Info: A slicing boomerang-type weapon with low knockback. If thrown right, it can slice and dice your enemy several times per throw.

Magical Kazoo
From: Crafted with
  • 80 Sprinkles
  • 20 Souls of Sight
  • 12 Souls of Delight
  • Kazoo
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Info: Summons a golden Birdnana to emit light for you. Might change instrument if I can think of something more related to icecream.

Dimensional Split
From: Crafted with
  • Bananawarp Peel
  • 2 Cookie Dough
  • 6 Saccharite Crystals
  • 8 Ectoplasm
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Info: The alternate of the Rod of Discord which would have a crafting recipe seen here. Clicking somewhere will place a yellow crystal icon that will last for 5 seconds. During these 5 seconds, clicking anywhere else will warp any Player, mob, or NPC to the location of the second click. You can warp yourself around but it will be much slower than the Rod of Discord. After an attempted warp, the player gets the Going Bananas debuff
which is the same as Chaos State but has diminishing damage over time, which the Chaos State debuff would also be changed to. This is what the warping animation looks like.

Yellow Warp Shard
From: Dropped by Iscreamer
Info: Needs at least 2 to work. Throw a shard at a block, then another at your feet to warp to the first shard.

Key of Delight
From: Crafted with 15 Souls of Delight
at a workbench
Info: Confection version of the Key of Light, used to summon a biome mimic or to craft the Driver's Permint.

Pop Rocket
From: Confection Chest
Speed: Average
Damage: 58
Knockback: Average
Info: Fires four rocket pops that stop and twirl upon hitting an enemy, working somewhat opposite of a Demon Scythe. Starts fast but slows down ontop of enemies for rapid damage.

Wand of the Wonderbeast
From: Confection Chest 33%
Speed: Average
Damage: 40 (Chomp), 60 (Rock candy)
Knockback: Low
Info: It's the Wicked Wonderbeast! Luckily it's chained to a pole, fighting for you! It is a unique minion, in that it counts as a turret-type but bounces around its pole, lunging to chomp at enemies, and spews rock candy at targets out of chomping range.

Sweet Shot
From: Crafted with
  • 25 Musket Balls
  • Saccharite Crystal
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 4
Knockback: Low
Info: Fires and latches onto an enemy and behaves like a throwable spiky ball, rapidly damaging the enemy for 50% damage. Can be shot at blocks to set up traps. Sweet Shots will despawn after 30 seconds or after 10 hits.

Sweet Arrow
From: Crafted with
  • 25 Wooden Arrows
  • Saccharite Crystal
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 6
Knockback: Low
Info: Behaves like Sweet Shots. Arrows may pop off the ground after 30 seconds or after 10 hits.

Cherryburst Arrow
From: Crafted with
  • 25 Wooden Arrows
  • Cherry Shells
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 12
Knockback: Average
Info: Explodes on impact and sends 3 fragments which explode for half damage. Works like a Stynger in arrow form.

Chip Arrow
From: Crafted with
  • 25 Wooden Arrows
  • 2 Cookie Dough
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Damage: 10
Knockback: Average
Info: Successful hits will cause chocolate chips to fling across from the side of the screen, dealing 30 damage each. Holy Arrows will now only become solid after crossing the point of clicking so they can be more useful underground.

Creamwood Armor
From: Crafted with 75 Creamwood at a Workbench
Defense: 7 (8)
Set Bonus: +1 defense
Info: Pretty much the same as Pearlwood Armor, just a different look.

Neapolinite Armor sets. These are the alternates to the different Hallowed versions. Set bonuses are included with the helmet pieces, which each represent a different icecream flavor. All Neapolinite armors are weaker than their Hallowed counterparts with base boosts, but can become stronger through the acquired abilities.

Neapolinite Mask
From: Crafted with 12 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 22
Boosts: 7% increased melee damage and critical strike chance, 8% increase melee speed
Set Bonus: For every 80 damage done, critical chance increases by 2% for 5 seconds, and time resets upon another successful 80 damage and continues to a cap of 10% increased critical chance. Once the cap is met and kept, all criticals become piercing blows that ignore defense. Piercing blow damage appears as bigger vanilla-colored numbers that last a little longer than the orange criticals.
Vanilla Valor (I-IV)- Dealing damage increases critical chance
Vanilla Valor V: Critical strikes ignore defense
Info: Dungeon Guardian takes 3 damage from piercing blows instead of complete piercing damage.

Neapolinite Helmet
From: Crafted with 12 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 6
Boosts: 10% increased ranged damage, 4% critical strike chance
Set Bonus: Moving 10 blocks or more a second will boost ranged damage by 4% and criticals by 2%, up to 5 stages.
Chocolate Charge (I-V): The faster you move, the more powerful you become
Info: Think of it as the opposite of Shroomite Armor.

