Ah, so you are the artist who made that picture of a Terrarian adventurer in Turtle armor and wielding a Terra blade doing some... Gardening. I look forward to seeing even more of your creations.
Oh it's so great to see the glorious Oni art on these forums.
Also if you're interested enough to do it could you draw Utsuho? For no particular reason....
Had three done, but I'll post the other two tomorrow.

Draw my Avvy if you will. thank you :) just for ref. it looks like this :
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I made a request that one time back on TO, if you're feeling generous.

Or you could make me an avatar. Be it whatever you want, just make it for me, even if it's something as silly as a Charmander stealing W1K's hat. Or draw me nothing. Or do another person's request. Or scribble and sell it for a million dollars. Idc, I just wanna see more Seweekarts.
Can you make the character in my avatar (foxy)

Haunting my terraria character

in the underground corruption/crimson?
:)red:, why is my hair blue in the picture?)
Suweeka's opened requests?! *faints* it true? Can I really request from the greatest Terraria artist?

Well it looks to be so! So, do you think maybe you could do this little rascal here:

In Chlorophyte Armor?(with Headgear) I've been wanting a picture of him in some kind of Terraria armor, I decided Chlorophyte would be his style. So yeah would you do that?

I know you normally do regular people, if you can't do this guy that's totally fine with me! Just thought I'd check at the very least!
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It would be totally awesome if you drew my character, Mr. Blander:

For reference he's wearing the WoF Mask, Gi, and Mysterious Cape.
I know oni was already awesome enough to do one of my requests and I appreciate and love it bunches, but I'm gonna leave another one here just in the off chance oni decides oni likes me and my shenanigans enough to grant me another one~
If you are willing to, could you just draw her? The pose doesn't matter, but I would like it to be something different than the one she's making. Then I would be even more eternally satisfied than I am now <3
Obviously I'm not expecting it to get done at all, and one is more than enough for me to be happeh :3
Wait, you're doing requests? This is certainly a rarity. If it's not too much to ask, could you do Shulk with glasses? (Reference link in the name.)
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