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  1. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    "Most of the bronies I've met. " You've met most of the bronies in existance?
  2. Kaio

    Kaio Official Terrarian

    Wich part of most of and I've met you couldn't get? I kept clear that what I said is my opinion based in my experiences.
  3. Hie the Badger

    Hie the Badger The Destroyer

    I'm just trying to help you form a good argument around it. What you said just didn't make sense.

    What is "most of" to you? How many bronies have you met?
  4. Yaster Goodman

    Yaster Goodman Headless Horseman

    Kill la Kill. The animation is nice, but the story is laughable and basically just an excuse for the entire show to consist of fan service.
  5. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

    So basically you think that every show that uses it's own artstyle is stupid. KK.

    I respect your opinions man, but really.
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  6. SolaR

    SolaR Golem

    MLP, Clarence, Pokemon.

    there's porn in mlp? wut
  7. Burnscars

    Burnscars Fire Bad

    Everything on MTV since 1995.
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  8. Kaio

    Kaio Official Terrarian

    A lot, in a lot of places. Most of is the majority of a group, and the group is the people I met, it does make sense. Don't get offended, I kept clear that is my opinion based in my experiences. Let's just stop flooding the thread, this chat is unecessary, and over.
  9. ethanciavo

    ethanciavo Terrarian

    The fandom craps out porn like there's no tomorrow. There's even a term for fapping to MLP: "clop clop."
  10. penguin055

    penguin055 Terrarian

    Pretty much every modern TV show is stupid. There are only a few exceptions.

    Also I don't understand why everyone hates Adventure Time. I haven't seen any of the recent episodes, but at least in the earlier seasons, the show was hilarious. Each to their own, I guess.
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  11. The Grunk

    The Grunk Eye of Cthulhu

    Squidbillies can burn for all i care
  12. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

    Adventure Time has gotten better as it's gone along. Everyone's just excited with SU now, and people hate it because Adventure Time doesn't try to be serious every episode unlike SU.

    Which is something I really dislike about SU, it feels like their playing their cards too early. AT only started to get plots and stuff around the end of season 2 where all the characters were established and we all knew what was going on.
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  13. Jeckel

    Jeckel Terrarian

    First, stop the MLP arguing. I'm not going to have the thread derailed over that nonsense.

    I understand it isn't easy, I have the utmost respect for artists since I lack any visual artistic talent, but things being :red:ty on purpose just makes me like it less. I get that superjail has the exact style they wish for their content, but that doesn't make me hate it any less. It is like the fans of Always Sunny that try to tell me it is good because you aren't suppose to like the characters. Something being intentionally annoying doesn't mean it isn't annoying.

    I imagine we simply differ on where the line is between unique style and bad drawing. I imagine I would like at least a few of those kinds of shows if I could watch them for more than five minutes without my eyes shriveling up. If you can enjoy them, then more power to you. :)
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  14. Kyouko Tsukino

    Kyouko Tsukino Steampunker

    There was this English poet who insisted that the absurd and obviously purposeful lack of capitalization in his poems was "stylistic choice." I agreed to this as much as I'll agree modern cartoons' lack of polish and care for artistic standards is "stylistic choice." As in, not at all, GG no re.

    An artist and its fans can call trash brilliant, but I'll still see it as, and call it, trash. Most of the modern cartoon makers need to go to art school, and if they did go through it, they need to go through it until they learn how to draw properly.

    Allowing half-assedness does not help any media evolve. In fact, it lets media become what occidental animation has become this last decade. A cesspool of bad drawing and recycled jokes and plotlines.
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  15. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    almost every serie i've seen in my youth, when i watch them back i'm asking myself, why did i liked this?

    right now i spend much more time on my PC than the TV, probably because the times i watched TV are over
  16. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

    Honestly, none of the shows you listed have that bad artstyles (except maybe Bob's Burgers but that's the entire point). They can do better than me and I'm going to assume you unless you prove otherwise.

    Even if it does bother you that much, you still shouldn't say a show is stupid because "lol it looks bad".
  17. Jeckel

    Jeckel Terrarian

    Well, I did specifically state that I have zero skill in visual art, but 'you can't do any better' is not a valid argument for anything. I don't have to be a brilliant artist to know what I do and don't like in art. Hell, I think all impressionist artwork is trite and overrated, doesn't mean I don't understand and appreciate the genre's cultural and historic importance, but that importance also doesn't mean that I like it any more. I still think it is lazy as hell since most of it could be replicated by a blind kangaroo.

    But, just because I think impressionist artwork is lame and stupid doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to like it. More power to them and to you, I hope you enjoy the shows and they enjoy their art, doesn't mean I'll have either showing in my house.

    I'm happy to debate the topic, but everyone most certainly can and should say what shows they think are stupid and why, it is the entire point of the thread. ;)
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  18. Demopan

    Demopan Skeletron

  19. AdenSword

    AdenSword Terrarian

    I'd say all the stupid TV shows I have seen but then this would just be so massive of a wall of text that it would be more than 1 page of comments in and of itself, however, I will mention the stupid ones I have seen that seem to be popular.

    MLP: A little girls show that grown men watch, wait, what? How does that make sense? Why would grown men like a little girls show? I mean it's just :red:ed, not to offend any bronies but it's :red:ed. I don't know how this isn't just a show like dora that only little kids watch. This wouldn't be on my list if it was a little kids show but adults are watching it all the time.

    ICarly: I think it's been canceled for a while now but really it's just stupid, nothing they do would happen to a person IRL and nothing they do is entertaining at all. I think when I was bored and my sister was watching it I watched 6 episodes and had a half chuckle 3 times and actually laughed really hard 1 time and I can't remember what was funny.

    Spongebob (well, the Spongebob of today): I used to watch Spongebob like 5-8 years ago, you know, when the show wasn't 100% crude humor. I watched it for a while, then I stopped, then I saw there was a new episode on and watched it, it was just all crude humor and there was nothing that was funny about it at all. I won't say Spongebob was never crude humor, that was there from the beginning, but I will say there was ALOT less. After that I watched like 3-4 new episodes and stopped and have not watched one since.

    There are others but I can't think of them off the top of my head ATM
  20. Shadowice

    Shadowice Skeletron Prime

    spongebob the one show proven to lower your iq the more you watch it
    anything pokemon past gen 3 may just be me but it looks like they've started to just recycle everything with new side characters also has ash aged at all in the years since the show started?