Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod

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    While this mod looks amazing, I was merely interested up until I saw the Disclaimer & Agreements section.

    I'm sure you have no ill intentions, but.. Regardless of how petty this issue might look based on what we assume is collected and intended, and how it's used, it does set a standard.

    If you are gonna go all legalese and try to run this like a business, with the "right to do X", you should respect the fact that end-users also have certain rights of their own. And that is sorely missing in the OP.

    Basically, "We take all your data, no opt-out, no privacy, also we won't say how we use it or store it, also we will share your steam username and not a custom permatag period, also maybe other things like Patreon info, which is not specified."

    Not only is that a red flag for anyone who values their privacy and wants to know how it is used, but that post even states "including but not limited to", meaning they could literally take any info whatsoever off your computer. Literally anything.

    They say they *can* delete your info upon request, not that they have to. And "Gameplay Data" being entirely theirs can mean anything from ingame save files, to video captured of your gameplay - it's not specified what "Data" is. So as a YouTuber, I could get DMCA slapped. You'd be surprised how often that happens to youtubers.

    They also of course say they're not responsible for anything whatsoever.
    That means that you can't really be assured that your data or your files are in safe hands.

    I shouldn't need to mention that this is definitely not GDPR-compliant and is illegal for EU use.

    While I normally wouldn't care about things like this - If you want to make a disclaimer and be all serious and legal, at least understand that the end-user expects and also legally is entitled to mutual respect.

    I also hope that if needed, ReLogic is willing to step in and say that they will not tolerate a user-created mod, using ReLogic's assets and IP, to enforce anti-end-user policies and methods of privacy invasion just to play a mod like this. This is not good news material for Terraria. It is in ReLogic's best interest to not allow use of their game in ways that harm what they stand for, potentially put their users' privacy and integrity at risk, or just generally feel scammy and more like unfriendly competition in the mod space, establishing anti-user practices as okay.

    Point being, the OP should strictly limit and specify their rights and uses, and justify these.

    (Btw you should also properly explain in OP how Patreon works in all of this, as well as the steam login)
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    I often noticed when rejoining (which I did often since it seemed to fix the lag) some of my stats would decrease randomly. It was easily fixed by rejoining so I didn't care about it too much, but now my level 28 melee got reverted to 14.. only this time it decided to stay that way. I think it's because this time I gained EXP for melee before I noticed the level? Probably a bug you should sort out.
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    No idea why you tagged a Pipeworks dev there at the end of your post. I'd just like to point out the fact that a) If you don't like the terms, just don't play the mod, and b) members of relogic have played the closed beta and given us direct feedback, and have no issues with STW existing.
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    That's not how feedback works.
    The devs having tried your mod does not mean they sat down and analyzed and considered the contents of your disclaimer in detail.

    If I point out an issue, you can take it to heart and learn from it, and potentially make your mod more appealing to those who find your terms unacceptable. It's as much criticism as it is feedback.
    Your response doesn't ring of concern or interest, so it might speak for itself.

    I tagged the Pipeworks dev due to the user role as Community Manager. I might have been mistaken to do so, but since this is a community post, it sounded appropriate that the Community Manager would be the first to oversee community things like this.
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    im having trouble at just loading to Sivania, i mean it just says that it took to long to load and then i can eiter try to reconnect or exit but reconnecting just does the same thing and if i try to reopen it, it says the same thing that it took too long to load and i dont know what to do ive tried reinstalling STW to create a new character but the same thing happens when i take the boat to Sivania, also ive been able to go there like 2 times but i cant do anything i have tried talking to the guide and the angler but nothing happens.

    So please i really need help its unplayable for me,i just dont know if its lag or if the files are corrupted.[​IMG]

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    Um, if Re-Logic had anything against STW's existence, they would have sent a Cease and Desist letter, and they would not have allowed STW's thread to exist on the Terraria Community Forums which they own and operate.

    They would have requested the project be shut down.

    He gave a professional response. That's how professional responses are worded.

    The Pipeworks dev is the community manager For Pipeworks Studio who handles the Console Ports. They have nothing to do with the PC release of the game.
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  7. im trying to download the launcher but i just get this
    What could i do?
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    I think someone said Sivania would get fixed next week?
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    I downlaoded the launcher, but the "Play" button is grayed out, and it says "STW Version: Not Installed". What should I do?

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    um im sorry i just wanted to try to play this i bought terraria and i came here but i still cant play this after i open the launcher it says it cant run on this pc even though im on windows 10 can somebody help me?
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    How is windows 10 a factor?

    What matters is most likely your hardware and drivers.
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    Help please, we really want to play this game but cant because of this ;(
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    figured it out, when the button is grey it means you have to set the path for terraria and its saves again in settings, because it places the slashes the wrong way when it does it automatically

    Edit: and of course now i have another problem, i cant play because it says unauthorized user, which doesnt make sense since i clearly bought the game, unless its because it went back into closed beta, either way, either way, i just want to know whats going on.
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    Ummm I can't find my update file, can anyone help?
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    How do you fix the slashes? I'm not a very technical person.
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    Open Beta Update #2 - February 9th, 2019

    Hey everyone, it's been a week now since we've opened up STW to the public and we've been blown away with the support from the community. We wanted to especially thank users in our Discord server who are taking their time to help other users install/play.

    This past week we've worked extra hard on addressing the server delay that is extremely apparent in Sivania. Today we're release an update that will hopefully address this - in fact the update is live! Please let us know if you experience more or less of a delay now.

    As stated earlier in the week, we will be conducting a reset in the near future after we stabilize the servers. We understand the frustration that come with frequent resets, but we hope that the improved experience will more than make up for it. We will let you know when the reset will take place at the earliest opportunity.

    Thank you for all your support and excitement,

    The Super Terraria World Team
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  16. Mopy

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    UPDATE: Issue Resolved. It was user error.

    Looking forward to playing the game!
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    I'm glad the STW team is working hard to fix all the lag issues and stuff, that probably takes a lot of time and I couldn't be more thankful
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    i have this same issue..
  19. ThePally

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    Just keep reinstalling.

    Works eventually.

    For me at least.
  20. malikjustice1

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    can someone explain why it says unathorized user when i launch it