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  1. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    The Carbonaro Effect. After watching a rerun of The Carbonaro effect I started to notice how stupid I thought the show actually was. At first it was something I just watched or used as background noise when not listening to music, or can't listen to music *coughcertainfullscreengames*, while I waited for better shows to come on. It's supposed to be a "hidden camera magic show" which doesn't seem like all that bad an idea on paper but they have this yuppie smartass running it. Mike and his stooges barely "act" out their mechanical reactions to the "tricks".

    Impractical Jokers. While this show is obviously more interesting than the carbonaro effect, after the first handfull of episodes it started to feel like I seen it all already. A bunch of fools horse around and do stupid :red: to people in public (most likely stooges). I have never got a single laugh out of the entire show I've seen so far.

    Which shows do you think are top shelf stupid?
  2. TehCooKidz

    TehCooKidz Skeletron Prime

    sanjay and craig.
    my god, that show is the exact definition of :red:ing grossness and stupidity. considering the fact that it's aimed for kids with content on par to stuff you'd see on family guy, and that's pretty messed up
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  3. MiltVala

    MiltVala Plantera

    I literally can't stand Uncle Grandpa. It's like having rainbows being forcefully shoved through my retinas.
  4. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

    sounds fun to me

    but yeah most of the shows on disney channel are just boring rehashes of the SAME SHOWS THAT ARE GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME.
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  5. RainbowDrago

    RainbowDrago Plantera

    i REALLY have to agree with you, i saw it for one second and realized it seemed like a kids version of family guy
  6. Baluffalo

    Baluffalo Eye of Cthulhu

    your gonna hate this but, STEVEN UNIVERSE IS STUPID
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  7. Kaio

    Kaio Official Terrarian

    My Little Pony is very, very boring. I watched the whole season 1 and a few episodes of the season 2, and I can't see anything but friendship leassons and stuff. It's very childish. Also, the fandom is very idiot in a general way, I know a lot of bronies that are good guys and stuff, but most of the MLP fans are annoying and they have a superiority complex, like "uh you casual I'm underground hardcore because I enjoy what most people don't". The fanfics, fanarts and all these fanmade stuff are basically porn, forced gore and psychopathy, extremely childish things and... you know.

    I don't hate the cartoon and who likes My Little Pony, but don't be a butt.
  8. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron


    needs proper punctuation, example "YOUR FACE IS STUPID!"

    comma is sort of unneeded
  9. Dire Sigma

    Dire Sigma Skeletron Prime

    Full House, Because It is one of the single most droll and mind numbingly boring shows there is, and the lessons learned in every episode is practically common sense.
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  10. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

    Replace Full House with MLP and it's my opinion.
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  11. Wisp

    Wisp Skeletron Prime

    I kinda like it...
  12. TehCooKidz

    TehCooKidz Skeletron Prime

    this show is almost as bad as sanjany and craig, if not worse. the art style is so bad that even I could make a better drawling. also, the show is just plain wierd
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  13. Jeckel

    Jeckel Terrarian

    If I listed every show I think is stupid, then we would all be here all day, so I'll just hit the highlights.

    Every cartoon that doesn't seem to care enough to actually know how to draw. Adventure time, Squidbillies, Superjail, Bob's Burgers, etc, etc, etc.

    The Walking Dead. If you aren't going to focus on zombies, fine, I can dig a character driven drama, but not when you kill off all the good characters and only leave the annoying ones.

    Always Sunny in Philadelphia and any other show that features a bunch of unlikable :red:s. That show has made me dislike Danny Devito, something even Twins couldn't do. Good job :red:ty show.

    Everything on CW other than Supernatural and the parts of Arrow that don't dwell on silly will-they-won't-they nonsense. Stop ruining good premises by shoving love stories in them just to appeal to the shallow slashfic fans.

    Game of Thrones. I'm not a fan of the show or books because thousands of underdeveloped and unneeded characters is not the same as a complicated, interconnect story. But what really annoys me are the fans. Just because you watch a softcore soap opera doesn't mean you are a fantasy fan. And if you were one of the people that just a few years ago would have ridiculed a person as a nerd for reading Song of Ice and Fire or any other fantasy or scifi novel, then you are a poser that doesn't deserve to be connected to the fantasy genre in any way.

    And just to round out the list:

    Breaking Bad. Boooooorrrring! Malcom in the Middle's dad is the only redeeming quality of that show and, much like the most recent Godzilla reboot, even he couldn't save that boring turd.

