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Should the Dev Team fully flesh out summoner with future updates?

  • Yeah, Summoners need more love pre-endgame

  • Nope, summoners don't need any help early game

  • Yes and I have my own ideas I'd like to share (Please post below!)

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What a Summoner is and isn't
  • A class that relies on minions rather than a vast arsenal of weaponry
  • A class that relies on arenas, skillful dodging, and potion chugging
  • Is not a class that should have a pew pew weapon
  • Does not need as many viable paths as other archetypes

Fresh Tier

Slime Staff

  • Wood
  • Gel x 25
  • Crafting Table

Currently, Slime Staff is the rarest item in the entire game and, as now a legit weapon and class archetype, this makes little sense.
So players must either be very lucky or just find a slime statue and rig it/manually use it (By finding worldgen wire traps) and hope it drops.
This means that most players won't be able to play around as a summoner until killing the bee while all other archetypes (Even the new unfinished throwing archetype) can start from the very start.
Yes, the odds were raised when killing pinky. By 1%. Meaning, pinky can drop it 1.0001% of the time. And pinky himself is a very rare mob.

This change would allow players who want to be summoners start to finish, and don't have mad Yrimir skills, to play their prefered archetype.​

Slime Crown
  • 15% drop from King Slime
  • Flavor Text: As a ruler of all gel-kind, your subjects are now manifold.
  • Effect: +1 slime summon

This would be the first summoner accessory and one that a player must earn by defeating almighty King Slime.
An extra slime not only helps with mobbing issues but will allow pure summoners a bit more breathing while they figure out how to defeat Queen Bee.​

Bee Tier

Bee-Tier for summoner is rather fair in when a player is capable of winning against Bee Queen and is effective all through pre-HM mid and end tiers.
No complains here.

Hive Pack
Summoned Bees should be affected by this item, a nice reward for any bee gun user as well as summoners potentially.
Allows an extra bee to be summoned and increases bee size, speed, and damage.
Yes, I know it's a "Hornet Staff" but maybe we can switch it to bees? Why would we make hornets out of bee stuff anyway?

This would greatly help against Skeletron and hell tier while farming imps.​

Dungeon Tier

Everyone gets upgrades!
Except summoners. Cause you all suck.
To fix this, how about a pre-HM turret minion?

Guardian Staff
Summons an immobile knight to defend the summoner.
Text: No matter how hard they try, the dang rock won't give blood
Effect: An immobile knight is spawned at the cursors location. Slams shield on the ground doing minimal damage in an aoe around it, causing minions to attack it. Knight has half the players HP and half defense.​

Imp Staff
Finally, those annoying buggers are now working for you.
The issue here is, they're not all that much better than bees and, if the hive pack affects summoned bees too, will be overshadowed.
A slight buff to their damage pool to compensate for it would suffice.
Otherwise, who doesn't love fire debuffs and pew pew pewing imps?​

Demonic Rituals 101
  • Drop: A drop from demons and imps
  • Text: You forget to neuter a single one and they multiply like rabbits (Boy Meets Boy reference. Landlady summoned imps and had an infestation problem after)
  • Effect: Allows an extra summon slot (Non-restricted)

Hardmode Tier

Spider Armor
As soon as WoF dies, you can just mosey on to your favorite spider-hole and safely farm black windows for their fangs.
A true upgrade through and through, staff and all, no complaints.​

Twins will offer our second upgrade and are entirely doable with the spider set.
Just get gud at dodging. And arena building.
Also, if you can and want to, farm pirate staff though some may argue spider is still more useful against this boss.​

Optic Staff
Remove the black lens requirement.
It's too rare and a bother for any real gameplay progress where you have to wait for night and hope the eye balls spawn en-masse.
Other than that, our first summons of doom!​

Hallowed Tier
Why don't we have a hallowed Tier?
Because it's replaced by plantera's tiki right after Skeletron Prime?
Or are we expected to farm spooky immediately and making tiki armor obsolete before we even get it?

Here, you might just be able to consider beating Fishron and getting the awesome Sharknado! A huge upgrade, and depending on your skill, you can get it even pre-hallowed tier if you're that good. Ultimately, it gets replaced post planty and golem. and an excellent alternative to sphere summons if you're too lazy to farm them or just that unlucky!