Neapolinite Headgear
From: Crafted with 12 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 4
Boosts: Increases maximum mana by 80, 6% increased magic damage and critical strike chance
Set Bonus: For every 50 mana regenerated in 3 seconds, a strawberry will home in for half of your weapon's damage when you attack, with a second delay between strawberries waves. Each stage gives another strawberry, capping at 5.
Strawberry Strike (I-V): Strawberries strike your enemies through regenerated mana
Info: Strawberries move similarly to The Horseman's Blade's pumpkins.

Neapolinite Hat
From: Crafted with 12 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 2
Boosts: Increases max amount of minions by 3, increases minion damage by 8%
Set Bonus: For every 8 seconds without taking a hit, an extra minion is summoned, capping at 3. At stage 4, minions gain 10% critical strike chance, and at stage 5, all summoned minions gain 10% extra damage. Being hit removes 2 stages.
Swirly Swarm (I-V): Avoiding damage expands and strengthens your army.
Info: I feel minion armors are still lacking seeing how the main classes get 4 cobalt-hallow tiers with summoner only getting spider. Hallowed would get a minion set as well. I can't remember if minions can crit or not, but if they can't, they should.

Neapolinite Cone Mail
From: Crafted with 24 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 13
Boosts: 5% increased critical strike chance

Neapolinite Greaves
From: Crafted with 18 Neapolinite Bars
at a Hardmode Anvil
Defense: 8
Boosts: 5% increased damage, 7% increased movement speed

Just a few wings. They're all early tier, but there's a few for different looks.

Cream Wings
From: Crafted with 20 Souls of Flight and 30 Souls of Delight
at a Hardmode Anvil
Info: Same as Angel and Demon Wings.

Cookie Wings
From: Crafted with 20 Souls of Flight and 25 Cookie Dough
at a Hardmode Anvil
Info: Just a little better than Cream Wings

Sprinkle Wings
From: Crafted from 20 Souls of Flight and 100 Sprinkles
at a Hardmode Anvil
Info: Emits light when in use

Glistering Wings
From: Crafted with 20 Souls of Flight and 120 Saccharite Crystals
at a Hardmode Anvil
Info: About as good as Harpy Wings, leaves a sparkly trail.

Pixie Stick
From: Dropped by Creamsand Witch 10%
Info: A weaker version of the Hoverboard

Wild Airy Blue
From: Confection Chest 33.3%
Info: A hoverboard that trades ascent speed for a damaging rainbow trail

Cream Beans
From: Dryad in Hardmode, in Confection worlds
Tooltip: 'Spreads the Confection'
Info: Just grass seeds but called beans, because why not?

From: Dropped by Sprinklings (1-4) 100%
Tooltip: 'Spheres of pure sugar'
Info: Confection's Pixie Dust

Cookie Dough
From: Dropped by Rollercookies (1-2) 100%
Tooltip: 'Let's bake some cookies!'
Info: Confection's Unicorn Horns

Cherry Shells
From: Dropped by Cherry Bombers (3-5) 100%
Tooltip: 'Surprisingly explosive!'
Info: Crafting ingredient for some explosive items

From: Cream Grass
Info: Can be built with or crafted into Sugar Powder to cleanse the evil

Sugar Powder
From: Crafted with Yumdrop at a Bottle
Tooltip: 'Cleanses the Sensation'
Info: Confection's Purification Powder

From: Dropped by Sweety Gummies 10%
Tooltip: "Sometimes carried by creatures in desserts'
Info: Light Shard

Can of Meat
From: Dropped by Meaty Mummies 10%
Tooltip: 'Sometimes carried by creatures in Crimson deserts'
Info: Dark Shard

From: Wizard
Info: Material. Click around to play the Kazoo just like the Bell and Harp.

Soul of Delight
From: Dropped from enemies in the Confection 20%
Tooltip: 'The essence of sweet creatures'
Info: The soul for the Confection. Will eventually replace with a set of unique items to replace souls in SenCon worlds.

Soul of Spite
From: Dropped from enemies in the Sensation 20%
Tooltip: 'The essence of spiced creatures'
Info: A Soul of Night alternate.

Neapolinite Bar
From: Crafted with 5 Neapolinite Ore
at a Hardmode Forge
Info: The Confection's version of Hallowed Bars. Used to make Neapolinite gear and can be placed. Mechs would drop ore instead of bars at 5 times the amount. Just like bosses that drop Demonite, Crimtane, and possibly Capsinite, this allows players to use the ore as a building block as well as its brick form.

Saccharite Crystal
From: Mined from the Underground Confection
Info: Used to craft pretty much everything Crystal Shards do, but double the recipe requirement as they are more common.

Chocolate Chunk
From: Dropped by Rollercookies 1%
Tooltip: Summons a Rollercookie pet
Info: Spawns a little Rollercookie to roll around with you!

Toasty Toaster
From: Dropped by Meowzers 0.3%
Tooltip: Summons a Meowzer pet
Info: Spawns a Meowzer to float around with you!

