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[Sprites] The Torment - A world of death!


Empress of Light
Breeeng back the trosment it is well done content


god thats some of the best sprite work ive seen other than in calamity. hope this mod continues to be developed. the terraria community needs it to be!


I... Just... Will say... One... Thing... A M A Z I N G!
I want to make this beautiful things like you in my future.


Awesome sprites =).
It would be cool if there were more features, such as Ghost Wings, or Ghost Potions :3.
It would also be cool if this were a Hallowen exclusive that spawns only on Oct 1st, and then turns back into a forest, or Hallowed biome if you are in Hardmode, on Nov 1st.
How about Shattered Wings, which needs 7 Fallen Souls and 3 Spectral fragments
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