PC Subraria A Subnautica Adventure in Terraria!

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  1. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    Hey guys I'm new here on the forums! I'd like to say welcome to my first post, and I hope you all are enjoying your day, night, whatever time it is when you're viewing this!
    I'm Forte Chiller the maker of Terratale and Subraria respectively and I decided to post here on the forums to see what kind of feedback I can get for the map!

    Currently features:
    -Tutorial section
    -Lifepod 5
    -Some wrecks to find and explore
    -Some seamoths to find
    -Lots of resources
    -Jellyshroom Cave
    -Kelp Forest
    -Safe Shallows
    -Parts of the Aurora (Post explosion, though I may make it so you can detonate it like in the game), but it's not fully complete yet
    -Grassy plateaus
    -Lost crates to find for supplies
    -Reaper Leviathans
    -Mountain Island
    -Quarantine Enforcement Platform

    -Floating Island
    -Grand Reef
    -First Ghost Leviathan
    -Final Degasi Base

    Planned Features(These are not in order):
    -Shout out to Chippy for playing my map
    -More precursor structures
    -Active Lava Zone
    -Dead Zone/Void
    -Lost River (Entrance already in the map, its the large deep pit that's clearly not finished)
    -Grand Reef
    -Ghost Leviathan
    -Sea Dragon Leviathan
    -Floating Island
    -Complete Story of Subnautica
    -If possible warpers
    -Cyclops for the player
    -Underwater base to discover

    -Arctic DLC based map
    -Emperor Leviathan
    -Aesthetics Update
    -Modded version of the map

    Some screenshots:
    Sandshark.png Jellyshroom cave.png Gasopod.png Reefback.png Crabsnake.png Safe Shallows.png Subraria logo.png Lifepod 5.png

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  2. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

  3. RageGaze

    RageGaze Terrarian

    I especially love the gasopod :)
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  4. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    He was fun to build haha! I decided to give him a comical look rather than a realistic one since I always found them to be quite funny to look at in Subnautica!
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  5. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    upload_2018-8-3_14-20-31.png map view of a remake of the reef back that I just finished
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  6. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    here is the normal image upload_2018-8-3_14-31-14.png
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  7. ForteChiller

    ForteChiller Terrarian

    Much better view of it!
  8. evanalee

    evanalee Terrarian

    yes I used hero's mod to help build it
  9. darkpaladin13

    darkpaladin13 Terrarian

    keep up the good work! ill wait till the finished version to play, but looks good already!
  10. UltiDaniel

    UltiDaniel Skeletron

    I wonder what a ghost leviathan would look like?