Creamy Sandwhich
From: Dropped by Creamsand Witch 10%
Tooltip: Summons a little Creamsand Witch
Info: Spawns a little Creamsand Witch to fly around with you!

Taffy Apple
From: Dropped by Dudley 4%
Tooltip: Summons a Dudling
Info: Spawns a Dudling to ooze along with you!

C-cret Ticket
From: Dropped by Foamin' Float 1% and Wild Willy 10%
Tooltip: Summons a Foamin' Float to float on
Info: It works like the bee summon but lasts longer and moves quicker

Driver's Permint
From: Crafted with
  • Key of Delight
  • 30 Neapolinite Bars
  • 80 Sprinkles
  • 20 Cookie Dough
  • 100 Saccharite Crystals
  • 30 Souls of Delight
  • Some mystery materials from the future..?
  • At a hardmode anvil
Tooltip: 'What a sweet ride!'
Info: The Rollercycle rushes forth at high speeds, trampling over small mobs in its way as it dashed over liquid surfaces. However if it sinks down, it'll immediate vanish. Press up while racing to pop a cool wheelie!

Gummy Outfit
From: Dropped by Sweety Mummy 1.33% each piece
Info: As the Sweety Gummy isn't a Mummy, I thought it deserved its own outfit as the Mummies have the Mummy Outfit.

Cookie Outfit
From: Dropped by Rollercookie 2% each piece

Creamsand Witch Outfit
From: Dropped by Creamsand Witch 20% each piece

Admiral Hat
From: Dropped by The Unfirm 3%
Info: It's a little sticky..

Cookie Lover Outfit
From: Goodie bags
Info: Hallow gets the Unicorn set, so Confection gets this!

Wonky Outfit
From: Wild Willy 100% single piece
Info: A wonky hat and pair of pants to match your sugar coat!

Top Cake
Birthday Suit
Right Trousers
From: Birthday Rollercookie 10%
Info: A birthday cake for your head! Everything you could ever wish for.

Critter Cages
From: Crafted by the respective critter and a Terrarium by hand.

Cherry Bug in a Bottle
From: Crafted by Cherry Bug
and Bottle by hand.

Rainbow Torch - Implemented! Sherbet Torch
From: Crafted with Sherbet Brick
and 3 Torches by hand.
Info: Cycles through various colors, similar to Rainbow Torch, but with lighter pastel colors.

Cream Solution
From: Steampunker when in the Confection
Tooltip: Used by the Clentaminator. Spreads the Confection.
Info: Behaves like other solutions but also turns Dirt Blocks and Snow Blocks into Cookie
and Cream Blocks
respectively. Any other solution turns them back into Dirt and Snow Blocks.

Confection Key
From: Dropped by enemies in the Confection 0.04%
Tooltip: Unlocks the Confection Chest
in the Dungeon
Info: A creamy cone key

Cookie Cutter Shark
From: Fishing in the Underground Confection
Angler Quote: "There's a living cookie cutter down in the deep Confection! Go and bring it back for me so I can make some living cookies!"
Info: Quest item. Also based off the much more horrifying Cookie Cutter Shark of the real world. I don't recommend googling it..

Mob and Critter Banners
From: Dropped by the 50th defeat of each mob/critter.
Info: Banners for most of the Confection enemies/critters

Meaty Mummy
HP: 200
Defense: 18
Damage: 65
  • Can of Meat 10%
  • Megaphone 1%
  • Blindfold 1%
  • Mummy Mask 1.33%
  • Mummy Shirt 1.33%
  • Mummy Pants 1.33%
Info: Another mummy that I feel more appropriately fits the Crimson than the Corruption's Dark Mummy.

Cream of Kickin'

From: Crafted with
  • Cream Puff
  • Can of Meat
  • 7 Sweet Treats
  • 7 Meat Treats
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Tooltip: 'It's time to open a can of woop!'
Speed: Slow-Average
Damage: 38-45
Knockback: Average
Info: Can release two flail heads at once, right click for the cookie, left click for the meatball. Cookie flail is weaker but faster, with the meatball flail being stronger but slower.

  • Biohazardous Water
  • From: Crafted with
  • Bottled Water
  • Crimsand Block
  • 5 Crimson Seeds
  • By hand
Tooltip: 'Spreads the Crimson to some blocks'
Speed: Slow
Damage: 20
Knockback: Low
Info: The Crimson's Unholy Water

  • Death's Raze
  • From: Crafted with
  • Blood Butcherer
  • Muramasa
  • Blade of Grass
  • Fiery Greatsword
  • At a Crimson Altar
Speed: Below Average
Damage: 45
Knockback: Average
Info: The Crimson's Night's Edge. Inspired by Zoomo's Wrath of the Gods. It emits a crimson glow when swung.

True Death's Raze
From: Crafted with
  • Death's Raze
  • Broken Hero Sword
  • At a Hardmode Anvil
Speed: Average
Damage: 82
Knockback: Very Strong
Info: It fires a large spinning yellow sword beam that inflicts Ichor, but comes to a halt like the Death Sickle projectile, then flings back to the direction it came from. Night Beam would now inflict Cursed Flames.

