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[Sprites] The Sensation - Inferno of Flavor - Anti-Confection

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by AntithesisEK, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Hello! In collaboration with Snickerbobble, author of The Confection biome suggestion, I've crafted a negative alignment biome that stands opposed to the unbridled sweetness of the Confection. A savage, dry land scorched Black by extreme heat, ruled over by monstrous elemental plantlife and an overpowering concentration of sugar's eternal rival, spice. Introducing. . .


    Making the world burn...

    To help expand the concept and tie the biomes together I invented some background lore. In my own work as a sculptor I find that fortifying a concept with some dialogue always helps.

    In the early days of the world, the Ancient Epicureans delighted in the elemental essence of the Sensation. They built shrines to the Serranoth, the avatars of the spice and heat.
    However, they became addicted to it's impeccably spicy, zesty flavors. In an effort to balance our their civilizations palette, their gourmands baked and served what would become the Confection. Unfortunately, both flavor profiles proved too terrifyingly delicious and were sealed deep below and a guardian was put in place to maintain the freshness seal.

    The environment concept would be similar to an arid mesa because the intensity of the spices has scorched the area. Because it is elemental and wild, the ecosystem is a bit askew.
    Black grass bursts from peppercorn seeds while giant pepper plants exist where no tree can grow. Not even stone can handle the heat, as it is transformed into Flakestone, incredibly dense clusters of seeds. Even the snow biome is not cold enough for the Sensation. Finally, water turns a slightly opaque gold-hued grey.

    The yellow markers are an example of Burning Bulb placement.



    Piperine Grass
    Copper or higher
    Info: Black grass grows out from the peppercorn clusters that have been roasted black by the ambient heat.

    Black Grass Vines
    Vines can spread the Sensation, as they bear pepper fruits.

    Copper or higher
    Info: This is actually not a true tree, it is a giant pepper plant. The 'lumber' comes from the very fibrous woody vine.
    Pepperwood trees grow like jungle trees and generally do not need to be planted.

    Pepperwood Block

    Pepperwood Wall

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Flakestone Block (and Underground Growth)
    Fifth tier equivalent pickaxe or higher (nightmare+)
    Info: The semi-organic Flakestone is comprised of dense clusters of Sensation seeds, it resembles coarse black pepper.
    Used for Flakestone Bricks and Flakestone Walls.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Flakestone Brick

    Flakesand Block
    Copper or higher
    Refined powdery semi-organic pepper. Spreads the Sensation. Sneezing is unavoidable.
    Grows: [​IMG]
    Roasted Cactus. It's actually a pepper plant and I think it got too much sun.

    Black Ice Block
    Copper or higher
    Info: While the ice doesn't melt too much, chili oil seeps in and tints the ice a gold yellow-hued black.

    Capsinite Ore
    Fifth tier or higher pickaxe
    Info: Demonite/Crimtane equivalent, used for Capsinite weaponry and Capsinite Bricks. Glows a fiery yellow.

    Pungent Pits
    Grows naturally from Flakestone blocks in the underground. Requires three blocks of space to grow fully, similar to how trees grow.
    Instead of dealing damage to the player like thorns, the black smoke emitted by pits stings the eyes causing [​IMG]
    These fragrant fissures can make deep tunnels even more treacherous. You can mine the blocks under the pit to destroy it.

    Spiced Bunny
    A peppercore mimicking a rabbit. Kind of eerie.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Piquant Pillbug
    Info: Elemental mimicking an insect. Climbs up blocks. 20% Bait Power.

