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Mobile Star in a Bottle buff doesn't showing


Your Terraria Device
Redmi 6
Mobile Bug Priority
Mobile OS
Android 9
When placed, Star in a Bottle doesn't give me buff.


Skeletron Prime
Nope I don't have it either.
It's not a huge issue as I mainly craft them for their aesthetics (of being a good looking lantern) but when I do play mage I will more often than not dislike it ...
It was even working previously (remember mobile 1.3?)


The Destroyer
I’m thinking that the buff was added in, just that the buff icon may have not been added, if you are wondering how am I thinking this... look at torch luck and luck from gnomes and luck from running around ladybugs(in them) killing lady bugs=bad luck.. it is just what I think(my mana does regenerate really fast when standing still and I have the bottles near soo) I may be 100% wrong with the buff still being there...
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