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Drawings & Paintings Super Marnyr Art Thread!

The Pink Ponk

Well a big Oof to everyone then.


Eye of Cthulhu

Been a while, hasn't it? ^.^ I've been on a bit of a Terraria kick again recently. While I've retired most of my old characters (Sorry Ifina), I'm having fun with my new one, Nylor! 1.4 has been a blast even though I haven't found all the new content, seeing the new bosses and items is very exciting! I even redesigned Marnyr, my Terraria sona, to look more like my main one. Marnyr just looks like a taller, prettier version of Marlin with pupils xD

Anyways, here's Nylor! They're a mage. Even though ranger is my favourite (technically signature) class, mage has been INSANELY fun.


I didn't feel like shading or refining this image. Still turned out pretty nicely, though! Always fun to draw without worry!
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