    HP: 55
    DMG: 15 (ranged) 15 (contact)
    DEF: 6
    Info:A serpent-like creature that spits venom at the player. They tend to stay stationary, making them like small turrets.
    Drops: Viper Fangs

    Soldier (Lesser)
    HP: 90
    DMG: 18
    DEF: 12
    The incredibly dangerous avatars of the Sensation. While being the counterpart to basic fighter AI enemies,
    they are intended to be much more intelligent than zombies. They resemble red chilies.
    Because their bodies are largely comprised of vines, they can grapple to blocks to chase down the player.
    Drops: Peppercore, the rotten chunk/vertebrae equivalent. Possibly Soldier Sapling pet. [​IMG]

    Pyromancer (Caster)
    HP: 50
    DMG: 20 (ranged) 20 (contact)
    DEF: 8
    Denoted by their purple bio-armor, these magical attendants are only found in Sensation mortars protecting the Burning Bulbs. They cast Flame Gout underneath the player.
    Pyromancers do not have a vine-grapple, they prefer to stay at range or above their targets.


    The Unsoothed One
    HP: 4000
    DMG: 45 (melee/contact) (25 ranged)
    DEF: 26
    The Unsoothed One is a gigantic creature that has laid dormant for ages while close-proximity to the Burning Bulbs has mutated its growth.
    Its internal temperature burns so hot all of its bio-armor has been charred black.

    While a melee behemoth, it isn't easily 'cheesed'. It has an Infernal Acid Splash attack if you're out of melee range!
    Around approximately 1500 HP, it will enter a Meltdown phase and begin emiting Inferno Aura.
    Immune to Venom and Confuse.
    Drops (40-100) Capsinite Ore and (35-55) Habaneurons.

    Expert Mode
    Meltdown phase will now cause acid splashes to pour and slowly falling Spore Embers that shoot upward initially to shed from the Unsoothed, dealing moderate damage.

    Treasure Bag (The Unsoothed)
    The Unsoothed Boss Mask
    Expert Item
    Nemesis Nucleus
    Low health causes the player to enter a berserk state. This hypermode will raise damage by 18%, raise defense 12 points and up movement speed by 6% when health is below or at 35%.

    Peppered Grass Seeds
    Grows Sensation grass. Naturally.

    Deathweed equivalent.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Spicebell Planter Box

    Solanumb Bulb
    Vile Mushroom equivalent herb.

    Pungent Powder
    Vile Powder Counterpart. Removes the Confection (or whatever opposes it).

    Seasoned Throwing Knife
    20 Throwing Knife, 1 Pungent Powder
    DMG: 15
    Velocity: 5
    Knockback: 5
    Chance to cause Confuse on hit.

    Dropped by most Serranoth and Morugandr
    Rotten Chunk / Vertebrae equivalent
    Used to craft battle potions and Pepper Shaker (boss summoning item). This is more insulting than you'd think, as you're grinding up the boss' fallen comrades.

    Capsinite Bar
    Purifying the ore releases the Sensational energies and hardens the ore to a suitable metallic substance for weapons and armor.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Capsinite Brick

    Semi-organic nerves that channel heat and sustenance through the bodies of Sensation elementals. Shadow scale / Tissue Sample equivalent.

    Viper Fang
    Dropped by Viper
    It appears to be a woody vine, yet drips a poisonous substance. Ideal for arrows.

    Poison Arrows
    5 Wooden Arrow
    1 Viper Fang
    DMG: 7
    Velocity: 3.5
    Knockback: 2.6
    Break Chance: 85%
    Chance to cause Poison on hit.

    Peppered Pacu
    Fish that eat sensation grasses and roots grow a healthy coating of vegetation. Potion reagent.

    Quest - Chipoteel
    Predatory eel-like fish that give off a smoky aroma. Perfect for grilling, too!

    Quest - Scotch Bonnethead
    Somewhere between a shark and a plant, these creatures are apex hunters in spiced-touched waters.


    Angst Potion
    1x Spicebell, Peppered Pacu, 1x Bottled Water
    Reduces all weapon-type use time by 16% for 10 minutes.

    Atrophic Potion
    2x Spicebell, 3x Solanumb Bulb , 1x Bottled Water
    4% of critical strike damage is dealt as damage over time (debuff called Withering). Does not refresh with each hit. DoT lasts 5 seconds.
    Potion lasts 4 minutes. Has a damage cap of 500.

