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[Sprites] The Torment - A world of death!

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Vikri, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. 652Graystripe

    652Graystripe Plantera

    It's been a while since I checked this thing out, and I gotta say, it's truly awesome now.

    Iron Maiden made me grin.
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  2. AlecHero

    AlecHero Golem

    The only thing iam not liking and i would suggest to change

    - Make the special mimic a little less regtangular ang more square (it looks awsome btw)
    - The drop chance of the horse saddle... make it atleast 0,5% chance :D (else inform us of how rare the horse is)
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  3. 5raptorboy

    5raptorboy Terrarian

    Well, it's supposed to look like an Iron Maiden which was an ancient torture device.

    (BTW, this suggestion is really good, I'm glad this got Necro'd)

    (Pun absolutely intended)
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  4. stealth2953

    stealth2953 Skeletron Prime

    Love the sprites. Love the boomerang too.
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  5. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime

    Music suggestion for the underground torment:
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  6. Vikri

    Vikri Plantera

    Everyone! The time has come! The torment is officially complete!
    There are loads of changes, but im not gonna spoil them for you. Go see for yourself!
  7. KiwiHermit

    KiwiHermit Spazmatism


    I have seen so many good alternate biomes.

    But this.

    You get 10 supports. No words. It's beautiful.
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  8. Asteroidal_Assassin

    Asteroidal_Assassin Skeletron Prime

    Am I the only one who finds this slightly eerie? It is not straight up horrifying like the crimson and not ok and normal...
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  9. DrIgnispirus

    DrIgnispirus Steampunker

    I'm sure that's intentional. Anyway, this is very well done. Very well sprited and fleshed-out. I like it a lot. I support this suggestion. Also, for some reason the boss kind of looks like Sans from Undertale.
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  10. I hope you will make a mod with all of this content.:)
  11. ikillzombies

    ikillzombies Skeletron Prime

    looks cool. however, i cant for the life of me figure out why whenever someone makes one of these, they make an alternative version of the nights edge/true nights edge/terra blade. blood butcher does not have a different night's edge, so why should something like the tombmaker?
    Those are just some thoughts i have on moat things like this.
    regardless, this is interesting and very well made.
  12. J-50N

    J-50N Terrarian

    The main reason I see for a replacement for Night's Edge et al. is that the Night's Edge fits the Corruption, but not the Crimson or any other alt. biome. I think the devs have just kind of... forgotten to add one. So everybody make their own ideas for the Crimson Night's Edge, and whatever other biome's Night's Edge.
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  13. Darklordofhell

    Darklordofhell Terrarian

    I don't think it is possible to just forget to add something like that. There have been tons of suggestions for stuff like this, you would think something would have reminded them of this. Not sure why they don't want to add something like this, or a mechanical brain of cthulhu, but there probably is a reason.
  14. J-50N

    J-50N Terrarian

    Maybe true. I think it may just be that the suggestions have crowded out all the available concepts and they might not want to risk *legal shenanigans* if they tread on the wrong toes by mistake.
  15. M4D-4LI3N

    M4D-4LI3N Retinazer

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  16. Markatory

    Markatory Pumpking

    I LOVE this! This is without a doubt one of my new favorite Corruption/Crimson alts, wow. The theme is right down my alley, and these sprites are top tier. Amazing work dude!
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  17. Ricardo_Gavarni

    Ricardo_Gavarni Terrarian

    The sprites look awesome (and eerie). I was confused by Pilgrim of Necrim, because it doesn't look like a flyer, it's legs are too close to the ground.

    Soul Cage looks like a reference to Belth from Demon's Crest.
  18. SamTerarrium

    SamTerarrium Spazmatism

    I'm made the fanart for the Torment boss, the Neckrim Boss
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  19. AlecHero

    AlecHero Golem

    [​IMG] This was how i was thining instead of the completely regtangular.
  20. DritzD27

    DritzD27 Official Terrarian

    Extremely well fleshed out. Great work. My only notable critique is that the armor effect seems simultaneously amazing and terrible situationally. That being said, I think the game needs more unique armor effects and that certainly qualifies. Could be very fun on a sniper-esque build where you're allowed to get rid of Crit chance and build raw damage.

    Definite props.

    (Side note, didn't have time to read all the other comments so apologies if this seems redundant.)