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PC Summon +


Official Terrarian
If u don't like it then why u make it ? 🤣
At first, I don't like everything,
but then after a long time working on it,
you get used to what you did and I start to like it,
just like it was with my first texture pack. :happy:
| I use a translator |
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someone that needs help

Eater of Worlds
How is this Project coming along? Mr @Smold
Wait how did you get purple dryad


Wait how did you get purple dryad
By being on the Forum for more then 6 years

No, i actually modded them

BTW @Smold the Imp Minion
It have 2 sets of 4 Frames cycles, Frame 1-4 is idle and 5-8 is is for the fireball attack
when it attacks it switches back and forth without breaking the animation cycles, it is seamless. (if you look at the wings of the original)
Just though you'd like to know


Physically speaking, butterflies are extremely weak and delicate, which would make them a bad summon. Maybe a bigger or smaller finch?
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