    Indigo Saffron
    Grows from Sensation black grass.
    Produces Indigo Dye [​IMG]

    Khaki Sagebrush
    Sparsely grows from Sandstone Block in the Underground Desert.
    Produces Khaki Dye [​IMG]

    Pepperwood Armor. Standard equivalent to Ebonwood and Shadewood.

    Seasoned Armor – Shadow/Crimson equiv. Slightly less armor, potent damage and versatility.
    Seasoned Helmet - 12 Capsinite Bars, 15 Habaneurons
    Defense: 5
    1% Increased damage,
    1% increased critical
    Seasoned Chestguard – 26 Capsinite Bars, 25 Habaneurons
    Defense: 6
    2% Increased damage
    2% Increased critical
    Seasoned Greaves – 18 Capsinite Bars, 10 Habaneurons
    Defense: 5
    1% Increased damage
    1% increased critical
    Set bonus: Entanglement – Attacks have a chance to cause pepper vines to entangle foes, slowing enemies slightly.

    Infernoxious Pickaxe – Tier five pick, nightmare/deathbringer equivalent.
    14 Capsinite Bars
    6 Habaneurons
    Because of the difficulty of the Sensation, the pickaxe combines the power of the deathbringer (70%) and the speed of the nightmare (Use Time: 19). It is slightly more expensive because of this.

    Burning Bulb Items

    Shadow orb / Demon Heart equivalent. Bow – Axe – Spell – Accessory - Light Pet

    DMG: 12
    Low Knockback
    Fast Speed
    Use Time: 20

    DMG: 24
    Strong Knockback
    Very Slow Speed (autoswing)
    75% Axe Power

    Sweltering Scepter
    Slightly unique, trades speed for damage. Flame Gout is delayed for 1 second before exploding in a pillar of flame.
    DMG: 26
    Average Knockback
    Fast use time / Delayed spell cast.

    Grains of Paradise
    Provides unique mana regeneration:
    Killing an enemy plants a Mana Plant. More kills cause it to grow. (one kill to plant, one to grow, one to bloom).
    At full growth, it bursts into a mana pollen cloud, granting minor MP regeneration for the player. Only one plant may be growing at a time. Sapling dies after 20 seconds without fertilizer.
    Combines with Celestial Magnet and Nature's Gift to make Magnetic Field of Elysium.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Mellow Lantern
    One of the only creatures that does not want to kill you. Floats harmlessly around the player, through blocks, illuminating the nearby area very brightly.
    It is very carefree, however and cannot be controlled.

    Crafted Weapons
    DMG: 26
    Very Strong Knockback
    Very (very) slow speed.
    A very heavy but compact broadsword. Component blade.
    12 Capsinite Bars

    DMG: 14
    Weak Knockback
    Fast Speed
    Causes On Fire!
    12 Capsinite Bars

    The Pestle
    DMG: 17
    Average Knockback
    Fast Speed
    60% Hammer Power
    Not very well suited for combat unlike its counterparts, but is excellent for building and removing walls.
    8 Capsinite Bars
    4 Habaneurons


    The Combustor
    Craftable Gun
    10 Capsinite Bars
    6 Habaneurons
    DMG: 9
    Weak Knockback
    Fast Speed
    Info: Extremely low damage, but shoots twice.
    This might require some change to how bullets are acquired.

    Blistering Bident
    Longer range for less damage than other low level normal mode spears.
    12 Capsinite Bars
    10 Habaneurons
    DMG: 12
    Average Knockback
    Velocity: 4.5
    Fast Speed

    Demon Altars are replaced by Spiced Shrines.

    Peppery Gelatin
    HP: 150
    DMG: 40
    Defense: 25
    The energized essence of the Sensation doesn't always take a humanoid or bestial form. Can inflict On Fire!
    Drop: Gel

    HP: 235
    DMG: 30 (melee/contact) 150 (Explode!)
    DEF: 10
    Info: Extremely dangerous local fauna! While seemingly innocuous, these floating peppery bulbs are little monsters!
    At low HP, they attempt to rush at the player and explode violently.

