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PC Suggestion: Escaped Cultist NPC

Discussion in 'NPCs & Enemies' started by James Harrow, Jul 18, 2015.


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  3. Yes, but I have a suggestion (Explain)

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  5. Yes, and I have a sprite (Post sprites below)

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  1. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Now this might not be the best suggestion, but here we go:
    So the idea of this guy is to give you some items to help you with the end of game events, and bosses. Basicially, after defeating the cultist, you would hear see a message for the first time he is killed that says:
    "You hear screams of terror echoing from the dungeon"
    You would be able to find him like the mechanic or tinkerer bound and gagged. Right clicking him will turn him into the NPC.
    He would also be unique compared to the other NPCs, as he would change what he wears during night and day. (Solar: Day :: Lunar: Night)
    What would he sell though?
    Well first off, instead of the clothier selling these, the escaped cultist would sell the cultist vanity items.
    Lunar during night, and Solar during the day.
    The prices would not change, and nor would the sprites.

    Now what else would he sell? Because otherwise he would be a useless NPC.

    Well its simple. He would sell items that would basically give the player the power of the lunatic cultist.
    Most of these would be tome weapons, others would be different.
    The weapons would include:

    •Fire Burst:
    Pretty much an upgraded Razorblade Typhoon
    74 Magic damage
    Very Fast Speed
    Weak Knockback
    Uses 15 mana
    Tooltip: Shoots three fast moving fireballs to home in on your enemies.
    Price 40 GoldCoin.gif

    (Note: the projectiles of this will move slightly slower than the Razorblade typhoon, just to make it not so OP)

    Now onto an accessory:
    •Phantom Replicator
    Tooltip: Summons transparent clones that when killed make attackers take full damage.
    Price: 1 PlatinumCoin.gif

    There would be two duplicates that would stand beside you like the titanium armor set bonus.
    Each one takes about 2 seconds to recharge, and one of them would get killed each time you are hit.
    You would still take damage, its just that the clones would be like a temporary thorns buff.
    The buff would be similar to the solar shield from the Solar Armor set bonus. It would be sold on new moons.
    (I know the sprite kinda sucks, but it works out.)

    Back to weapons:
    •Thunder Orb
    70 Magic damage
    Fast Speed
    Average Knockback
    Uses 20 mana
    Tooltip: Summons a lighting orb to attack enemies.
    Price: 50 GoldCoin.gif

    This would be an upgraded Magnet Sphere.

    The last weapon for now. I might add one for expert, but I can't think of a name for it.

    •Icy Blast:
    90 magic damage
    Slow Speed
    Strong Knockback
    Tooltip: Summons an Icy Blast to destroy your enemies.
    Uses 25 mana
    Price 67 GoldCoin.gif

    This would use the cultist's Icy Blast spell and give it to terrarians.

    Then for a pet summoning item:
    •Phantasmic Egg:
    Tooltip: Summons a baby Phantasm Dragon
    Price: 1 PlatinumCoin.gif (Platinum)

    Because who wouldn't wan't one? The buff would look like the stardust dragon, only ghostly white. This would only be sold on full moons.

    And that would be it for the items he sells.
    Now for his attack:
    The cultist would have a similar attack to the wizard, only it would be more powerful and homing.

    Then we've got the NPC dialogue:

    Casual dialogue:
    • After you freed me, I managed to scavenge Master’s old spell tomes. Wanna see?
    • I would compliment your looks... if I could see you.
    • You want to see me without these robes? Trust me, you don’t.
    • Oh these? I change outfits because of traditional reasons.
    • Why was I down there? I was the only one who was wondering why we were chanting for so long.
    When Freed:
    • Thanks. I was getting creeped out by those skeletal abominations.
    When Homeless:
    • So like, are you going to let me live somewhere? No?
    • I'm getting tired of standing so much, can you at least get me a chair?
    Slime Rain:
    • Slime Rain, you say? That isn’t in the prophecies.

    When wearing Ancient Cultist mask:
    • MASTER?! Oh, it’s just you. Phew! I get scared when I see that mask.

    If Goblin Tinkerer is alive:
    • [Name of Goblin Tinkerer] keeps throwing spiky balls at me. Is everyone in this town this hostile?
    If Pirate is alive:
    • [Name of Pirate] tells me tales of you genociding the mass horde of pirates. You are brutal, man.

    If Dryad is alive:
    • You know, [Name of Dryad] seems passive towards me. Thank goodness.

