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[Sprites] The Torment - A world of death!

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Vikri, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    "Making the world torturous"

    Torment Preview.png
    Welcome to the edgiest biome suggestion you'll ever see!
    This is an corruption alt i have been working on, and i will periodically update it if i feel like it!

    Special Thanks!
    @Snickerbobble and @AntithesisEK for giving support and criticism
    and coming up with ideas.


    Music (Credit to Sprywisp)

    Torment grass.png
    Torment Grass
    - Tainted mushrooms grow as an alternate to vile mushrooms -

    Torment water.png
    Torment Water

    Torment entrance.png
    - These tombstone-filled tunnels are the main structures of the torment -
    - Tormentor Pupae Tormentor pupae.png exist as a counterpart to shadow orbs and can drop the following -


    agitation.png Agitation Lightning staff.png Lightning staff Ghast Blaster.png Ghast Blaster The wheel.png The Wheel
    Hourglass gif.gif Glowing Hour Glass

    Tomb stone.png
    Tomb Stone
    - Not to be confused with tombstones -

    new Ghostwood tree.png


    - Glows slightly in the dark -

    Spirite Ore.png
    Horrite Ore

    - Is the Torment's unique ore, and spawns rarely in small splotches mineable only with a strong pickaxe -
    - Dropped by the Eye Of Cthulhu on tormented worlds -

    Grave sand.png
    Grave Sand
    - Sand littered with the skeletons of adventurers -

    Grave Ice.png
    Black Ice
    - The Torment's plaque can survive the most extreme temperatures -

    Torment altar2.png
    Torment Altar
    - Used for crafting the Euthanasia and various boss summoning items -

    Torment chest.png Torment key.png
    Torment Chest
    - Replaces the evil biome chest in the dungeon -
    - Always contains Death's Hand -


    - Acts like any other spider in the game -
    - Can jump onto the backs of players, dealing damage and inflicting obstructed until killed -

    - Drops Broken Ribcage.png Bleached ribs 33% -

    Tormentor monarch.png
    Tormentor Monarch
    - Can call for aid, spawning more mobs -
    - Drops Arachnid tail.png Arachnid tail and Broken Ribcage.png Bleached ribs

    Bundled Tormentors.png
    Clustered Tormentors
    - Hovers over the ground, and can pick up players -
    - Drops a tormentor on death -

    - Drops Broken Ribcage.png Bleached ribs -

    Tormented_Bunny.png Tormented_Goldfish.png
    Tormented Friendlies
    - Drops a tormenter on death -

    Tormented slime.png
    Tormented Slime
    - Shoots needles -

    Iron Maiden 2.png
    Iron Maiden
    - Doesnt deal contact damage -
    - Has really fast movement speed -
    - when getting near the player, it slows down and claps together, dealing massive damage -

    - If the player is in the air, it will use its hands like golem's fists to attack -
    - Drops Vitamins -

    Eternal Nightmare.png

    - 20% decreased damage output, 2 DPS. Lasts between 7 and 16 seconds -

    Soul cage.png
    Soul Cage
    - Has a chance to inflict soulfire -
    - Floats around, leaving behind soulfire mines -

    - Drops Broken Ribcage.png Bleached ribs and Burning soul.png Fallen Spirit -

    Torment Spear.png
    Possessed Spear

    - Can summon torment monsters if left alone -

    - Drops Fallen Spirit Burning soul.png

    Torment Mimic 2.png Torment Mimic 22.png
    Torment Mimic
    - Biome Mimic AI -
    - Summoned by placing a key of night into a chest on a torment world -

    - Drops Dart Cannon.png Dart Cannon Cemetery Hook.png Leech Hook Ancient Warhammer.png Encrypter Invisibility Cloak.png Invisibility Cloak Plaque Scepter.png Plague Scepter

    agonized Ghoul.png Desert_Spirit.png Ghastly Mummy.png
    Desert Mobs

    Necrim 3.png

    - Can be summoned using a Death's Siren or breaking free 3 captive spirits -
    Attack Pattern
    - Necrim throws an axe that summons a tormentor upon hitting the ground -

    - Necrim shoots his sawblade out, it returns like a boomerang -
    - Necrim thrusts his swords downward, and makes projectiles fall from above -
    - Necrim opens his ribcage, and summons tormentors from it -
    - Necrim backs up, and then charges in your direction with his scythes -
    Spectral Fragment.png Spectral Fragments
    Necrim mask.png Necrim Mask

