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Standalone Super Terraria World - MMORPG Style Mod - Server and Client Mod


That is where my vanilla saves are though, "D:/Terraria Saves". I mean I guess it's not that bad of a workaround though. At least I can play :happy:
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Why I can´t play it???


Official Terrarian
How can I redo a quest?? I was doing the frozen mirror quest with the Viking but made the wrong item with the ice shard and now I can't open the door cause I have the wrong item.

Chi Ken

why should I give you the username and password from steam?
We use Steam to verify that you own a legal copy of Terraria and for your character data to be tied to that specific Steam account. This is achieved with the login checking what your SteamID64 is (a unique identifier used to identify a steam account), which is something anyone could find regardless if they know the link to view your steam account.

Do keep in mind that several members of Re-Logic have tried the mod in the past and have not had a problem with it, along with thousands of users having logged in to Steam through the launcher already, without anyone having had problems in regards to their Steam account being compromised.

Hopefully this helped you feel more safe about the Steam login step which I can reassure you is safe, as otherwise we would not be allowed to keep working on the mod.
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hi would the launcher still work if terraria is shared to me through steam family sharing? right now it says unauthorized user and i cant go past it

Chi Ken

hi would the launcher still work if terraria is shared to me through steam family sharing? right now it says unauthorized user and i cant go past it
Sadly it will not. To play the mod you will need to own the game on the account you want to play it on, with steam family sharing turned off.

Chi Ken

If I download this mod, will I still be able to play normal Terraria? If so, will I still be able to use tModLoader?
The mod a standalone mod and is run through its own launcher, so it can be installed at the same time as tModLoader without causing any issues. As for running Vanilla Terraria, just like tModLoader it will not prevent you from playing Vanilla Terraria.

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Latest Version:
Compatible with Terraria:
Supported Steam Platforms: Windows​

  1. Introduction
  2. More Information
    1. A Link Between Worlds
    2. More on Super Terraria World
    3. A Glimpse into the Regions of STW
    4. Player Skills
  3. News
  4. Social & Support
  5. Disclaimer & Agreements
  6. Download
  7. Installation Instructions
    1. Linking Your Patreon Account
    2. Installation Troubleshooting
  8. FAQs
  9. Credits
  10. Known Bugs & Workarounds
  11. Contact


You may be wondering; “What is Super Terraria World?”. Super Terraria World (STW) is a standalone (ie, non-tModLoader) massively-multiplayer online role-playing overhaul mod. The primary goal being to bring a classic MMORPG experience to the masterpiece that is Terraria.

Official Trailer:

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More Information

A Link Between Worlds:
Super Terraria World encompasses a physical area far beyond the current limitations of Terraria world sizes through a new feature that connects multiple world files together. By walking to the edge of a map, jumping on a boat, or entering a doorway, you can be moved smoothly from one world to another. As STW grows, you will eventually be able to head in one direction, and through world transitions, come full circle, ending right where you started!

More on Super Terraria World:
STW brings you a different take on the Terraria you know and love. The most prominent change is that the majority of the world is static, meaning players will not be able to build or destroy tiles in most locations. There are of course some exceptions, as certain quests will ask you to place objects in specified areas, or clear out collapsed pathways, for example. However, we do not wish to to hinder anybody’s creativity and are aware the importance of building in Terraria. Eventually you will be given special plots; small, private worlds where you will be able to build, host friends and generally hang out!

STW maps are designed for exploration. Even though you will not be able to dig, there will still be expansive dungeons and areas to explore. We wish to reward exploration. To that end, we are currently developing a reward system for chests. To add even more depth to exploration, we have designed a feature which allows you to enter background rooms. Ever wondered what was inside a beautiful background-only build? Well now you can find out! Simply by pressing up (or in some cases, such as elevators, pressing down), you will be moved to a new area.

In addition to our changes to exploration, we have also altered how lighting works. Your characters will now emit a dim, passive source of light. This is to help exploration of unlit areas. If the passive light is not enough, you will still be able to use light sources, such as torches. However, torches will eventually burn out and vanish. Alternately, there will be some areas which will negate your passive light, forcing you to use a torch, or navigate the area blind.

A Glimpse into the Regions of STW:
Take a sneak peek into some of the released regions within Super Terraria World! Keep in mind that some areas may be kept secret for the time being, and there are many other areas still in development.