    If Merchant is alive:
    • [Name of Merchant] attempted to steal my money again. I managed to scare him off.
    Full Moon:
    • Werewolves? Aren’t those myths and legends?

    That's it for his dialogue, but the other NPC's would have dialogue hinting at him as well.

    When not present:

    • Dryad: I hear the cultists bound one of their allies for questioning authority. Don't ask me how I know.
    • Clothier: I hear cultists know some secrets to... embroidery...
    • Wizard: I hear cultists aren't so bad once you get to know them!
    When present:
    • Wizard: Whenever me and [Name of Cultist] try to experiment with magic, we almost always end up blowing something up.
    • Travelling Merchant: D'you think that that hooded fellow over there would be interested in buying some of my goods? I could get him a new hat!
    • Hair Stylist: I tried to give [Name of Cultist] a haircut, but he refused to even show his face.

    I don't know what his NPC names would be, but I think they would be names of greek philosophers, or something ancient sounding.

    Leave feedback and suggestions below to see how we could make this better.
    (Thanks to @ninjakai03 for helping me with dialogue, spriting and more.)

    If you support this, then please put a link or something in your signature, I need a little bit of support.

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    Last edited: Jan 19, 2016
  2. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    I need some better dialogue because I spent only around 1/2 hour making these.
  3. TheQuietBisharp

    TheQuietBisharp Official Terrarian

    Only thing I saw a bit wrong when I glanced over is the Ghostly Lantern as there's already a magic lantern. I like the concept and even though there's a low chance of it being added soon, I enjoy this. It would certainly throw off some really good head canons with that dialogue sadly, but what can you do?
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  4. The Ice Cube

    The Ice Cube Eater of Worlds

    A cultist friendly NPC?

    I like this idea.
  5. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Thanks for support.
  6. Allucross

    Allucross Steampunker

    Prices are probably too low considering its already post-golem(or post-cultist)
    Other than that, nice ideas
    James Harrow likes this.
  7. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Yeah, its just that unless you messed with it the reforge prices would be too high.
  8. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    I need a better name for the Phantasm Dragon pet summon.
  9. Allucross

    Allucross Steampunker

    Lunatic sigil? (since it came from some kind of enchanting symbol)
    Phantasm Egg
    Phantasmal Orb
    James Harrow likes this.
  10. Snowhusky5

    Snowhusky5 Terrarian

    Shouldn't this be in the suggestions section?
  11. AdenSword

    AdenSword Terrarian

    I like the idea of the weapons but, not the NPC.

    My idea, make the cultist drop these like a normal boss would.
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  12. Snowhusky5

    Snowhusky5 Terrarian

    ...that actually makes a lot more sense
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  13. No mans sky

    No mans sky Retinazer

    I like it and all but my suggestion is... CULTIST MINIONS! They do 50 summon damage and take up 20 mana to spawn each one(or more). The sell price will be 75 gold. Be aware this is to help for the lunar event. There will be three different types. One is a cultist with flaming eyes and a molten looking robe. It will shoot bolts of fire and will take 3 seconds to reload. Next is a ice type which will have a icy snow like robe. He will shoot 10 ice spikes(like the blizzard) and will take 5 seconds to reload. Finally it is the lightning version. It will have a lightning blue robe with sparks shooting out of it. It will shoot 4 rods of lightning that each pierces 10 enemys and takes five seconds to reload. I dont know if its to op but let me know what you think
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  14. ZeroAero

    ZeroAero Eye of Cthulhu

    I like it!
  15. Nardog

    Nardog Terrarian

    Please no more RNG :(
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  16. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    I agree. This is why I wanted the NPC in the first place.
    --- Double Post Merged, Jul 19, 2015, Original Post Date: Jul 19, 2015 ---
    I like the idea, and I appreciate the support, but I am mainly trying to find things that correspond to some of the... wait, nvm
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  17. No mans sky

    No mans sky Retinazer

    What are you trying to tell me?! ILLUMINARTIS CUMFIRNED
  18. VaeVictis

    VaeVictis Skeletron

    I think this should be in Players Suggestions sub-forum?
  19. James Harrow

    James Harrow Spazmatism

    Couldn't find that, and the mods do that if it is in the wrong area.

    What I'm saying, if you don't already know, is that it could be possible, as the cultist also summons, well, other cultists.
  20. No mans sky

    No mans sky Retinazer

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