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Surface background stone and environment decorative bits


i would really like to see the stone bits regenerate over time, just like grass does and mushrooms and flowers/plants.
maybe you can make them regenerable over longer periods of time, its kinda sad to break them and then not have them part of the landscape.
(im refering to surface sprites or "newely generated" surface stones or roots near giant trees that can be found on a new world).
if you see my post please consider adding almost all if not all types of such "decorations" as regenerable, it would be amazing to see the world living and growing.
(also maybe make the bone piles and other background objects generate near a death point or something like that)


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    stone bits.png
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The best you could do for that is either Tedit or a mod
i would rather have it grow, not everyone has Tedit and it would complete the already growing ambiental objects (icycles)
another argument is that new players tend to break these and they really make the scene look better. also you might want to build something and have them around, i need to plan well before creating something if i want to keep the rocks as decorations.
+ it would be a good source of worms (with my luck i could use some gold ones)
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