Can of Meat
From: Dropped by Meaty Mummies 10%
Tooltip: 'Sometimes carried by creatures in Crimson deserts'
Info: Dark Shard

Meaty Mummy Banner
From: Meaty Mummies
Info: Just a banner for the Meaty Mummy.

That's about it, I think! I've spent a very long time on this project so I hope you like it! I'm very open for changes, so if you think something could look different, or be named different, or have adjusted stats, and so on, let me know! I know I am not the best at names and it's difficult to balance something just on paper, so I would appreciate the help!

Special Thanks:
@Zoomo and @Tobbvald, for great inspiration with their Cyber, Contagion, and Covert biomes that lead me to create the Confection. I recommend checking them out if you like alternate biome ideas!

@Fruitbat, for encouraging me from the beginning (though it was a joke at the start, but still!)

@Orangemm for the occasional feedback on some sprites before posting

@AntithesisEK for later creating the Sensation, the Confection's opposite biome. Be sure to check it out, along with his amazing sculptures!

And for the many others for showing interest! This project sat at only the popsicle tree, Rollercookie, and the pink cream grass for a couple months until I brought it up without giving away the theme, and the interest from others got me working again, so I hope I didn't let anyone down with an icecream biome! :p Food biomes haven't been too popular in the past, so hopefully you found this one more acceptable.

Support banners for those who wish to support this thread. Thanks @iDuck for the fourth banner!

This was a lot of fun, and thanks for reading!

To-do List:
  • Catch up with the 1.3 update!
  • Rollercookies now have a chance to drop pieces of the Cookie Outfit
  • Magical Kazoo now summons a golden Birdnana to provide light instead of a Sprinkling
  • Chocolate Kiss tall grass graphic replaced with banana halves as to avoid copyright issues.
  • Support banner has been shrunk to 1x1 to save room in signatures.
  • Rock Candy renamed to Sweet Shards to make them less Candy Land themed.
  • Fixed some typos and missing names below image graphics.

  • Added new mob, Sherbet Slime, to act as a Rainbow Slime alternative
  • Sherbet Slime drops Rainbow Gel to craft into Rainbow Bricks, Sherbet Bricks, and Rainbow Torches. Rainbow Slimes now drop Rainbow Gel instead of Rainbow Bricks. Rainbow Bricks require Pearlstone Blocks to craft, with Sherbet Bricks needing Creamstone Blocks.
  • Rainbow Torches will cycle through the colors of the rainbow, like how Demon Torches switch from blue to purple.
  • Sherbet Slimes have their own banner, cuz why not?

  • Updated chocolate chip Rollercookie

  • Hallow gets the Unicorn set from Goodie Bags, so Confection gets the Cookie Lover's outfit. Watch out, Cookie Outfit! C is for Confection!
  • Removed mob banner images from mobs' drop list as they were messy with formatting. They can still be found in the "Other Items" spoiler, though.
  • Made some other minor fixes (Sorry Sherbet Slime, there are 13 of you now, not 12!)

  • Rollercookies now have two new appearances during the holiday season: Santa and Christmas Tree
  • Sprinklings are also feeling festive
  • Sweety Gummies now come in Christmas colors: Red and White
  • Parfait Slimes will sometimes appear as a fruit cake

  • Cherry be GONE! Sweet Treat (Light) is still Sweet Treat (just thought it was too tall)
  • Sheet Treat (Sight) brownie is now Wheat Treat bag of flour (Sheet sounded WAY too close to.. something else.)
  • Beat Treat (Might) egg is now Replete Treat milk to make you strong
  • Elite Treat (Fright) milk is now Deceit Treat dark chocolate
  • Tooth's Ache renamed to Excavity
  • True Tooth's Ache is now True Excavity, as it would only make sense

  • A new mob, The Unfirm, now spawns in the Confection during a Solar Eclipse! It is based off the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters.
  • It has a small chance to drop the Admiral Hat and a lot of marshmallows!
  • It also has its own banner
  • May add s'more drops in the future!

  • Meowzer will now spawn at night time in the Confection! It is a two-segmented enemy. Taking down the head will defeat the Meowzer, but taking out its rainbow laser cannon first will enrage it! Enraged Meowzer will try to melee you, traveling at Dungeon Guardian-like speeds.
  • Meowzer will drop pastry Blocks that can be built with or used to craft the..
  • Pastry Staff! Summon a little Mewzer to fight for you!
  • As with all other Confection mobs, Meowzer also has a banner
  • With a low drop chance, the toaster item will let you spawn a Meowzer pet!
  • Hallow also has its versions of most of these new items