Tiki armor is available after Plantera is enabled rather than after her kill (And the chance of it dropping)
Pygmies are still post-Plantera but the armor upgrade is sooner.​

Spore Sac
  • Now damage changed to summon (It says summons in the item effect.. that's why)

Golem Tier

With either Tiki or Spooky set, Golem is a non issue.
Potential upgrades are the Deadly Sphere staff from Solar Eclipse.
Now with the item that forces it, there is no reason not to get them before Golem.

Lunar Tier
Everyone gets upgrades!
Warriors get Turtle and Beetle
Chloro for rangers and specter for mages.
Summoner again is without a proper upgrade until...post-Moon Lord? The hell...

Rangers farm the jungle and shroom biomes.
Mages the dungeon.
Melee the temple and jungle.
So... Summoners should farm the martians!
Or maybe hell should get a hardmode purpose... but let's work with what is actually available and in-game.

Martian Set
  • Brain-Slug (Reference to Futurama)
  • Xeno-Suit
  • Xeno-Leggings

This will add an extra summon over spooky armor and bring up the damage a little, and more importantly, defense; sweet sweet delicious defense.

Now, you have a fair progression path to defeat him and won't be stuck in damned spooky armor with the crappy wood-tier defense... Huge oversight, imo.

Stardust Special
Many people cry that the guardians damage is too low but that's not what he is for.
He has a few needed changes to make his role more effective.

  • Guardian can float mid air
  • Effect: When sent forward, Stardust Guardian remains at cursor locations and creates a large slam AoE that causes nearby monsters to attack him. He has full HP and half the summoner's defense. Has the Cross Necklace effect as to not be instantly killed by "hug" mobs. Once destroyed, he will reappear at the summoners side after a brief delay.
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Instead of a Martian set. (Though that is a good idea, this is just my idea) The Underworld should get a hardmode purpose. New mobs known as necromancers would spawn that drop blood crystals. You then use the blood crystals to craft a new armor set and staff. The Worshiper's Set, and the Blood Pact Staff. The staff summons devils or ghosts or something else to that effect.
That is fantastic, the time you took to make this for sure wasn't short, i can see the love you have for this game, amazing work dude, hope Red, Cenyx or any developer see this and add to the game.
Summoner is a FANTASTIC class that blossoms end game, but is nonexistent early game. With the stardust armor, I have been able to AFK solo moon lord on expert mode, which is eh. Although, I feel slime staff should be kept as an incredibly rare item. Perhaps there should be a wood staff summoning a small wooden character, which would have slightly worse damage, but better mobility than the slime or something along the lines. :D
Summoner class really needs more work pre hardmode. The problem is that there simply isn't enough summon weapons in this area of the game. As you said, the earliest someone is likely to be a summoner is after queen bee. Either the slime staff needs to be easier to get, or we need a summon weapon that we can get at the start. It doesn't even have to be great, just SOMETHING to last us until the hornet staff. I am doing an expert playthrough right now as a summoner, but I can't really be one until the hornet staff. Why did they even make the slime staff so rare? Its not even that good. You would think that the rarest item in the game would be a bit better.

As well as weapons, we also need more summon armours. Stardust is great, but compared to other classes, it is lacking. I was hoping that the hardmode ore armours would get a summon variant, but they didn't.
@Demon Master
Slime staff started out more as a fun new gimmick for players (Like the Slime Umbrella) rather than a fully fleshed out idea.
They need to make the upgrade path for summoners more in pace with that of other classes as currently summoners are by far the last class to get anything to help it until the very end when they basically don't need it anymore...
Summoner is a FANTASTIC class that blossoms end game, but is nonexistent early game. With the stardust armor, I have been able to AFK solo moon lord on expert mode, which is eh. Although, I feel slime staff should be kept as an incredibly rare item. Perhaps there should be a wood staff summoning a small wooden character, which would have slightly worse damage, but better mobility than the slime or something along the lines. :D

I agree that slime staff should be kept as is. Though that might be because i got one and that makes me feel awesome. like someone in another post suggested, make a way to let the slime geow steonger, cause yea very underwhelming power considering the rarity.

As for a new beginner summon, could make a wood based one like said, and have it designed after groot from guardians of the galaxies, for an idea.

