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What this roleplay is all about:

It was a Saturday. Just like any Saturday, you went downstairs and started to watch cartoons (Yes, you were a kid). You were at home, eating some breakfast when a news broadcast interrupts your show. Your parents are still asleep. The news broadcast says: “Breaking news, a strange red object has just crashed into the moon, and many more are heading towards Ear-——-“ BOOOOOMMM!!! “AAAGH!!! RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!” A horrifying monster made out of bloody muscle and bone crashes through the backdrop. It has 8 legs and 4 tentacles. It rears its head, roars, and runs towards the camera, blacking it out. A civil emergency alert pos up on the screen. It says “Do not go outside. Do not look at the moon. At night, hide and get out of the moonlight. If night fal—“ A strange guttural voice interrupts the broadcast “Come outside. Look at the moon. Do not hide. Go outside. Come and join us. Become one with us. Become one with the moon. The screen goes black. You jump up and throw on your clothes. You pack your backpack with the necessities; A flashlight, a canteen, a first aid kit, and a hatchet/pocketknife. You throw it on, grab you bat from the garage, get on your bike, and ride into the woods, just as you see a monster crash into you house and blow it to smithereens. You just keep pedaling into the woods, never turning back.

Charachter Bio:
Age(can’t be over 18):


OOC for characters: OOC - Survival of the Fastest OOC

Equipment list:
A flashlight with extra batteries
A canteen
A first-aid kit
A hatchet/Pocketknife
A tool of your choice (nothing electric or gas powered)
The monsters (yes, there are flying ones):
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(*checks oc lists* pain
Yes, 90% of my options are younger than 18, but none of them fit with the story.)


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(No one does. None of them even give a :red: about cartoons, none of them have a bat, and none have a bike.)


Blip continues to hum to themselves as they pull a string which would tighten a snare around Nayomis leg and pull them up to the ceiling.


Blip would stand up, stuffing some stuff in their backpack, and turn around smiling. They run up to them, almost tripping over trash and other junk. “Hi there! I’m Blip, what’s your name?”


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(I'll probably start once the characters head into the woods...
Also, I'm partially considering adding Almond, but that would mean that I'll have to use a loophole for Vambat...)
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