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Other Art StrawB's Art!

Discussion in 'Non-Terraria Creations, Art, & Literature' started by StrawberriesxD, Sep 13, 2015.


Do ya think my art is good?

  1. It's fabulus! >w<

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  2. Err... You need to work on it some more...

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  3. Eww! What is this?? It's gross! MY EYES!!

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  1. StrawberriesxD

    StrawberriesxD Terrarian

    WARNING: I am not responsible for any deaths caused by how horrible some (err... Most.) of my art is. Enjoy!
    I will take requests soon! :3
    I use MediBang Paint on mah Kindle Fire HDX and I use PicsArt to edit.

    PicsArt_1442155545643.jpg PicsArt_1442155554551.jpg PicsArt_1441649409373.jpg PicsArt_1442155540193.jpg PicsArt_1442155487556.jpg PicsArt_1442155470899.jpg PicsArt_1442155502669.jpg

    -looks back at her terrible art, dies-
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2016
  2. Jack Morgan

    Jack Morgan Skeletron Prime

    Hey, not bad stuff. *Dies*

    But really, these are pretty cool. They all appear to have the same facial expression, though.
    I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  3. StrawberriesxD

    StrawberriesxD Terrarian

    I did this with my bootyful friend. I did the sketch and the outline, and he did the color and shading and shtuff. .3.
  4. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    About so-so, I guess. Not experienced in art, but faces a bit too angular, the shading almost nonexistent(at least, I can't get a sensation of depth at all), there's also the head to body ratio.

    The shape of the hairs look OK though.