Edit: just wanted to add that i absolutely love summoner class. Though i do wish the stardust guardian had a bit bigger range you can move from him. Half the time I'm not using him because I'm flying around dodging and keep going too far.
What Earlygame (Fresh Tier) summoning really needs is a flying minion since a majority of earlygame bosses fly and baby slimes are ill suited to dealing with that.

Perhaps add a simple Bird Staff that's SLIGHTLY better than the slime staff. Requires capturing a live bird and crafting with some wood and fallen stars.

The Bird Staff would basically be like an early game version of the Raven Staff. And like the Spider Staff, each individual bird has a chance to be a separate kind of bird (white, bluejay, cardinal).
Your ideas are awesome and I agree ( I think we all ) with the fact the summoner class it's null existence in early game and about the slime staff with that drop rate it's almost a joke, it's more trophy than weapon so we need to fix that. Secondly, our first real armor it's bee armor, and for god sake, the underground jungle it's one of the most dangerous biomes, so what about a slime armor or maybe a star armor with a little defense and +1 minion or something along those lines. Third, defeating the mech bosses it's almost impossible without using good load of potions and a well made arena engineer level construction ( at least for me it's been a difficult time against theme ). In conclusion the summoner class it's getting to the point of being a successful class but there little let downs here and there. By the way your post is great.
Secondly, our first real armor it's bee armor, and for god sake, the underground jungle it's one of the most dangerous biomes, so what about a slime armor or maybe a star armor with a little defense and +1 minion or something along those lines.
To be fair, I find that obtaining the first class-specific armor is pretty stupid to begin with.

Shadow and Crimson are fine because Crimson/Corruption is going to be your first major stop ANYWAY so it feels like a reasonable reward.

But to get the Bee armor you have to beat the Queen Bee. And she's much too tough considering that even the bee armor she gives you isn't really appropriate for fighting her.

And the Necro armor is the first gunner-specific armor you have access to but you can't get it until you open up the dungeon.

The only class specific armors you have access to right after the EoW/BoC is Melee and "None". Which is sad because all the armors I just mentioned are roughly at the same tier of helpfulness but you get them at radically different points of progress.

Well, at least you can grab Jungle Armor easily. You just have to be okay with dying a lot to get it.
Well, the actual first melee armor is shadow/crimson
Everything underneath that tier is defense only (Or throwing from ninja and fossil)

Mages have the luxury of making their own robes, staves, and having magic gear from the traveling merchant.
Or they can brave the jungle early on and get jungle set (Or bomb their way to shadow orbs/hearts and wait for a meteor to fall to make full meteor set)

Rangers have lots of weapon options but no ranger armor until dungeon (Which is a bit of an issue though I can't comment since I never once played ranger)

Summoner is in the same boat except armor and weapons both cannot be acquired until bee queen... wait, what?
No weapons either? huge issue.
The only alternative is going to the ocean, fishing up a shark pick, and mining out hell ore to get an early imp staff... which is just meta-gaming at that point rather than actual progression.
How about some summoning items crafted from Antlion Mandibles, sort of like the Spider Fangs?

When I first went into the Underground Desert and started gathering all those antlion mandibles, I was thinking "oh, hey, I heard they were improving summoner in 1.3 so surely now that these are more common, I can make earlygame summoner gear from these, right? right?". I was quite dismayed to find they still only had two recipes.

Antlion mandible armor would only provide +1 minions and a small amount of bonus minion damage, seeing as it's relatively early-game. Perhaps a Spiny Staff also crafted from antlion mandibles that summons an antlion charger that acts sort of like an early-game Pirate Staff, or an Ancient Fossil accessory as a rare drop that summons a relatively weak "animate fossil" minion to fight for you (acting as an early-game Pygmy Necklace; you get an extra minion, except it's not useful in the lategame as you get a bonus crappy minion instead of a true bonus minion).

Perhaps a summoner+mage armor in addition to the hallowed-tier summoner armor, sort of like how the Frost Armor is a melee+ranger armor. Or maybe a beetle/spectre/shroomite armor besides Spooky Wood that offers fewer minions than most Summoner armors, but offers decent defense in exchange (maybe comparable to shroomite). I dunno, I'm just throwing ideas out here.
@Philosophical Hobbit
A hallowed equivalent would be nice but I think the tiki armor can do that just as well if it was available post-mech.

I do like the idea of using the new sandbiome as a item pool for summoners since it has a lot to offer and feels very empty/useless atm.
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