WIP summon stuff to add on to the already huge amount of summoner stuff people suggested

do u lieky

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im bored sooo

firstly, i feel like you should color your minions because everyone loves rainbow minions right? riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight?

| Antlion Staff |
15 Summon Damage
Strong Knockback
15 Mana Cost
'Summons an antlion to attack nearby foes.'

A turret minion that slowly fires falling sand entities at nearby enemies at a 23 block radius.
Turret lasts for 2 minutes before despawning.

No crafting recipe available; dropped from all three types of antlions (Antlions, Antlion Chargers, Antlion Swarmers) with a 15% Chance

| Sandstone Armor |
Helmet - 3 Defense
Plating - 4 Defense
Leg Guards - 3 Defense

Set bonus will make a perma-minion baby antlion charger follow you and attack like a regular minion (doesn't take a minion space) and can also be directed to any single enemy like the Stardust Guardian.

At an anvil; as the whole set
200 Sand Blocks
125 Sandstone Bricks
30 Hardened Sandstone


| Spooky Staff |
24 Summon Damage
Weak Knockback
20 Mana Cost
'Summons a spooky skeleton to pelt foes.'

Summons a skeleton turret to throw bones.
Turret lasts 3 minutes before depsawning.
Attacking animation is the same as the Expert Skeletons throwing bones at the player.

No crafting recipe available; dropped by Angry Bones with a 18% Chance


| Ent Staff |
6 Summon Damage
Very Weak Knockback
'Summons mini-ents to swarm your foes.'
'Can climb trees.'

This one is always suggested but this is my version.
A regular summon staff that summons mini-trees to fight.
It can spawn any type of tree (shadewood, ebonwood, boreal, etc) for a vanity change only.

At a Living Loom
1 Living Leaf Wand / Leaf Wand
125 of any desired wood
20 Gel
10 Iron Ore / Lead Ore

No color zone ahead because I'm too lazy to do it right now.

| Arachnid Staff |
10 Summon Damage
Very Weak Knockback
'Summons creepy crawlies to eat your foes."

As a summoner myself -- pre-hardmode staffs need more diversity to them. That's why I thought about the evil biomes. The ones that kill you, steal your money and eat your jungle, yes. But, they need summoner gear as they have every other class (Ball of Hurt/The Rotted Fork = Melee; Musket/Undertaker = Ranger; Vilethorn/Crimson Rod = Mage). I made two staffs for before and after the evil biome's boss. This is the Before-Brain of Cthulhu (BoC) summon staff, the Arachnid Staff. This staff summons Mini Blood Crawlers.

At an anvil
40 Shadewood
10 Crimstone Blocks
10 Crimson Seeds
10 Vertebrae
| Septic Staff |
14 Summon Damage
Weak Knockback
'Calls upon one of the servants of the Brain of Cthulhu.'

This is the After-BoC Staff, the Septic Staff. It summons a creeper minion, but this minion and the Servant Staff acts slightly different to other minions. Instead of simultaneously swarming the opponent, these guys circle the opponent and then they strike, kinda like how the Stardust Dragon works sometimes. This staff summons creepers.

At a Crimson Altar
20 Tissue Samples
10 Crimtane Bars
25 Crimtane Ore
30 Shadewood
| Corrupt Staff |
10 Summon Damage
Weak Knockback
'Summons a mini devourer to whittle away foes.'

This is the before-Eater of Worlds (EoW) Staff, the Corrupt Staff. It summons a mini version of the devourer mob.

At an anvil
40 Ebonwood
10 Ebonstone Blocks
10 Corrupt Seeds
10 Rotten Chunks

| Servant Staff|
14 Summon Damage
Very Weak Knockback
'Casts a piece of the Eater of Worlds to fight for you.'

This is the after-EoW Staff, the Servant Staff. It summons a mini version of the Eater of Worlds.

At a Demon Altar
20 Shadow Scales
10 Demonite Bars
25 Demonite Ore
30 Ebonwood

| Eater Staff |
40 Minion Damage
Strong Knockback
'Calls a Corruptor to shoot nearby enemies.'

This staff and the next one are turret summons now, this one being a Corruptor that shoots Vile Spit with a range of 40 Blocks.

At a Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
20 Cursed Flames
10 Worm Teeth
35 Rotten Chunks
10 Ebonwood

| Sticker Staff |
40 Minion Damage
Strong Knockback
'Calls an Ichor Sticker to spray nearby enemies.'

This one summons a Ichor Sticker to not only Ichor the enemy for 30 seconds, but also damage them with a range of 40 blocks.

At a Mythril Anvil / Orichalcum Anvil
20 Ichor
45 Vertebrae
(I tried to make these recipes the same but Crimson doesn't have a second material like Worm Teeth)
10 Shadewood
imma add more but hey
im lazy :p

[EDIT 1 | 2/13/16 7:52 PM]: Thanks to @MrDelta for fixing my mistake, I forgot that minions don't critical hit so I removed that :p
[EDIT 2 | 2/13/16 8:04 PM]: Added Ent and Spooky Staves.
[EDIT 3 | 3/1/16 12:02 AM]: Added Crimson and Corruption Staffs as well as a new format for stats!
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Doesn't sound bad, and more summoning stuff is always welcome. But (if i'm right(plz correct me if i'm wrong)) summons don't have crit chance.


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I think that the Ent Staff should take 200 wood or something so that summoners have something to use in a class playthrough, but thats just me
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