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Steve of a Thousand Naps - The True Story

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Steve of a Thousand Naps, Oct 5, 2014.

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  1. Gamablaze.EXE

    Gamablaze.EXE Retinazer

    That is all that needs to be said.
    Eli10293, Gmayor61, Xman101 and 4 others like this.
  2. DTi56

    DTi56 Terrarian

    The ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) thing is pronounced booty
  3. Gamablaze.EXE

    Gamablaze.EXE Retinazer

    That's so much more funny when you actually pronounce all those like that.
  4. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

  5. Persecutor

    Persecutor Terrarian

    Please, keep the discussion on-topic, guys. We'll tell you about our personal life soon, little episodes worth mentioning and stuff :dryadsmile:
  6. Leinfors

    Leinfors Quality Assurance Staff Member Moderator Re-Logic

    Daniel, you've been warning repeatedly and explicitly not to double post. I'm posting here and also sending you a PM to make sure you see this message.

    Do not double post. If you have more to say, edit your previous post. Under no circumstances is your style of double posting acceptable.

    Everyone else, you are doing fine. Stay respectful, and we can let this revelation and/or farce (whichever more approaches the truth, both are fine, I'm not convinced either way) continue in interesting peace.
    Andy0132, drain., Varler and 6 others like this.
  7. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Now if i think about it......
    The manga and all their jokes were written by a female?
  8. This is making my head hurt so much.
    Oh my god brb getting Aspirin.

    Like, it's not the thought of Steve and JRT, but. It's just..

    Mind:red:ed, man.
  9. Gem

    Gem Terrarian

    Oh. The fact Steve got someone to date him is the shock to me, not in a mean way. Just in a wondering what she's on way. Congrats. Don't mess up these forums and get banned again and i'll be fine with you.
  10. Baconfry

    Baconfry Terrarian

    He's a very convincing liar, I'll tell you that. Remember when you pretended you were a beta tester and gave me fake spoilers, Steve?
  11. 360Chadscope

    360Chadscope Pixel Pirate

    Everything seems to make sense. Which ultimately leads to nothing that ever happened on TO making sense anymore. If I didn't know any better...
    zeskorion, Persecutor and Fruitbat like this.
  12. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    it so weird thinking that JRT is a female. i always thought she was a guy so im pretty much speechless
    The Alien Way and Persecutor like this.
  13. Shika

    Shika Golem

    If you believe a single word of this, you are even more gullible than I am. That's tragic.
    Warbler, Gmayor61, Fruitbat and 2 others like this.
  14. Czar

    Czar Official Terrarian

    I dont know what to think of this
    Xman101, Persecutor and Fruitbat like this.
  15. kowai

    kowai Golem

    Here's an idea. Don't be a díck. I actually know these two and I can tell you that everything that was put in there is true. If you don't like what is posted in this thread, don't come here and don't post in this thread. What you just posted, was unnecessary, rude and uncalled for. You're not wanted here with that attitude or needed.

    I remember that. I played a part in that too, it was fun.
  16. Gamablaze.EXE

    Gamablaze.EXE Retinazer

    I'm a skeptic for everything. I'm just gonna wait to see what the end result of this is.
  17. Fruitbat

    Fruitbat Terrarian

    Even though this is hard to believe, it does make sense now I slept.

    But the big question is.. why you wanted to troll people ;_;
    That seems pointless IMO and was just ruining people's day..
    Warbler and NinjaPlays like this.
  18. Ascher

    Ascher Official Terrarian

    i came out to have a good time and honestly i'm feeling so attacked right now

    But gratz on getting hitched~ Hope you guys live a good life and all that~
  19. DestroyerArcher

    DestroyerArcher The Destroyer

    This...Is an intresting read. TBH, i didnt have an account when @Steve of a Thousand Naps on TO was still posting.
    Also, that seems like a well done move. Wait...
  20. Plaguerion

    Plaguerion Spazmatism

    All i can think of this right now is that this is a way better love story than twilight
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