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Story Story of the Ghost Plant [WIP]


Long ago, on a planet called "Starcatcher" , there were 2 scientists. These 2 were known for fusing various creatures together. The creatures that they didn't feel were strong enough were sent off somewhere else. One day, there was a blizzard, so the scientists had to stay inside instead of catching creatures to fuse. As they looked at the creatures they had, one of the scientists called out "Hey! I got an idea! How about we fuse this Venus Flytrap with...a Naga! That'll be interesting!" And so they did. After about 35-ish minutes of preparing, they got the 2 ready. Then, they fused them!But...it took about 4 hours for both of them to fuse. When it was finished, however, it didn't look the way the scientists wanted it to look. A description of what it looked like was:
A snake-like creature with the head of what looked to be Plantera, a very powerful entity who resides in the Jungle. "So, what should we name this thing?" asked one of the scientists. "Eh I dunno. I'm not good with names but I came up with this one a while back. How about Trinity?" "Trinity? sounds great!"
After the experiment was finished, the scientists noticed something. Trinity was pretty weak. "We can't have this thing here! This place is only for the strongest creatures" "Aye but I though we agreed to that thing a few years ago-" "No. That...was a lie" [To be continued bc I have writer's block rn rip me ;v;]
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