    Mad Men. :red:! I tried so hard to like that show, but they spent way to much time on relationship and drama nonsense. They should have stuck to the entertaining premise of the ad agency and left the sick wife, cheating, and other crap on the side of the road.

    Over 90% of anime. See my first entry about shows that don't even bother to have good drawing. If you think a static image with flashing movement lines is an acceptable way to show action, then you are a lazy artist and should not be allowed to touch any form of animated entertainment. Either draw :red: correctly, or don't :red:ing bother. You can add on top of that physics defying hair dues and logical plot points being treated like second class citizens. I'm by no means saying all anime falls into this, but a big portion, in my experience, sure does.

    Gotham. Are you :red:ing kidding me? Who gives a :red: about gotham before batman. Same thing with agents of shield, who gives a :red: what the humans are doing. Stop trying to milk franchises so hard that all they pop out is the boring dust that is the non super characters.

    Any show that takes established characters, ignores their timeline and history, and shoves them all together in high school. News flash, the x-men didn't go to high school together and making a show as if they did is, at best, insulting to fans.
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  14. CanSteam

    CanSteam Terrarian

    Almost Naked Animals
    what is htis show?????????????
    I don't even, what is this
    Adventure Time
    Regular show
    talking animals, wat
    Uncle grandpa
    This show is just... *shivers*
  15. theclownfish II

    theclownfish II Retinazer

    kendra on top. the most overdramatic show ive seen in my life. imagine it as TLC clumped together then multiplied by 5. thats what you get
  16. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    Each and every cartoon from this century, with few, pinpoint exceptions. They think reusing the same jokes and plotlines without adding anything or even bothering taking some drawing classes is okay.

    Of course, most modern anime also fall in the "why, just why?" list for me, but for a different reason: The proliferation of harem and moe for the sake of harem and moe, along with most female characters being a -dere of some sort, and most male characters being either "pushover idiot who's actually a battle pro" or "asshat with a heart of gold who only needs a hug."

    As for "real people" shows I mostly watch the ones in "culture" channels nowadays. And The Big Bang Theory, though it's gotten boring now that its characters are becoming relatively normal.
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  17. Jetstream ∞

    Jetstream ∞ Cultist

    You do realize every other fandom is what you described
    plus what you said is just untrue for most of us.

    I personally think Adventure Time is horrible.
  18. Kaio

    Kaio Official Terrarian

    I respect your opinion and your perspective, but it's not like that. Every fandom has distinct characteristics, I know a lot of communities and stereotypes, and I know how to identify and differ them. And what I said is true for most of the bronies I met and talked to, you can not change the experiences I had, so... my opinion still strong and the same.

    Man, animating a cartoon is not easy or cheap (ok, they're not poor or ordinary, but...). And every way to draw has a charm. Adventure Time has a poor detail level in the characters, but there are a lot of guys that enjoy this style, and it can make the animation softer and smoother. About Super Jail, it's bad drawn propositaly to fit in the theme of the cartoon. The characters are dirty, the topics are dirty, the jokes are dirty etc. It makes my eyes bleed too, but I kinda like it.

    About the animes, I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! YOU SHOULD WIN 10000 PRIZES FOR WHAT YOU SAID! Seriously, these new animes are very poorly animated, they think that they can trick us just puting flashes and effects, pffff... For example, the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga is very beautiful and detailed, but the anime has a low framerate and the characters got disproportionate faces. And in the One Piece anime, the image is very static If you want a better experience, watch older animes or read mangas.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  19. Gotcha!

    Gotcha! Pumpking

    Most of what's on Discovery Channel nowadays, those lame 'reality shows' about trucking, fishing, auctioning and all that garbage. What ever happened to that channel? -_-
    Also, anything that's on MTV. When I was young it was actually a MUSIC channel. -_-
  20. ethanciavo

    ethanciavo Terrarian

    For me it is MLP. I have nothing against someone who likes to watch the show, but this was just blown wayyyy out of proportion. I tried to watch the pilot, and couldn't take it anymore when they introduced pinkie pie. The animation doesn't feel any better than normal, the hundreds of millions of bright colors hurt my eyes, none of the characters make me want to learn more about their character, assuming they even have character to begin with. *Cough applejack *cough*

    The fandom is even worse. Yes, lots of fandoms are terrible, but MLP is just everywhere. What's so special about a freaking cartoon? Why do you see the need to shove it in my face? I don't care about your show! Just leave me alone! And don't even get me started with the porn. Just please no.