    HP: 310
    DMG: 45 (head) 40 (body) 30 (tail)
    DEF: 28 (head) 32 (body) 28 (tail)
    Info: These elemental serpents can be a bit of a hassle. Functions as a normal Worm AI enemy.
    They are also poisonous, the head segment inflicts Poison.
    Drop: Peppercore

    Blazing Bow
    HP: 175
    DMG: 50
    DEF: 12
    Info: Essence-infused versions of the Scorcher bow. These haunted archers seek out the best vantage point, as they cannot shoot through blocks.
    Drop: Nazar

    HP: 650
    DMG: 60 (melee) 20 (acidic spray, range)
    DEF: 35
    Info: An ancient, powerful embodiment of the Sensation that charges towards players in range, closing the distance quickly. Their melee attacks can cause Weak.
    If not in melee range, they have a short distance acid spray that goes through blocks.
    Drop: Primal Pepper, Vitamins
    HP: 500
    DMG: 75 (melee/contact)
    DEF: 30
    Info: Extremely dangerous! Reapers, though similar to wraiths, are the lingering heat-souls of ancient Sensation beings once sealed away.
    Reapers are unstable and can Dashing Strike through blocks. Reapers can inflict the biome-unique debuff, Flavor Fever.
    Drop: Primal Fruit, Burning Peppercore

    Flakesand Desert

    Roasted Mummy
    HP: 150
    DMG: 60
    DEF: 18
    Info: Sometimes Serranoth stay out in the sun too long. Functions like a normal Mummy.
    Drop: Flaky Husk (Dark Shard equivalent)

    Acrid Ghoul
    HP: 250
    DMG: 46
    DEF: 30
    Inflicts Flavor Fever
    Info: These vile mottled creatures, addicted to spice and heated fruit, drool horrible acids.

    Sensational Snow

    Blackened Pigron
    HP: 250
    DMG: 65
    Info: Even pigrons cannot resist routing in the delectable embers.

    Because Confected worlds drop treats instead of souls, HM Sensation enemies drop Heat Treats [​IMG]
    Against other positive alignments, Souls of Spite or Night [​IMG]

    Primal Fruit
    "Ancient, exotic, powerful."
    The unique crafting material of Sensational Hardmode Underground.

    Debuff - [​IMG] - Flavor Fever. It is a frenzying haze that can be applied to enemies. Some items can apply it to allies.
    Enemies afflicted by Fever receive 4% more damage, but deal 4% more. Players afflicted by Fever deal 5% more damage, but take 5% more.

    Spiced Torch
    (X) Torch, 1 Primal Fruit. Alternates between violet and teal light.

    Atomic Arrow
    May inflict Flavor Fever
    35 Wooden Arrow, 1 Primal Fruit
    DMG: 13
    Velocity: 4.35
    Knockback: 3
    Break Chance: 83.3%

    Atomic Bullet
    May inflict Flavor Fever
    DMG: 12
    Velocity: 4.5
    35 Musket Ball, 1 Primal Fruit

    Flask of Flavor
    1 Bottled Water, 5 Primal Fruit
    Info: Melee attacks inflict increased enemy damage taken and dealt.

    Spiced Water
    1 Bottled Water, 1 Peppered Grass Seed, 1 Flakesand Block
    Spreads the Sensation.

    Black Solution
    Available during Blood Moons / Eclipse. Standard use.
    Spreads the Sensation.

    Ambient Heating
    DMG: 19
    Average Knockback
    Fast Speed
    Produces a dark red powder that chokes the air, dealing damage and inflicts enemies and allies with (their respective) types of Flavor Fever.
    1 Spell Tome, 30 Primal Pepper, 15 Heat Treat / Souls of Night

    Cream of Cinders
    1 Creampuff, 1 Flaky Husk, 7 Sweet Treats, 7 Heat Treats
    Info: Dao of Pow counterpart. Attributes TBA.