  • Pip, Dainty Donkeys, and Krispy Kitties will wander around in the Confection in place of other critters.
  • Crunchy Camels can be found in the Dessert Deserts.
  • Chocofrogs will appear by pools of milk in the Confection, or in the Confected Jungle if jungles become infectable rather than destroyable.
  • These critters can all be caught like most of the others
  • All Confection critters have banners too
  • Adding Critters category to the main post

  • Added Birdnana as another critter, which has its own banner
  • Gemstone blocks can become confected, and use old Creamstone Brick texture
  • Moss can also become confected, and appears as caramel, icecream, syrup, frosting, and etc
  • Confection now has its own stalagmites and stalactites
  • Pips now have a chance to drop Pip Blocks
  • The animal cracker critters have a chance to drop blocks as well
  • Yumdrops, a confected Mushroom, can be harvested and placed as blocks
  • Sugar Powder is made from Yumdrops. It works just like Purification Powder, and can be bought from the Dryad in Confection worlds. Hallow would then have Holy Mushrooms that can be crafted into Purification Powder.
  • Updated Krispy Kitty, Sherbet Slime, and Meaty Mummy banners
  • Sweet Shard stuff is now colored white
  • Sweet Shards renamed to Sugar Crystals
  • Updated Sweet Staff
  • Cookie Dough changed
  • Creamstone is now normal chocolate
  • New Creamstone Brick texture
  • Drixer updated
  • Crazy Cone updated as well
  • Pix is now a little fancier
  • Prickler retextured to fit the new Sweet Shard color
  • Prickler renamed to Prickster
  • Rollercookie has a new rolling animation
  • Fixed Sherbet Slime animation
  • Sprinkler and Sprinkling are a little brighter, with shinier sprinkles
  • Tweaked Pastry Staff
  • Updated Glistering and Sprinkle Wings
  • Adding changelog, for convenience for those porting the the Confection over to Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki (except I forgot to add the changelog!)

  • Creamsand Witch will spawn anywhere with lots of Creamsand. She'll start off flying around on her broom
  • She will use her wicked Confection magic to summon and hurl various desserts at you! Which include the animal cookies, and the new Crooked Cookie and Mint Jr. She'll also fly across the screen, leaving behind a trail of strawberries, which spin for a few seconds before all striking you down.
  • Crooked Cookie will bounce around like Plantera's spiky ball but will actively try to direct itself in your direction
  • Mint Jr. will drift toward you like faster Meteor Heads. When defeated, they'll explode and leave a sticky minty mess on the ground, like walking on Honey Blocks. The mess can be mined away or will despawn in 30 seconds
  • When enough damage is dealt to her, she'll drop off her broom and enter a new attack phase. She'll begin spraying milk at you much like the Aqua Scepter and Golden Shower. She'll continue her strawberry storm, however they will now rain down from the sky much like how the Blizzard Staff works. She's also able to summon the Hunger, which acts as a cream sandwhich mimic. Like all casters, she's able to teleport, without being stunned by attacks.
  • On defeat, she has a chance to drop a few items, which include pieces of her outfit, her Pixie Stick, and a Creamy Sandwhich.
  • Pixie Stick is an accessory and behaves similarly to the Hoverboard
  • Creamy Sandwhich is a pet summoning item for your own little Creamsand Witch! She'll ride on her miniature Pixie Stick to catch up with you
  • As always, Creamsand Witch and her summoned desserts all drop banners
  • Creamsand is now pink

  • New Creamtree design, that makes Cherry Bombers a little harder to spot
  • New Creamwood texture
  • Added Creamwood equipment
  • Sugar Crystal stuff is now cyan again
  • Prickster sprites and banner tweaked
  • The Painter sells "The Desserted Land" when in the Confection
  • Pix tweaked (Meant to post this last time instead of the other one)
  • Bananawarp Rod tweaked

  • Updated the main post with new Sensation info! Still in the process of swapping over to the Confection's new and true opposite!
  • Added treat for the Sensation, the Heat Treat
  • The Wicked Wonderbeast has been revealed! Lucky for you, it feels like fighting by your side.
  • Nerfed Icecream Gal, as her stats were too high just to be referential numbers.
  • Rootbeer Floater renamed to Foamin' Float
  • Fixed typos here and there.

  • Added a banner with various items and enemies
  • Happy Birthday to me!

