Steal the loot!

Infact that was a fake loot that one of my clones had, also: this messge comes form the owner of the real loot
Then, the fake loots become forced to suicide themselves, leaving the real loot the one to take. I of course grab a badass motorcycle that climbs any surface and goes fast, then I grab the loot in succession.
But you forgot the fake loots were never alive so they didn't die and like the real loot yhey are indestructible. Also you took a fake loot.
i call in my titanfall on your position, crushing you so i grab the loot and hop in my titan like a badass and go to the corner of map and shoot anything or one I see
But that was my clone with fake loot. I send spy to sap your titanfall after giving him an infinite invisibility watch and indestructable sapper.
I killed your spy with my 10mm cannon, I open a map of all of your possible locations and drop a titan on them, I look through their cameras and see the fake loot at co-ordinates -- x: 55 y: 74 z: 27 -- i tp there grab loot and hop in the titan i dropped there.
I meant to say it was the real loot!
Oh, F it.
/invsee tappaja100
i take the loot from inside your inventory and since clones don't have inventories it's the real loot.
It stops existing
The original one stopped existing, therefore the one Murphmario made is now the real loot.
I steal the loot and I use laser power to run away.
But you ran straight into a trap made by me causing you to die. I steal the loot from your corpse.
But, I'm immortal (without hacks) so I don't die and I am the one with the loot (still) and I ban you for hacking
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