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Story Stories from the Insane Depths


@Sir Juicebox [Inactive]
A while in the pat, a van pulls up to a prison. The van is featureless, a dull white besides splatter of red and many bullet holes and scratches. Two men clime out of th front, rifles in their hands. They walk to the back, where two doors leading to the interior of the back are. In a swift motion, the men raise their rifles and open the doors. They train their rifles at an unconscious young woman who, strangely enough, has the ears and tail of a cat. One of the men pick her up as she is surprisingly light. The other man keeps his rifle trained at the woman's head. They start walking to the prison quickly, ready for if the woman wakes up. They arrive and walk in where several guards wait. They take the woman, search her, do some... prison things (I dun know what goes on in prisons and I'm not doing research :p). Afterwards, they put her into a relatively small cell and leave her to awake.

There's your excerpt.

Alamandra Vonn Pravus

Dungeon Spirit

Kat reminds me a lot of hit girl.
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