    Seasoned Wings
    20 Fleet Treats, 30 Heat Treats / Souls of Night / Spite
    Info: Angel/Demon equivalent. Matches with the Seasoned Armor.

    Flakescale Wings
    20 Fleet Treats, 1 Burning Peppercore.
    On par with Harpy/Bone/Bat Wings. Matches the colors of the Pepper Reaper.

    Elemental Blade

    Spice of Life
    1 Claymorita, 1 Blade of Grass, 1 Muramasa, 1 Fiery Greatsword
    DMG: 48
    Strong Knockback
    Use Time: 30
    Enjoying Life before Taking It.

    True Spice of Life
    1 original blade, 1 Broken Hero Sword
    DMG: 71
    KB 5.5 / Strong Knockback
    Use Time: 30
    Unique ability - Heatwave. Unleashes a frontal swath of flame with each swing, spanning about 6 blocks forward.

    Summoner Items

    Scoville's Fuselighter
    DMG: 65
    Average Knockback
    Use Time: 30
    Info: Summons a single Jolokia for 35 seconds, during that time the Jolokia will radiate Inferno if enemies are nearby, damaging lightly and lighting them On Fire.
    At the end of 35 seconds, the Jolokia will Self-Destruct, devastating nearby enemies. Damage on the weapon reflects the Self-Destruct explosion. Inferno deals half that.


    DMG: 56 (melee contact and fireball)
    Strong Knockback
    Slow Speed
    Unique-type hammer/spear hybrid, resembles a Kanabo club. Smashes downward instead of swinging or thrusting.
    Carries two unique properties to make up for low damage and slow speed.
    Sheds fireballs with each swing, both weapon and fireball hits inflict enemies with Caustic Flame.
    It is a combination debuff (of On Fire! And Ichor) that melts enemy defenses, reducing armor by 8.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Finally! Tremendous thanks to @Snickerbobble and The Confection! Also massive thanks to @Vikri and @Milt69466! Couldn't have done it without them!

    Credits to @Omnir for providing reference sprites. Thanks to @Baconfry for helping with potential potion ideas. There will be a concept art gallery below.

    4/14/2015 - Some minor changes to sprites and potions.
    4/20/2015 - Additional items, sprites and Dye Plants section added.
    4/23/2015 - Flavor Fever damage taken and dealt increased. Various item sprite changes.
    7/11/2015 - Minor updates.
    6/5/2016 Partial sprite overhaul. 1.3 additions.
    9/5/2018 - Text and balance changes.
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2018
  2. AntithesisEK

    AntithesisEK Golem

    Concept Art Gallery attached down below. I will eventually upload everything to https://www.flickr.com/photos/eks3a/

    Virtually everything sculpted in polymer clay. It was difficult but I had a lot of fun and ended up with a gigantic portfolio boost.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  3. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble The Painter

    Woooo yeah! It's finally here! It took awhile but these biomes are a lot of work. Don't think I would have come up with an opposite on my own, so thanks for working on the idea! [​IMG]

    Now, I'll have to get around to updating Confection with the new Sensation info..


    The uncensored version of it:

  4. Brick Creeper

    Brick Creeper Skeletron Prime

    OMG! This is awesome! :D

    Edit: my comment was so undescriptive because I wanted to he the first to post, but I guess that didn't work :dryadtongue:

    Reall comment: This is incredible! I'm a big fan of alt. Corruption/Crimsons (like @Vikri's tourment, witch I happen to be writing a story about) and also a big fan of super spicy stuff so this biome must have been made for me! I'm going to go ahead and say this is incredible! (Yes I know I said that, but it deserves me saying it twice).
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2015
  5. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    So this is what you were cooking up?

    It all looks incredible to me. Emphasis on edible. I'll be reading it thoroughly later, but I can clearly see what you're going for. There will be sugar, there will be spice, and most certainly, everything nice.

