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  1. Lukas04

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    Stats Config

    These mod lets you change the Game Stats over an Config File

    How To Use

    The File is Located in:
    C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Configs

    1th. Download the Mod
    2th. Enable the Mod and reload
    3th. go to the Location of the File
    4th. open the File,change stats and save
    5th. Reload your mods again and begin Playing :)

    Explenation of the Stats

    Changes the amount of Life at Bosses

    Changes the amount of Damage Bosses do

    Changes the amount of Life at Bosses at Normal Enemys

    Changes the amount of Damage Enemys do

    Sets the Default amount of Defense,without items

    These changes how much defense items give
    changing low values dont wil change much

    Changes how much damage Items do

    Changes how much life the player gets from Items etc

    Multiplys the amount of health you get (dont realy changes much without items that adjust the amount of Health Regenration)

    Changes how much life the player gets from Items etc

    Set it to true to get Hard killable and make much more damage​

    Special Thanks to

    @goldenapple for making an little Tutorial to config Files for Tmodloader :)


    Config File


    Ingame with above settings




    Here or on Modbrowser

    After updating the mod,you need to delete your Config File,for having newer changeable Stats
    So make an Backup of the file,delete the origanaly,and paste your old Stats at places where they should be

    If anyone haves an Nice Suggestion for these mod,just post it at the thread :)
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  2. AintDatTrueI

    AintDatTrueI Terrarian

    !O.O! Useful little mod. Can you edit defense?
  3. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    Currently only in decimals
    i wil add just changing minimum defense in the next update
  4. AintDatTrueI

    AintDatTrueI Terrarian

    Cool. I gotta try to tank Ragnarok.
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  5. VoxelFox

    VoxelFox Terrarian

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  6. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    Version 1.0.2 Update

    • Added 3 New Options

    The 3 new Options are:

    Sets the Default amount of Defense,without items

    Multiplys the amount of health you get (dont realy changes much without items that adjust the amount of Health Regenration)

    Set it to true to get Hard killable and make much more damage

    To get the new Optons delete your config File,reload your mods,and edit it again
    if after that the new 3 options are still not in the file,delete the file again and reload,these time it should work then
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  7. goldenapple

    goldenapple Steampunker

    Nice! I see you used my guide to create the config file. :)
    I'll update the guide soon, and I'll show how to make it so that players won't have to manually delete the file every time they update.

    And one more thing that was pointed out to me is that my code won't synchronize config values between clients and servers in multiplayer. So you'll get some problems if the server has a different config file compared to the client.
    You'd have to use ModWorld.SendCustomData and ReceiveCustomData to fix that (and I'll have to add that to the guide as well).

    But overall, it's nice to see someone make working mods with a config system.:happy:
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  8. DJOkamical

    DJOkamical Terrarian

    This is awesome! Now we just need a general enemy modifier and it'll be perfect!
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  9. Terra M Welch

    Terra M Welch The Destroyer

    This mod looks great if only for the ability to change boss health multipliers.
    (Btw did you wind up making this mod from seeing my mod idea like a month back?)

    Any chance of the ability to change boss defense and regular enemy stats?

    EDIT: It seems GeneralBossHealth and GeneralBossDamage do the exact same thing, they both just give the boss more health.

    I had fought the eye of cthulhu once with generalbossdamage set to 1.75 and again with it set to 2.75 and the boss didn't do any extra damage, just had more health.
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  10. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    i wil fix it in the next update then
    and no,its not inspiret by your idea
  11. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    Update 1.0.3

    • 2 New Options
    • Bug Fixes

    The 2 new Options are for changing Enemys Life and damage (defense maybe later too)
    The Bug fixed is the Bug that Boss Damage and Health was the same
  12. Terra M Welch

    Terra M Welch The Destroyer

    Uhm, the GeneralEnemyDamage and GeneralEnemyHealth settings currently don't work on the following enemies.

    Green Slime, Purple Slime, Yellow Slime, Black Slime, Red Slime

    Also for some reason GeneralEnemyDamage and GeneralEnemyHealth affects critters and town NPCs.
  13. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    weird that slimes doesnt get effected
    and i was sure i tested t on slimes...
  14. Terra M Welch

    Terra M Welch The Destroyer

    Those are the only slimes it doesn't seem to work on, the slimes I did not mention (Like blue slimes) are affected.
  15. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    thats weird because i checked in the code if the enemy doesnt have the boss tag
    and enemys without the boss tag got effected
    and these slimes doesnt appear under the boss menu in the npc spawntool of cheat sheet,what means they dont have the tag
  16. Terra M Welch

    Terra M Welch The Destroyer

    Idk then, maybe add something to modify those slimes in addition? Also baby slimes aren't affected. (The ones that appear after killing a mother slime)

    Also some ideas for new settings.
    PotionHealMult - Determines how much a potion heals, at 3x a Lesser Healing Potion would heal 150HP, would be good when coupled with GeneralPlayerHealth.
    PotionManaMult - Same as PotionHealMult but with Mana
    GeneralManaCost - Determines the cost of mana when using a magic item, at 3x a magic weapon that costs 15 mana would cost 45 mana.

    Just some ideas.
  17. General Milky

    General Milky Terrarian

    the reason the slimes don't work is because they are sub ID's of the same enemy.
  18. whismerhill

    whismerhill Terrarian

    would it be possible to include an option that makes player health upgradeable up to X
    but not start already multiplied & every life crystal upgrade being multiplied too

    currently if I use GeneralPlayerLife = 2
    then a character starts with 200 life upgradeable to 1000 by the same number of life crystals & life fruits as usually required to upgrade from 100 to 500

    my question is simply : would it be possible to double up (example) the number of required life crystals & life fruits ?
    & additionally would it be possible to make players start @100 life anyway ?


    edit: ho and more or less the same for mana crystals
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  19. Lukas04

    Lukas04 Official Terrarian

    should be possible
  20. whismerhill

    whismerhill Terrarian

    so I changed : GeneralPlayerLife to 2.0x
    and while I do not really mind, both our player max hit points are 1200 when maxed out (character is shown as having 500 in the character selection menu, so it's really maxed out)

    The whole play I suspected something was fishy, since we started with 240 life instead of 100 for default, & 200 if it was multiplied by 2 only
    here's a copy paste of the content :
      "GeneralBossHealth": 1.1,
      "GeneralBossDamage": 2.0,
      "GeneralEnemyHealth": 1.0,
      "GeneralEnemyDamage": 1.0,
      "GeneralDefense": 0,
      "GeneralItemDefense": 1.5,
      "GeneralItemDamage": 1.0,
      "GeneralPlayerLife": 2.0,
      "GeneralPlayerLifeRegeneration": 2.0,
      "GeneralPlayerMana": 2.0,
      "Godmode": false
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