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Sprites Sweets & Suggestions: The Bobble Factory


The Painter
Wowie.. well, for a long time I have kept my list of ideas in my signature, but I've come to the limit of 100 links, so for my convenience and for those who'd like to see my threads, here I will list all my suggested ideas! Thread will update after every new idea posted, but will only mention it in status updates.

Total: 90 as of 5/25/2020

The latest three, given a chance to shine before dropping into the list below
[Block Swap Sand]: To let us dig and build in sand more easily!
[Functional Team Blocks]: Team blocks toggle on or off, according to what team you're on
[Visual and Audio cue when a projectile is reflected]: Just to have it clear what's going on!

My favorite kind of suggestion! These are very large threads with several dozens of sprites to check out.

[The Confection: The Desserted Land]

A land of cream and dreams, the Confection is as deceptive as the Hallow, and generates after the defeat of the Wall of Flesh (or Chasme) in seasoned worlds, to combat the Sensation.

[The Sensation: Inferno of Flavor]

The Sensation is an essence that bleeds and burns through the land, bringing twisted root and wicked fruit to bear from blackened embers. Created by @AntithesisEK!

[The Depths: Layer of Shadows]

In the deepest zone of some worlds, legend says that the shadowflame sorceress Chasme rules over this alternate Underworld, the Depths, where lost miners are never heard from again.

[The Gully: An Alternate Jungle]

Giant flowers bloom and monstergirls roam in this alternate Jungle that is watched over by Wysteria, who is thought to be Mother Nature herself.

[Tree Dungeons: Living Trees]

A living tree as a miniature biome, where the roots below expand into a small dungeon filled with bugs and sawdust, and where the Widow awaits her next victim.

[ ? ? ? ]
Seven planned biomes to come... what can they be? Maybe if you click the button..

Top Ideas
Ideas that have received lots of attention

[Biome-colored lava]: Lava changes colors in biomes, just like water
[Cosmic Gear]: The Final (Fron)Tier!
[Fallen star furniture]: Turn your stockpile of stars into a sparkling mansion!
[Fluorescent light beams]: Lasers, lights, and disco!
[Hallowed Islands: The Harpy and Wyvern solution]: Changing the spawning conditions to the floating islands, rather than anywhere in the sky
[Hidden Hearts: Rethinking health progression]: Decreasing sequence breaks, encouraging exploration, and some fun decorative items, too!
[Placeable materials]: Making old items useful in building
[Signs+]: New signs and arrow signs!

