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PC Stuck at receiving tile data.


hello everyone,

I am having this issue :

When my friend tries to connect to me, he gets stuck at "found world"

when I connect to him, I get stuck at receiving tile data 4%, 6% etc. After a while, it will time out the connection and say connection lost.

We have tried :
1)turning off fire walls/windows defender (we have no antivirus)
2)verifying the integrity of our files (it always says one is missing, it claims to fix the problem, but one is always missing for both of us no matter what)
3)double checking if our characters match our world (they do!)
4)Uninstalling/reinstalling terrarria
5)restarting steam/our PCs

We used to be able to play on the same world with the same characters some months ago. Something has changed though, and we can no longer connect to the same world or even a brand new world. We are both on 1.4.2

I have also scoured the internet with no solutions! please help us! We use play with steam, if its relevant. we are also both on windows 10 and have atleast 4.0 .net framework

Any help is appreceated!
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