  • Treats = Trashed! May have different items for souls later on, but for now enemies in the Underground Confection will drop Souls of Delight, which will be animated under its new name to come... The cute little devil chocolate will probably be reused for something else later.
  • Updated Neapolinite Bar to the new 1.3 style. Delicious!
  • Made Neapolinite Ore shinier
  • Updated Sugar Water to the new 1.3 style, and changed the color
  • Also updated Cream Solution to the shinier version
  • Changed the Neapolinite Brick texture to something less situational
  • Confection Crate, which can be caught from fishing
  • Icecream scoops are now sweet grass with various sugary flora
  • Tweaked Banana Splitter, renamed to Spear of Cavendes (Thanks @AntithesisEK for the name!)
  • Also tweaked Excavity and its True version, renamed to Sucrosa and True Sucrosa (Again, [email protected]!)
  • Changed Sugar Crush to Grand Slammer! And new colors.
  • Cookie Blocks now have little sprinkles in them
  • Creamvines are thinner and have sprinkles
  • Creamstone is now vanilla again! Or is it white chocolate..?
  • Natural Creamstone stuff updated as well
  • Creamstone Brick updated
  • Creamsand is now brown, like cocoa powder, and added the new sand types
  • Creamsandstone Brick, which is the old Creamstone Brick
  • New enemy in the Underground Dessert, Sugar Mama, who spawns in place of Lamia!
  • She drops a banner, because everything needs a banner
  • Sugar Mama also has a rare chance to drop a Sugar Bottle Pop which summons a Sugar Darling pet!
  • Gummy Worm now spawns in the Underground Dessert, allowing a slightly higher rate of normal Underground Confection mobs to spawn instead
  • Updated Sugar Crystals
  • Slightly tweaked the Sweet Blocks
  • Updated the Prickster
  • New Sweet Shot
  • Iscreamer has become more horrifying, along with different flavors!
  • They now drop Yellow Warp Shards which is just a less goofy Bananawarp Peel (Name help appreciated)
  • Bananawarp Rod is now the Dimensional Split! (Another awesome thanks to @AntithesisEK!)
  • Slight tweak to the Going Bananas debuff icon
  • Updated Iscreamer Banner and tweaked Sherbet Slime Banner
  • Now for an item I made updates back but forgot to include, the Wild Airy Blue! (Thanks to Gradi for the name!)
  • Decreased Meowzer Cannon HP from 100 to 75, and defense from 24 to 16, and increased Meowzer HP from 180 to 280, and defense from 15 to 22, to make it easier to (accidentally) kill the tail and enrage it! It also spawns less frequently as compared to Gastropods.
  • Removed Rainbow Gel and recipe to make Rainbow Torches now that they're made of Rainbow Bricks. Old Rainbow Torch renamed to Sherbert Torch, which is made from Sherbert Blocks that now directly drop from the Sherbet Slime
  • Removed Confection Key Mold, as Key Molds were scrapped
  • Actually added a changelog for real this time! (Mentioned adding it in one update but never did it..)
  • SenCon support buttons! Use them if you want!
  • Changes made to address the Sensation throughout the posts rather than the Crimson

  • Took a crack at an easter egg Rollercookie! (That's no egg roll)
  • Gummies also join the holiday theme with bunny ears, tails, and baskets
  • The Bonbonny will appear commonly during the Easter season, and more rarely during the rest of the year
  • Changed Sherbet Slime banner's stripes to a diagonal pattern
  • Made the red Gummy's darker shades a little lighter
  • Gummies can spawn with easter colors
  • Hardened Creamsand, made awhile ago but forgot to list!
  • Creamsandstone as well.
  • A new design for the Confection Key
  • As well as one for the Confection Chest
  • Correctly updated Bananawarp Rod's name to Dimensional Split (Again, a huge thanks to @AntithesisEK for the cool name)
  • Remembered to drop Rainbow Gel since the torches are made of bricks
  • All mentions of the Sensation or its items now link to its topic. Check it out! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell everyone!
  • Changed Pastry Staff's recipe to list the temporary Souls of Delight
  • Iscreamer's description now mentions its claws rather than its outdated bananas
  • Changed the name Confection Key Mold to Confection Key, woops!
  • Added info of the True Spice of Life in True Sucrosa's description.
  • Moved "Weapons and Tool" group to the second post for image cap reasons

  • Gummies have a few Halloween variants. What Chu looking at?
  • They'll also spawn with Halloween colors
  • Iscreamer now has a pumpkin flavor, more common during Halloween
  • As well as a more spectral look, very spooky.. smells like.. cotton candy?
  • Rollercookies also have a pumpkin spice flavor
  • And now for some spooky cookies.. pumpkin, eyeball, and spider!
  • Sprinklers and Sprinklings are also feeling the Halloween spirit! Featuring candy corn and eye candy variants!
  • Pumpkins grown on Confected grass will appear a little sweeter..
  • Added the forgotten Bonbonny Banner
  • Added the also forgotten Bonbonny Cage
  • Finally remembered the updated Crazy Cone Banner sprite update done years ago
  • Iscreamers now have a low chance to drop a new slicing weapon, the Bear Claw!
  • A new look for the Confection crate, with a splash of new colors
  • Gummy Worm is now Gummy Wyrm, with a whole new look with different variants! They spread wide and try to kiss you if you're close.
  • Gummy Wyrms no longer split apart like the Eater of Worlds, stats and drop rates adjusted accordingly
  • Baby gummy worms can be found and captured, like every other critter, and can be used as bait
  • Comes with a caged version as well
  • In this world of pure imagination.. will you be the lucky one? The Wonker is here!
  • He drops one piece of his outfit every time, have fun sugar coating it up. (Thanks to @AntithesisEK for the silly pun!)
  • Wonker also sometimes drops the Golden Ticket, which replaces the Rootbeer Float. Foamin' Float will drop this as well.
  • A banner.. to match the.. style.. of the Groom and Dr. Bones ones. Huh.
  • Where did Sugar Mama go? This Dudley wasn't wearing a super crown the entire time, was it? They like to charge up and fling at you! Clinging to walls and ceilings, they'll also drop down from above.
  • And a banner, of course
  • The sugar darling.. actually the Dudling, will need a Taffy Apple drop instead of the Sugar Bottle Pop
  • The chocolate Rollercookie is looking a lot more detailed.. and mischevous!
  • The.. brand name All Boss cookie is slightly more detailed as well!
  • Linked some nearby images into one to lessen the image count