    And I hope I'm making this joke before everyone else, but... sensational.
  6. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Epic! But honestly, I was expecting something more... broad for the anti-Confection than another food biome. Still cool nonetheless, I was just saying.

    (also, @Snickerbobble, it's time to change the treats around :p)
  7. Can I Get Uhhh

    Can I Get Uhhh Spazmatism

    I really like the effort you put into everything, in the writing, details, stats and the decent sprites, it's a good suggestion but I seem the theme of this is unfitting. And you say this is another thing to add with the Corruption and Crimson?
  8. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Ahhhhhh Yeaaaahh It’s out!
  9. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    For the treats I mentioned earlier:
    • Light: Sweet Treat
    • Night: Heat Treat (instead of a chili pepper, since there are a lot of those, maybe a black pepper shaker?)
    • Flight: Fleet Treat (but should be something other than cotton candy, so maybe an egg?)
    • Sight: Wheat Treat
    • Might: Replete Treat
    • Fright: Meat Treat (since meat is a major food, and even with the Crimson out of the picture, it should still be there)
    EDIT: Cream of Kickin' needs changing too. Seeing the Flaky Husk, I think it'll receive a new weapon in its place (since the husk wouldn't be a can anymore).
    Can I Get Uhhh likes this.
  10. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    The puns! It burns, it burns!
  11. SnailsAttack

    SnailsAttack Dungeon Spirit

    Oh shiz I caught this thread early on. An Anti-Confection? Yes please!

    Okay, so here a few things I like and think need to be changed.

    • The grains of paradise is great accessory idea.
    • The lore is cool and relatively realistic.
    • Perhaps call the spice bell a pepper-bell, being a play on words of the bell pepper?
    • The atrophic potion is confusing.
    • The claymorita and pestle don't have crafting recipes.
    • The biome has an EXTREME color pallet that isn't very appealing.
    • You don't explain how the biome is actually formatted. You don't explain where the burning bulbs are at all.

    Just because I have a big list of cons doesn't mean its a bad idea. It's a FANTASTIC idea, and I literally scraped together everything I could to find negetives, only for the purpose of improving the thread. You even realized that the Meat vs Sweet idea could be improved, and moved over to let the cyber idea be the crimson hallow alternate.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
    Fruitbat likes this.
  12. Qw2

    Qw2 Official Terrarian

    All that spicy stuff is making me think of spicy foods…

    Must resist…

    I give my full support. This counters the Confection perfectly. :dryadsmile:
    Snickerbobble and AntithesisEK like this.
  13. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer


    I may have missed something, but WHAT ABOUT THE CHASMS??
    SnailsAttack likes this.
  14. excession

    excession The Destroyer

    Wow, this is really well thought out.
    The idea was balanced, and it countered the Confection's sweetness perfectly.
    The sprites were dead on, and totally amazing.
    I have a feeling being on the front page of this suggestion will soon be an honor.
    Snickerbobble and AntithesisEK like this.
  15. ZemmySix

    ZemmySix Retinazer


    It's the perfect counter to a perfect biome.
    Great job!
    AntithesisEK and Snickerbobble like this.
  16. Pumpking

    Pumpking Official Terrarian

    I cannot wait for it to be finished! As stated, some things are missing, such as the layout, and the sprites of the Burning Bulbs. :p
    The logo and models are amazing as well. :)
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
    AntithesisEK and Snickerbobble like this.
  17. Seeker

    Seeker Eater of Worlds

    This is pretty cool, the designs are too but is this really necessary?
  18. ZemmySix

    ZemmySix Retinazer

    "Yes". All of this stuff is.
  19. excession

    excession The Destroyer

    I don't know you any more.

  20. Fortanono

    Fortanono Retinazer

    Nope. Neither is the Confection. Or anything. But it would still be amazing to be added.

    Ya know, I had a similar idea for a fiery Corruption alt, but the flames were anger, not spiciness.