Other Suggestions

[Actuated Ropes]: A small change for map makers
[Allowing music boxes to play in vanity slots]: A way to play your favorite song without giving up a slot
[Allow incomplete crafts of bulk items]: Builders' convenience
[Angler and Fishing Improvements]: Less grind, more fun!
[Balancing drills and pickaxes]: Bringing drills up to par with their pickaxe counterparts
[Baseball Bats]: Knock 'em out of the park!
[Beehives everywhere!]: Reduce the spawn rate, and make them obtainable!
[Biome solution renames]: Giving Hallow and Mushroom unique solution names
[Booties with new thrusting effects]: Having more fun with booties!
[Boss Loot Splosion]: Letting others have a chance to snag the loot
[Bottled souls]: Place souls in bottles for helpful effects
[Challenge Modes]: Bringing different difficulty levels to the game
[Chaos Pearl]: Rod of Discord improvements
[Checker Wrecker Ball!]: Be the boss of all bosses!
[Chlorophyte Bullet improvements]: A change to make the ironically homing bullet less inaccurate
[Clentaminator Revealing Infections]: Making cleansing a little easier
[Color Wheel]: Making dyes less of a hassle
[Crab Pots]: Fishing made easier
[Crafting purified and infected blocks]: Easier block conversion
[Do you want to build a snowman?]: Well... do you!?
[Enchanted Rainstick]: Start or cancel the Rain event
[Fire weapons working underwater]: Like the old days
[Fixing the spike exploit]: A way to prevent easy wins from a single placed spike block
[Flooding the Underworld]: Allowing water in hell without causing problems
[Foreground Layer]: Walk in between objects instead of always in front
[Gastropod Staff and Shell Blocks]: Two new reasons to hunt Gastropods!
[Glowing Hellstone]: Reimplementing that brilliant glow
[Golden Nuggets: A Solution to Golden Furniture]: Reducing the grind and filled slots!
[Golden Keys Crafted into Soul Keys]: Reducing grind a bit and giving keys more use
[Hallowed Ore and Hallowed Bricks]: Like Demonite Bricks, but for the Hallow
[Hammer slope toggle]: Toggling slope direction with a left click pop-up like Grand Design
[Hammered Tiles: Improvements]: A smoother world!
[Hidden Hearts: Rethinking health progression]: Decreasing sequence breaks, encouraging exploration, and some fun decorative items, too!
[Ice Chests as Coolers]: Yup. Yup. Mhmm.
[Items Respawning in Dungeon]: More books and potions!
[Jumping on tree branches]: A small change to exploration
[Living Lightning: A new Angry Nimbus drop]: New lightning blocks and equipment!
[Magical Sparklers]: Draw the Rainbow!
[Mimics drop chests and potions at defeat]: A way to keep mimics worth hunting for
[Monocle: The classy suggestion]: 100% more class
[Moon Lord: Quicker Rematches]: Making the final boss less punishing without nerfing it
[More blocks for less material]: Less grind, more build!
[Mossification]: Control planted moss types
[New timers and the Deactivator]: Using the alternate ore watches for different timers
[Obsidian Skull buff]: On Fire! immunity for the Obsidian items
[Orichalcum Brick]: Giving the legendary ore its own proper brick
[Place torches in furniture light sources]: Hundreds of more light possibilities without adding a single item!
[Plantera's balls]: Spiky ball upgrade
[Pogo Stick]: Leap across your world!
[Propeller Hat]: I don't wanna grow up!
[Rainbow Slimes having 420 HP]: 420blazeit
[Reducing recipe for Music Box (Title)]: Lowering the cost to the 5 original tracks from 1.0.
[Reforging Stacked Weapons]: A way to give Light Discs and Bananarangs modifiers
[Return of the old furnace and hellforge]: Bringing back the old textures, like the ancient armors
[Sandstone Brick Fix]: Evening out those strangely shaped bricks
[Small changes to cloud blocks]: Fluffier clouds
[Solutions for Solutions]: Nozzles, Lime Solution, and the ability to transform liquids!
[Spectre Hood: Losing lifesteal for a new effect]: Keeping Spectre a support armor without lifesteal
[Spectre Paintbrush and infinite paint]: Painting made even easier!
[Stackable armors and vanity]: Saving space, just like dyes
[Sweet Hot Booties]: Booties for sticky situations
[Tablecloths]: Adding more decorative use to tables for a more homey feel
[Temple Key: Temple discovering tool]: A way to help find the temple
[Terra Blade crafted at an Ancient Manipulator]: Bringing back the sword of Terraria
[Tree Dungeons]: More than a small loot room!
[Trophies Buffing Bosses]: Placing trophies to buff conquered bosses
[Umbrella Shield]: Bump those pesky NPCs off your chests, or play soccer!
[Unblending: New Axe Function]: Give axes a decorative use, like hammers!
[Underworld Crate]: A multiplayer-friendly way to get more Shadow Chest loot
[Upgradeable chlorophyte armor]: Decreasing the grind in the Jungle
[Voodoo Dolls in Shadow Chests]: Making the transition into Hardmode less of a grind for the unlucky ones
[Wall of Flesh Summoning with Clothier Doll]: A way to fight and defeat the Wall of Flesh without starting hardmode
[Water Geyser Traps]: Blast them up to come crashing backdown!
[Waterfalls creating new blocks]: A way for liquids to make more blocks without adding a new liquid
[Watering Can]: A useful gardening AND building tool
[Wiring+: New Actuators, Moving Platforms, and more!]: New things and changes to allow more wiring possibilities!
[Wonder Wand]: A convenience tool for builders, and opens up many more possibilities!

Thanks to @AntithesisEK for the thread name.. :dryadgrin:

And thank you all for reading, there will be more in the future.
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The Painter
i wanna see those 6 suggestions really baddddd
Seven now
though some are hypothetical with just a few concepts thought out. I do feel strongly with at least 4 of them, though.

EDIT: Woops, I sorta lost track there. One of those seven is going to be a collab with @AntithesisEK. He's the one with all the ideas behind it, I'll be spriting it. So really it's his biome.
I'll just be listing it here like I did with the Sensation, not mine, but related.

This should be interesting... :p
I hope so

So many small concepts that could have such big impact on quality of life.

Hallowed Islands continues to be one of my favorites though. Perhaps one day:

That is truly amazing! More of a proper biome than what is essentially a prettier cabin in the sky.
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What's the real point in spending so much time making these suggestions when you know that there not going to even be looked at by a dev or anything.


Wow its amazing.. It seems like the second i reply i get an alert! Its amazing.
[doublepost=1468040306,1468040287][/doublepost]Also i would like Dr.Pepper
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