Ayeswell Inn:

Ayeswell Mine:

Ayeswell Vinyard:

Bait Shoppe:

Corrupt Shrine:

Cultists and Dryad:

Desert Outpost:

Ferrousanguis Outpost:

Fossil Cave:

Guide Hut:


Mine Shafts:

Mushroom Slime Biome:


Pyramid Teaser:

Sivania Church:

Sivania Lumbermill:

Viking Boat:

Dead Tree Village:

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Player Skills:
Characters will be able to gain experience in a variety of different skills, both combat and non-combat.

Currently there are three combat skills in STW; melee, ranged, and magic. Each combat skill can be leveled up by gaining experience through killing creatures. Damaging an enemy with a melee weapon will grant you melee experience (awarded upon its defeat), and so forth. Increasing your combat skill levels will allow you to equip stronger armor and do more damage with weapons of that type.

The non combat skills include:
  • Mining: This skill dictates which ore types you are allowed to mine. Higher tiered ores will require higher mining levels.

  • Crafting: This skill allows you to craft certain weapons, armor, accessories, and ammunition, as well as some quest items. Similarly to the mining skill, higher tiered crafting recipes will require a higher crafting skill level.

  • Chemistry: This skill allows you to brew new potions using raw ingredients which you can find or fish from various locations. As you level up your chemistry skill, you will be granted access to the chemistry potion tree, which will allow you to pick which potion recipe you wish to learn next. Gaining levels continues to unlock points to spend in this tree.

  • Fishing: Similar to fishing in Vanilla Terraria, though new and bigger fish will require a higher fishing level to catch.

January 11th, 2020

Greetings Super Terrarians!

Happy New Year to you all! We hope all of you were able to enjoy the holidays and are
ready for another amazing year of STW!

We'll kick of 2020 with a major sprite rework! This update sees nearly 190 sprites
getting some fresh new pixels! Some of the most notable ones include pistols, staves,
and wands - we hope you really enjoy the fresh look!

In addition to the updated sprites, we've also gone ahead and major some updates
to networking logic to help improve rubberbanding with NPCs - we've still got some
work to do with them before they are buttery smooth, but we hope you'll be able to
notice an improvement.

Lastly, we of course have some bug fixes! Make sure to check out the list below to see
exactly which ones we've squashed. Also, keep up the good work on reporting bugs to us
so that we can continue to polish STW!

Once again, Happy New Year, we're looking forward to 2020!

- The Super Terraria World Team

Additional Bug Fixes / Changes

* Added a dialogue during Frozen Mirror on the Wall if the player deletes a quest item
* Chemistry tooltip has been updated
* Ice Mirror will now consume charges if it is in your trash
* Fixed a typo in Tutorial Trouble's quest log
* Fixed an issue with new vanity items not drawing correctly

Once again, a big thank you and shout out to @Chi Ken for the huge amount of sprite work that went into this release!

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Social & Support

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Disclaimer & Agreements

  • By download, playing, and/or running Super Terraria World or the Super Terraria World Launcher, you agree to everything in this Disclaimer and Agreements
  • This Disclaimer and Agreements can be updated at any time by the Super Terraria World Team

  • Super Terraria World is free to download and play

  • Super Terraria World is only accessible through the Super Terraria World Launcher

  • Super Terraria World and the Super Terraria World launcher are only distributable by the Super Terraria World Team

  • Super Terraria World requires a legally obtained copy of Terraria on Steam to play

  • Super Terraria World automatically collects and saves certain information from you to provide a persistent gaming experience during and between gaming sessions including, but not limited to:
    • Your Steam ID and Username
      • Steam ID is used for User Authentication and Management

      • Other users will be able to see your Steam Username
    • Patreon data for Users who link their Patreon accounts
      • Patreon data is not accessible to other players

      • Your Patreon status may be visible to other players in game
    • Your Player data generated while playing Super Terraria World
      • You can delete your player data at any time

      • This data includes is generally Public and includes things such as your Player Levels
    • Gameplay Data generated while playing Super Terraria World
      • This data is owned by the Super Terraria World Team
  • The Super Terraria World Team is able to delete all personally identifiable data of yours upon your verified request. Please allow one week for any requests to be completed

  • You are not guaranteed nor entitled at any time to play Super Terraria World
    • Access may be restricted due to both intentional (e.g. User Bans) and unintentional (e.g. Server Outage) reasons
  • Super Terraria World Developers retain the right, at any time, to:
    • Mute you (restrict your ability to chat) in Super Terraria World

    • Restrict your access to Super Terraria World, both temporarily and permanently

    • Delete your Super Terraria World data
  • The Super Terraria World Team is not responsible for anything that happens to you, your computer, or your Steam account

  • The Super Terraria World Team is not responsible for online interactions with other players

  • You are free to create any content regarding, featuring, or involving Super Terraria World, so long as it does not violate this Disclaimer and Agreements
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By downloading this mod you agree to the Disclaimer and Agreements above.