  • Rollercookies will rarely spawn as a birthday variant, appearing near the beginning of December
  • Ever wanted to wear a cake on your head? They have a small chance to drop the Top Cake vanity item!
  • To celebrate 4 sweet years, the original Rollercookie will uncommonly spawn as well!
  • Cherry Crumbs, which strangely were never listed outside of recipes, which I thought I fixed awhile back.. anyway.. are now Cherry Shells, with a brand new look!
  • Cherry Bombs are finally updated too. The original sprite wasn't even intended for the Confection but for a different game project!
  • Cherry Arrows have a new look and are now known as Cherryburst Arrows
  • Cream Ice is now Blue Ice, dripping with blueberry juice, made from awhile back
  • The Golden Ticket is now even more referential, now known as the C-cret Ticket
  • Taffy Apple actually has some taffy on it now, with some peppermint bark
  • As requested, the Wonker's less gross and better fits the Confection theme
  • Wonker is now known as Wild Willy
  • Super huge difference with the worn Wonky set
  • The Neapolinite sets have been touched up, showcased by Hazel and Copper!
  • Inventory pieces updated as well
  • Headgear piece has a new look, if you didn't notice
  • Wild Airy Blue example made even sparklier!
  • Meowzer's laser now actually looks like a laser, and not a flag
  • Rollercookies now come in a chocolate with white chip variant
  • Grouped the ordinary Rollercookies into one image to save image cap space
  • Iscreamers have a more compact form, with tweaked vanilla and cotton candy colors, and pumpkin getting blue eyes
  • A new weapon, the Candlelighter, which finally acts as an alternate to the Flamethrower
  • Cookie Cutter Shark is looking a little prettier
  • Sweet Staff's looking a lot.. sweeter!
  • Sweet Arrow's also looking sweeter
  • C-cret Ticket tweaked
  • Cherry Bug in a Jar now appears more consistent with the Lightning Bug in a Bottle
  • Crispy Disc has evolved, now known as the Baker's Dozen with a few variants, which now stacks to 13
  • Yumdrop looks a little mintier
  • Yumblocks updated as well
  • Cherry Bugs grew the rest of its body
  • Cherry Bug Banner updated as well
  • Creamsandstone is now a little darker, to contrast more against hardened creamsand
  • Vanilla Pigron, now known as Striped Pigron, looks a little flashier!
  • Gummy Wyrm Banner now better follows the new Gummy Wyrm design
  • Sugar Powder now better matches the Yumdrop used to make it
  • Neapolinite Repeater looks a lot better.. woah
  • The rollercookie pet has been updated.. turn your head!
  • Updated the Neapolinite Block again, just a small tweak
  • Confection Water Fountain is finally updated.. perhaps the others could use their stone color, too?
  • Tweaked the look of the Confection's water
  • Part of another idea.. what's that in the sky? A pie.. a pie in the sky??
  • They are the confected versions of hallowed islands, part of an idea that will evolve later..! For now, have a few blocks:
  • Pink Fairy Floss, which prevents fall damage when landed on. These blocks are destroyed upon contact with any liquid.
  • Purple Fairy Floss, which also prevent fall damage. These are more magical blocks that are only destroyed by lava, and rain sprinkles from below
  • Blue Fairy Floss, that prevents fall damage. Craft these like the Snow Clouds, which cause a light powder to drift downwards. They are destroyed by water and lava.
  • Key of Delight! Made with Souls of Delight. But sadly, no biome mimic just yet.. but these keys do have one other use:
  • The Driver's Permint.
  • What does it do? It summons forth a very cool mount, the Rollercycle!
  • It drives really fast, so much that you can dash over liquids! But if you slow down, it'll sink and vanish. For extra style points, holding up while driving will pop a wheelie! Thanks to Orangemm for a design idea.
  • At a high speed, it will roll over most enemies. Rollercookies are still the kings of spin! (Except that clunky Rollertree..)
  • This mount's so cool. It's expensive to make!
  • To celebrate the Confection's 5th birthday (although late), the Top Cake has been updated, and given a complete set with the Birthday Suit and the Right Trousers!
  • Each piece is uncommonly dropped by the Birthday Rollercookie with.. an increased chance from 4% to 10%, who spawns on during the first half of December and the whole month of May for Terraria's birthday.
  • The Trifle, an upgrade to the Clockwork Assault Rifle to fill the role of the Megashark. It has a very unique ability to pull three unique random bullet types from your inventory (unless you have two or just one type), and colors each a unique pastel color. It has a 33% chance to not consume ammo too! Thanks a second time to Orangemm for the multi bullet use idea.
  • Part of the Biome-colored Lava idea, the Confection would have a molten creamstone reminiscent of hot cocoa. Don't drink it, it's lava hot!
  • And lastly, the Gumble Bee. It buzzes around peacefully in the Confection.. but if you surprise it, it blows up into a big bubble! Thanks again to Orangemm for the idea!
  • For some reason the music inspiration video went down. Went and found another of the same cheerful tune!
  • Rollercookies have a slightly new AI- they roll around, minding their own business until they spot you. The hop up and begin to spin in place for a moment, before dashing off at you.
  • Sugar Crystals are renamed yet again.. and are now Saccharite Crystals.
  • Sweet Blocks are now Saccharite Blocks
  • Lowered Creamsand Witch's broom's HP from 3,000 to 1,200.
  • Changed Foamin' Floats outdated Golden Ticket and sprite to the new C-cret Ticket and sprite.
  • Corrected C-cret Ticket's item name from Golden Ticket.
  • Linked mention of Capsinite Ore to the Sensation thread.
  • Updated Cherryburst Arrow recipe that still used the outdated Cherry Crumbs name and sprite, now Cherry Shells. And name Cherry Arrow to Cherryburst Arrow.
  • Moved old Crimson stuff into a spoiler within the Other Items spoiler, just to be out of the way without full removal.
  • Some small reformatting.
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Duke Fishron
This is a disaster... Im at school, where the only internet i can use is a crappy gen 1 ipad, and the sprites (or any of the images) dont even render for me. It just looks like a bunch of little gray squares...

