WIP Suggestions for Terraria Switch

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  1. Dynorok Loon-Maker

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    So the Nintendo Switch version of Terraria is coming soon, and I got confirmation that it's ok to make a thread of suggestions for it from Mr Loki, so here is some (ps I have no clue on how to sprite, so please help with that if possible. Please help with the stats for stuff as well). Your input and criticisms are appreciated, so please feel free to add your idea (I will do my best to give credit were credit is due).

    Now let's get started...


    Hylian Shield: the iconic shield from Legend of Zelda. I'd say it should have 7 defense and give immunity to various debuffs and knockback.

    Champion's Shirt: an armour piece. 30 defense and allows you to see an enemy's exact hp.

    The Fresh Duds: a vanity set based on the inklings from Splatoon.

    Guardian control unit: summons a Mini Guardian to fight for you. 45 Summon damage

    Mysterious egg: summons a Yoshi mount. Sometimes sold by the Travelling Merchant (which begs the question, why does he have the eggs?).

    Super Mushroom: consumables, gives well fed buff for 20 minutes.

    Space Capsule (adapted from The kamen rider's idea): summons a Metroid to fight for you. Has a chance to be dropped by the Metroid enemy

    Pikmin Whistle: summons Pikmin to fight for you. Summons 1 of 3 types of Pikmin, Red which do slightly more damage, Blue, which worked best in water, and Yellow, which are faster and havery a chance to spawn with a bomb rock.

    The Monado: this was not my idea, the link to Czar's suggestion is here. https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/the-monado.3743/

    Guardians (suggested by hi9990005): like the ones in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. For visual aids, see hi9990005's profile pic. Attacks by shooting lasers that bypasses knockback resistance and sends you flying. Has a chance to drop a summoning item that calls a Mini Guardian to fight for you.

    Goomba: the iconic Mario enemy, can be defeated by jumping on it, has a 50% chance to drop a stack of 5-10 mushrooms, maybe a small chance to drop 2-3 Super Mushrooms.

    Metroid: Brain suckered AI, chance to drop Space Capsule

    (Thats all I've got for now)
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  2. Mihn

    Mihn Golem

    Can you not do this in other versions of the game?

    There's also Hero's clothes which is an easter egg of LoZ and might be what your shirt item is suggesting. I haven't played any Zelda game so I don't know for sure.
  3. Dynorok Loon-Maker

    Dynorok Loon-Maker Spazmatism

    I know what you are talking about, but this is something different. The Champion's tunic from Breath of the Wild is what I am referencing. In game, it allows you to see the hp of an enemy.
    What I am talking about is the attached image.
  4. hi9990005

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    I think what he means is for the health to be visible above the enemy itself. You must remember that terraria for mobile devices and I think also console (not sure about this!) doesn't/don't show enemy health.

    Btw I love this idea. What if you could get an Epona mount (Epona is Link's horse) and maybe even a switch exclusive guardian boss or enemy?
  5. repeater13

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    There's one big issue with this.

    Something we call copyright.
  6. Creeper da Snek

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    It's not as bad as it could be, though; This is being suggested for the Nintendo Switch, a product which belongs to Nintendo. It'd be much easier to persuade Nintendo to add the items to the Switch version if it's on their console. The same thing happened to the Plumber's and Hero's Clothes; They have their normal coloration on the Wii U instead of the alternate coloration used on the Xbox and Playstation versions.
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  7. Dynorok Loon-Maker

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    Maybe also a mini Guardian Minion...
  8. Loffy09

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    How about an item similar to the KO Cannon but it looks like Spring Man's (ARMS) arms? Maybe it can also curve!
  9. Dynorok Loon-Maker

    Dynorok Loon-Maker Spazmatism

    There is a problem with that, the sheer number of ARMS that there are.
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    Maybe having armour sets that dictate which ARMs you get.
  10. ReusableLime20

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    I like the ideas, but it makes me sad because I switched to xbox because I preferred Halo to Mario(Although both are great) and I had a DSI.:sigh:
  11. Dynorok Loon-Maker

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    More stuff added
  12. hi9990005

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    New idea:



    And maybe...

  13. Pikachumania

    Pikachumania Eater of Worlds

    How bout a mysterious pill will summon a virus thats either Red Yellow or blue similar to the fairy bell. BTW this is a reference to doctor mario. Also a green glove that increases melee damage by %33. Reference to punch out.
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    Theres already a reference to navi and the master sword. They are the fairy bell and enchanted sword.
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  14. Dynorok Loon-Maker

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    And also the influx waver, for the master sword.
  15. Pikachumania

    Pikachumania Eater of Worlds

    What do you mean for the master sword?
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    And also stunt yoyo it would have a power of 46. (Earth bound reference).
  16. Dynorok Loon-Maker

    Dynorok Loon-Maker Spazmatism

    The Influx Waver is supposed to be a reference to the Master Sword
  17. Pikachumania

    Pikachumania Eater of Worlds

    Huh. To me it looks nothing like the master sword. However I have not played any recent zelda games (the newest i've played being skyward sword).
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  18. Dynorok Loon-Maker

    Dynorok Loon-Maker Spazmatism

    I am fresh out of ideas at the moment, please help and give some input.
  19. Space capsule.
    Summons a Baby Metroid as a Pet.

    Red Tie
    An accessory that increases throwing range.

    A throwing weapon.

    Falcon Helmet
    A red helmet with a golden falcon in the front. It increases vehicle speed.

    Krystal Staff.
    A melee weapon that does increased damage againsts reptiles.

    Fox reflector
    HOld this in your hand and you reflect all projectiles back.
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  20. Dynorok Loon-Maker

    Dynorok Loon-Maker Spazmatism

    Thanks for the input