Download STW Launcher Use Mirror Link: https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/stw-launcher-downloads/windows/STW_Launcher_Installer_1.3.8.exe

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download the STW Launcher
  2. Run Launcher Installer
  3. Log into Steam
    1. If prompted, correctly choose your Terraria Files path; this is commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria

    2. If prompted, correctly choose your Terraria Saves path. This is where your Worlds and Players folder are located; this is commonly C:\Users\<Your User>\Documents\My Games\Terraria
  4. Select "Update"
  5. Select Play!
Linking Your Patreon Account:
  1. Run the STW Launcher
  2. Once in the Launcher, go into "Settings"
  3. Select Log into Patreon
    1. Patreon will require you to validate device - check your email for this validation
    2. After validating device, Log into Patreon on the Launcher
    3. After logging in, close the window
    4. Log into patreon again and now ALLOW access to your account:
  4. Close Settings
Installation Troubleshooting:
Having issues installing or launching STW? Visit the Troubleshooting guide: Installation Troubleshooting Guide

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  1. What is a Super Terraria World?
    1. Super Terraria World is an MMORPG overhaul mod for Terraria. Its goal is to create a full MMORPG experience from Terraria with hand-crafted worlds, player progression, and exciting quests.
  2. What is an “Open Beta”?
    1. Open Beta means that anyone is welcome to download and play the mod. It is our first public multiplayer release of Super Terraria World.
  3. Wasn’t Super Terraria World already available to play?
    1. Yes and no. Super Terraria World first caught the attention of the general public during its “Single Player Alpha” stage. In order to meet the goals of the mod, the team stopped all Single Player development in favor of Multiplayer development in mid-2017. The “Closed Beta” Multiplayer version has been available to those who have pledged on Patreon since October 20th, 2018. The “Open Beta” is our first public multiplayer release.
  4. What do I need to play Super Terraria World Open Beta?
    1. You will need to own a copy of Terraria on Steam and have a PC running Windows 7 or later. We currently use Steam ID for player authentication.
  5. How long will the Open Beta last?
    1. Our goal is to keep the Open Beta accessible 24/7 until we are ready to come out of beta for a full release. Certain circumstances may affect our ability to keep the Open Beta running, primarily server stability.
  6. Under what circumstances will the Open Beta close?
    1. If our server cannot deliver a consistent, high quality experience to the majority of players, we will temporarily take the servers offline until we can confidently launch them again. We will do our best to communicate the issues we are facing and when we can expect to resolve them.
  7. Can I stream/record my playthrough?
    1. Absolutely! And please, let us know where we can check it out - we’d love to drop by and say hello.
  8. Will there be forced character resets?
    1. Unfortunately, yes. Patrons who can currently access the Closed Beta will have their stats reset prior to the Open Beta going live. During the Beta, we may need to reset player stats in response to game-breaking bugs or data loss. We also may do periodic player resets in order to gather more data about early gameplay. In those situations, we will strive to provide a new and rewarding experience for all players. Players always have the ability to reset their character at their own discretion.
  9. What happens if the server crashes?
    1. In the event of a server crash, the team will attempt to restore operations as quickly as possible. Due to the size of our team and our other commitments, server outages may last for a few hours. We thank you for being patient as we get them up and running again. Frequent crashes may lead to the need to close the Open Beta. See FAQ #6 for more information on that.
  10. What does this mean for Patrons pledging for the beta access?
    1. See our Patreon Update/FAQ here: <link to Patreon post>
  11. This mod looks awesome, how can I support you guys?
    1. Telling your friends, following us on Twitter, and chatting with us on our Discord channel are the easiest ways to support us. If you’re feeling extremely generous, you can also support us through our Patreon.
  12. What is the difference between “Open Beta” and “Full Release”?
    1. The Open Beta is still missing gameplay that we consider “essential” to the complete product of Super Terraria World. The three biggest being the Chemistry skill, a more complete version of our Sivania World, and <something else?>. You can track our progress towards the Full Release here: <link to Roadmaps>
  13. How do I report a bug?
    1. We’ve added a few commands in-game to help report bugs. All three commands will open our bug report Google Formwhen typed, but two of the commands will also help assist you if you’re stuck in-game.
      1. /report-bug
        1. This command will take a screenshot and open the bug report form
      2. /player-report-bug-stuck
        1. This command will take a screenshot, open the bug report form, and teleport you to your spawn point
      3. /player-report-bug-spawn will take a screenshot, open the bug report form, and teleport you to the world spawn point
  14. Where is feature X?
    1. Super Terraria World is still in development, and the feature you are asking about is likely in our backlog, but make sure to drop us a line on our Discord saying what you like about that feature and why you think it should be implemented.
  15. Can I run my own server?
    1. No. Like most other MMOs, Super Terraria World runs on a dedicated server to connect hundreds of players from all over the world. There are no plans to make the server code publicly available.
  16. Where can I learn more?
    1. Drop by our Discord Server and come chat with us any time.
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The STW Dev Team:
@CursedMoose: Gameplay Design lead, Software Engineer
@darthmorf: Launcher and Bot Guru, Computer Science Major
@Flippi: Project Lead, Software Engineer
@Khaios: Lead World Designer and Builder