I love the concept though. Its hilarious. When i get home and can access my better ipad, i will look at the sprites, but for now: great job!
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The Painter
I must've spent an hour just looking over my word document to see if everything was fine for posting! There were a few linking errors, but I've corrected them all, I think! Now to work on layout as it does look a little cluttered.. hmm..

Good job! All your fine work has come together, and it's quite amazing to say the least!
Thanks! :dryadhappy: I've been so nervous about the reaction and so far it seems to be positive!

This Suggestion is Sweet!
and Stomachs Vs Stomach Ache,Never thought of That
Thank you! Never thought of calling it that either, but I like it!

This is a disaster... Im at school, where the only internet i can use is a crappy gen 1 ipad, and the sprites (or any of the images) dont even render for me. It just looks like a bunch of little gray squares...

I love the concept though. Its hilarious. When i get home and can access by better ipad, i will look at the sprites, but for now: great job!
I had to be careful- didn't want to make it too silly! The armors were a little difficult at first, as they are icecream cones with scoops as helmets. Err.. right, you can't see them right now. Thanks though!

I can't even imagine the amount of work that must've gone to this. Awesome!
It took several hours and several days :p I can finally rest.. woo!

Thanks for all the comments everyone! If there's anything you'd like to see changed/improved, just let me know and I'll see what I can do.


The Painter
Very well thought out and very cute, The pixel work is wonderful. While I am personally opposed to the idea of a candy based alt for the Hallow I think this is the best way it could be done. :dryadsmile:
I tried real hard to stay away from candy- I was aiming for a cookies and cream biome (and icecream toppings), but of course, this is quite limiting.. I may make some changes in the future to replace Rock Candy with something less candy and more icecream, however, I do want to keep the Gummy Worm.. and maybe the Sweety Gummy, just because I think it looks cute.

Oh well.. thanks I guess!
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One of the things I love about this suggestion is how much "Confection" sounds like "Infection".

And of course, absolutely everything else, and I do mean everything. I admit that I got impatient while reading it because I couldn't stand leaving that like button unclicked, but I promise I will read the entire thing in detail later! This level of creativity is what we need in Terraria, let's put it that way.

One tiny, tiny detail, almost not even worth mentioning, is that the Rocket Pop Launcher needs a mana cost.



Anyway, I've read through it all, and its quite well done and well planned. I just wish I hadn't have predicted this being the biome theme from the moment you announced it, I was expecting a surprise :(

Bonus: I read it all while listening to Sonic Colour's Sweet Mountain themes.
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Total support on this, it's a very well put and made biome. The only thing I don't like about it is the music you suggested, I'm sure there are better examples out there that you could have found.


Official Terrarian
Nice name! And very funny. First page as well!

EDIT: I just read the whole thing. I love all the puns, especially the Rollercookie, which has the best sprite ever BTW. I also added the banner into my signature.
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