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    It's been a while since I've uploaded anything Terraria. Well, I'll be doing a video documentation on my progress using character thematics from other games in Terraria.

    "The Unknown Place" a.k.a. "This isn't the game I'm supposed to be in..."

    WARNING: the first series is in progress of being fed to my Youtube (see sig: func_DVR) so I am not accepting requests yet. There will be MANY videos.

    To those who haven't looked at my status, the first series involves a thematic recreation of the sorcerer of House Fact of Ys Origin: Hugo. The first video has an intro plaque but to reiterate:
    • Magic will be the majority of the focus of major battles. By that, I mean bosses. Hugo starts out with a Wand of Sparking, and the only other weapons he can use are his tools and -- with exceptions, summons.
    • Speaking of which, Hugo must equip armor that either only adds defensive benefit or magic benefit. No other types of armor are allowed (but can wear as vanity).
      • Can equip + max minion accessories, use Summoning potion and Bewitching table.
      • Minions must have ranged attacks. Thus, no spider staff, no pirate staff, no stardust dragon, etc.
      • EXCEPTION: Can use Optic Staff as there is ONE ranged attacker in the pair.
      • Minions must not be the only damage dealer. Magic is. Will be gearing to benefit magic so no possibility of boosting minions.
    • Will attempt pumpkin moon/frost moon at least once after the HM Dungeon has been plundered for at least three of its magic weapons.
    • Bombs/dynamite can be used to speed up mining.
    • Fishron is optional as it's not really a required boss to progress towards Moon Lord.
    • Aiming for max occupants to benefit the Tax Collector. If you see me picking up a gun and holding onto it, I'm trying to get the Arms Dealer to show up. I won't use it.
    • The series ends when the Moon Lord dies not once, but twice. In Ys Origin, Toal faces two end bosses. Yes, two 'final bosses'. So Hugo's going to kill the 'final boss' of Terraria twice.
    The series is being uploaded on a slow but steady basis. You can find the playlist, sorted by sequence, right here.

    MOTIVATION: I got bored of a standard "Use anything!" Terraria playthrough. To sharpen my wits (and maybe to a degree, skills) I've decided to put some clamps on what can/can't be used. To tell you the truth, it's actually not so bad once I started to get the hang of it (and things started to actually work). So watch the playlist for any additions. Or, check my status: I'll announce if new videos are up. As of this writing, three videos are in the list.

    So have fun and watch me fail. Often.

    EDIT: updated playlist link
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    Can't wait to check it out! "Use everything" playthroughs also bore me, so I like to mix things up. Good luck!
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    The list has been updated with 1 new video, and part 5 is currently in the process, and should be available in the next hour. Tomorrow will be no physical progress but I'll be uploading a few queued videos. As usual, I'll let you know if there's new shinies videos in the playlist. It is once a night if there's at least one.

    Thanks. This takes a bit of courage, admittedly. You'll see that it's not as easy at first. But then again, I'm a bit rusty.

    EDIT: The video uploaded was (accidentally) Part 5, so part 4 was uploaded and the list sorted. There will be no uploads today (14 October) as there's something going on.

    EDIT 2: Part 6 uploaded. Two shorter videos were stitched into a larger video (intended).
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