PC Subraria A Subnautica Adventure in Terraria!

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  1. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    Hey guys I'm new here on the forums! I'd like to say welcome to my first post, and I hope you all are enjoying your day, night, whatever time it is when you're viewing this!
    I'm Forte Chiller the maker of Terratale and Subraria respectively and I decided to post here on the forums to see what kind of feedback I can get for the map!

    Currently features:
    -Tutorial section
    -Lifepod 5
    -Some wrecks to find and explore
    -Some seamoths to find
    -Lots of resources
    -Jellyshroom Cave
    -Kelp Forest
    -Safe Shallows
    -Parts of the Aurora (Post explosion, though I may make it so you can detonate it like in the game), but it's not fully complete yet
    -Grassy plateaus
    -Lost crates to find for supplies
    -Reaper Leviathans
    -Mountain Island
    -Quarantine Enforcement Platform

    -Floating Island
    -Grand Reef
    -First Ghost Leviathan
    -Final Degasi Base

    Planned Features(These are not in order):
    -Shout out to Chippy for playing my map
    -More precursor structures
    -Active Lava Zone
    -Dead Zone/Void
    -Lost River (Entrance already in the map, its the large deep pit that's clearly not finished)
    -Grand Reef
    -Ghost Leviathan
    -Sea Dragon Leviathan
    -Floating Island
    -Complete Story of Subnautica
    -If possible warpers
    -Cyclops for the player
    -Underwater base to discover

    -Arctic DLC based map
    -Emperor Leviathan
    -Aesthetics Update
    -Modded version of the map

    Some screenshots:
    Sandshark.png Jellyshroom cave.png Gasopod.png Reefback.png Crabsnake.png Safe Shallows.png Subraria logo.png Lifepod 5.png

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  2. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

  3. RageGaze

    RageGaze Terrarian

    I especially love the gasopod :)
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  4. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    He was fun to build haha! I decided to give him a comical look rather than a realistic one since I always found them to be quite funny to look at in Subnautica!
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  5. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    upload_2018-8-3_14-20-31.png map view of a remake of the reef back that I just finished
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  6. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    here is the normal image upload_2018-8-3_14-31-14.png
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  7. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    Much better view of it!
  8. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    yes I used hero's mod to help build it