The STW Artists:
@Akuma: Fancy Release Banners
@Chi Ken: Pixel Transformer (Sprites)

A Very Special Thanks To:
  • All of our amazing Patreon donors and supporters for enabling this project to exist
  • Re-Logic for creating the base game, Terraria
  • The Terraria Forum Administrators, Staff and Community
  • @Yoraiz0r for helping us wrestle with Terraria's Codebase
  • Cherrycake4 for creating our amazing trailer, far before the game was actually that cool
  • @ChippyGaming, @Pedguin, @BlueJay_T_Gaming, @HappyDays, and all the other content creators who record or stream their Super Terraria World gameplay, which always leads to great feedback
  • The Terraria Wiki administrators and staff for helping us set up our very own wiki on gamepedia
  • The Terraria Subreddit Community
The official Terraria Forum Community
The Terraria Subreddit Community

Past Members:
@Jestex: PHENOMENAL Pixel Artist
@oSIVo - Original Sivania World Designer

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Known Bugs & Workarounds
Bug: Chemistry Menu expands off screen
Workaround: Set your UI Scaling down to 100%

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Media: Direct Message on Twitter
Non-Media: This Forum/The STW Discord/The STW Twitter

You know what would be really good/cool? a Bard class! Bards are such a cool class idea that i only saw thorium using, which is really sad! and since this is going for a MMO direction, a Bard class would fit Perfectly!


You know what would be really good/cool? a Bard class! Bards are such a cool class idea that i only saw thorium using, which is really sad! and since this is going for a MMO direction, a Bard class would fit Perfectly!
Maybe, in the future, this mod could become compatible with other mods. That would be super cool.


How can I redo a quest?? I was doing the frozen mirror quest with the Viking but made the wrong item with the ice shard and now I can't open the door cause I have the wrong item.
I have the same problem i'm stuck in the room with the merchant trapped in the ice.
If you want to reset the character go to the hero menu into extras.
Me personaly I'll just quit the game, too lazy to reset

Chi Ken

I have the same problem i'm stuck in the room with the merchant trapped in the ice.
If you want to reset the character go to the hero menu into extras.
Me personaly I'll just quit the game, too lazy to reset

You dont have to reset your character at all, you can break a block of ice on the left hand side of the room by swinging your sword at it, allowing you a passage to and from the room. I can provide further support on our Discord server with a screenshot if you are still confused, you can find a link to join it in the original post or use the one at the bottom of my signature.
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Hey, i think i glitched. I installed the game and did part of the tutorial, then i was walking around and somehow got on to a really big fully flat pat thing that led to a place with a few npcs and a big cloth that said thank you, then i stepped on a boat to the far right(i think) of the area that led to a dock with a sign that said i think "welcome to sivinia" then a bunch of stuff. I don't know what to do now, so help would be apreciated. Thank you!

edit: i fixed it
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im not the best with tmod so how do i download this mode to my game also it looks amazing i cant wait to hear back
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