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Summer Sale 2020 - What Did You Purchase?


The Destroyer
Just interested to see what my fellow terrarian's bought during the sale. Maybe give me some idea...

I purchased, Remnant of the Ashes, Raft, 7 days to die, and The Forest.


Staff member
The permanent bonuses for one's Steam Profile did give me motive to get a few games off my wishlist that have been lingering for awhile. Most of the time they were temporary which made me less interested in trying to invest in them. I'm glad that the Points shop will be here to stay and won't just be a one time sale gimmick.

I bought several games from developer Adventure Islands since I enjoy their work from Newgrounds and wanted to play upgraded versions of their games on Steam such as Super Dangerous Dungeons and Heartstar.

Also bought Visual Novel Kara no Shoujo which looks like an interesting murder mystery and a JRPG called Crystar.

Crystar has an interesting system where your tears become your strength and the focus is on the main character fighting through purgatory to save the soul of her sister. It is pretty fun and gives a similar feeling that Tokyo Xanadu did with its setting and combat.


The Destroyer
I ended up getting Tabletop Simulator, LA Noire, and Bully as well. Solid sale this year for me.
Only got Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed and Disgaea PC.
I forgot about the sale, I have a 50$ gift card I do not used yet


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