    Necrim Trophy.png Necrim Trophy

    Tormentor Queen Scent.png Tormentor Queen Scent

    Phantomwood_armor.png Phantomwood_sword.png Phantomwood_bow.png Phantomwood_hammer.png
    Phantomwood Items

    Spirite bar.png
    Horrite Bar
    - Material for crafting horrite gear -

    Cursed Horn.png
    Death's Siren
    - Summons Necrim. -
    - Crafted from 15 bleached ribs and 30 tainted powder at a Torment altar -

    Tainted powder.png
    Tainted Powder
    - Removes the hallow -

    - Crafted from 1 tainted mushroom at a bottle. Makes 5 -

    Tainted knife.png
    Tainted Knife
    - Has a chance to inflict weak -
    - Crafted from 1 tainted powder and 20 throwing knifes. Makes 20 -

    Horrite Armor.png
    Horrite Armor Set

    - You become stealthed if you dont attack for a period of time -
    - When stealth, your next attack will deal double damage -

    Midnight bow.png
    Midnight Longbow

    - A strong bow with a long reload time. Shoots 3 arrows in an unpredictable spread -
    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    Midnight Blade.png
    - With all the swords combined, they form euthanasia, the bane of the torment -
    - Crafted from 10 horrite bars on an anvil -

    Hellraiser Pickaxe.png

    Hellraiser Pickaxe
    - Used to break gravestoneā„¢ -

    - Crafted from horrite bars and spectral fragments -

    Soul Cleaver.png
    Soul Cleaver
    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    Hammer of Spite.png
    Hammer of Spite

    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    Death scythe.png
    - Shoots bone projectiles whenever you kill an enemy -
    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    - Quick and reliable flail -
    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    Dead mans Pole.png
    Dead Mans Pole
    - 22 fishing power -
    - Crafted from horrite bars -

    - Obligatory yoyo -

    Lightning staff.png
    Lightning Staff
    - Casts lightning from the sky at the cursors position, piercing enemies -

    Ghast Blaster.png
    Ghast Blaster
    - Shoots out a spread of bullets -

    The wheel.png
    The Wheel
    - Boomerang that latches onto enemies for a few seconds before returning to the thrower -

    Hourglass gif.gif
    Glowing Hour Glass
    - Light pet -
    - Glows brightly at first, but as time goes by it dims significantly -
    - When it reaches its lowest, it flips and starts over -

    Agonizing Leech.png Agonizing Leech (item).png
    Agonizing Leech
    - Is most often seen crawling out of a slain enemy's corpse, though it rarely spawns by itself -
    - 35 fishing power -

    Ghost fish.png
    Ghost Fish
    - Used as an ingredient in the ghost potion -

    Soul Fish
    - Quest item -
    - Caught in underground torment -

    Adult Axeshark.png
    Blue Axeshark
    - Powerful "axe" -

    Tormented Crate.png
    Torment Crate
    - Includes various torment loots -

    Lightning Eel.png

    - Shoots charged lightning that bounces from enemy to enemy -
    - Rare hardmode fish -

    Tainted Arrow.png
    Tainted Arrow
    - Chance to inflict weak -
    - Crafted from 30 arrows and 1 arachnid tail at an anvil. Creates 30 -

    Tormentor Queen Scent.png

    Queen Tormentor Scent
    - Makes you smell like death... which makes a tormentor follow you -

    Ghost potion.png
    Ghost Potion
    - Turns you into a ghost -
    - Lihzahrd blocks are still impassable in ghost form -
    - 5 Min duration -

    Tainted water.png
    Tainted Water

    - Spreads the torment to some blocks -
    - Crafted from 1 bottled water 1 tormented seeds and 1 gravesand block. Creates 5 -

    Possessed Saddle.png Deathstrider.png
    Possessed Saddle

    - Summons a Deathstrider mount -
    - Has a chance of dropping from any torment monsters in hardmode -

    Hellfire tome.png
    Soulfire Tome

    - Dual purpose spell. Right click for short-range, high-damage spray, and left for long-range low-damage spray -
    Flask of fallen spirits.png

    Flask Of Fallen Spirits
    Melee attacks inflict enemies with soulfire -
    - 15 Minutes duration -
    - Crafted from 1 bottled water and 5 fallen spirits at an imbuing station -

    Soulfire bullet.png soulfire arrow.png
    Soulfire Ammo
    - Inflicts soulfire -

    Dart Cannon.png
    Dart Cannon
    - Hold down left mouse button to charge. Fires 1-8 darts depending on the charge -

    Cemetery Hook.png
    Leech Hook
    - Long powerful hook -

    Ancient Warhammer.png
    - Melee weapon, but can also be used as a hammer -

    - Able to charge up attacks, unleash a shockwave at max charge -

    Invisibility Cloak.png
    Invisibility Cloak
    - Not attacking puts you in stealth. While in stealth, enemies are less likely to attack you and your next attack does double damage -

    Plaque Scepter.png
    Plague Scepter
    - Emits and maintains a beam -

    - The longer the beam is held, the more damage and debuffs it will inflict -

    - Swinging it will launch a slow-moving orb that weakens monsters in its vicinity. 10 second cooldown -
    - Crafted from fiery greatsword, blade of grass, muramasa and tombmaker at a torment altar -

    True Euthanasia.png
    True Euthanasia
    - Orbs stack and you can have up to 3 at the same time. 4 second cooldown. -
    - Crafted from 1 broken hero sword and euthanasia -

    The Termination.png
    Death's Hand
    - Melee biome chest weapon. Hold down to send 4 spinning scythes to a location, release to return the scythes -

    This is as far as it goes! If there is something i have missed, please say so.
    If you want to share your love for this thread, then you can use this in your signature!

    Torment banner.png
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2017
  2. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Any content made to show affection for this concept for a biome for the game released in 2011 named "Terraria", will be featured in the spoiler in this comment on a forum for discussing topics regarding a game released in 2011, named "Terraria"
    gs9GuFgl.jpg ZTPbIvtl.jpg @AntithesisEK is known for his amazing sculptures, and i was lucky to have one made for me! Please check out his thread, lots of great stuff on there! http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/antithesisek-sculpture-works.15561/

    @Brick Creeper has written a whole story based on the torment. Worth the read!
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  3. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    Not a bad start, The mobs and stats check up. Will like to see this again when it's more fleshed out [​IMG]
  4. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Awesome sprites =).
    It would be cool if there were more features, such as Ghost Wings, or Ghost Potions :3.
    It would also be cool if this were a Hallowen exclusive that spawns only on Oct 1st, and then turns back into a forest, or Hallowed biome if you are in Hardmode, on Nov 1st.
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  5. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    There are plans for a ghost potion, ghost pepper, ghost fish and tomb-stone.
    ghost wings unfortunately already exist. :/
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2017
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  6. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Oh god I know what you mean xD.
    Ghost potion = Immortal
    Ghost pepper = Flaming Hot Death
    Ghost Fish = Death by Screamo
    Tomb Stone = Death
    This is why Hot Cheetos were invented to stop kids from eating Ghost Peppers all the time xD.
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  7. SilverHexxitFights

    SilverHexxitFights Terrarian

    Sounds dangerously close to the forbidden whole, complete Cthulhu boss.

    Who made the sprites? They're quite nice.
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  8. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    I made the sprites, and all in the future will be made by me, too
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2017
  9. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Biome information is up! now its time for working on the soul of cthulhu, hes my oc and he strongest boss in the game jk necrim is being made
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2017
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  10. 4tehLolz

    4tehLolz Eye of Cthulhu

    Love those sprites - I can understand why it took you a long time. Cool look and theme, will check around this thread!
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  11. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    I'm sorry but this is just a rip off of Tobbvald's Contagion
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  12. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    I like the concept and I see some great potential here! Don't you dare disappoint me! :mad:
    Did you know there is already a ghost mob? [​IMG] Spooky, right?
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  13. Tachytaenius

    Tachytaenius Skeletron Prime

    Sounds... epic.
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  14. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    pretty spooky! i need to find a better name then!
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  15. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    The boss is done! now i just need sprites and items!
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  16. CraftedNightmare Here!

    CraftedNightmare Here! Official Terrarian

    Soul of Cthulhu, REALLY?!
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  17. Arthurdigit

    Arthurdigit Terrarian

    Now it feels like The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth..
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  18. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2015
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  19. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime


    there should be a mimic that disguises as a random player grave.
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  20. Pumpking

    Pumpking Headless Horseman

    Dis is awesome. Can't wait to see moar!
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