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T:OW Your Thoughts


The Destroyer
Somebody didn't read my original posts correctly did they?
I wasn't talking about Re-Logic.
"The original development team are now spending all their time and efforts in publicizing their new projects.
T:OW has been removed from their home website completely."
Was it Re-Logic who was the original development team on T:OW?
So, I was correct in stating that the project is no longer on the original team's home website.
I await your apology...my friend. ;)
Actually, Engine isn't the original dev team. Well, not completely. It was Engine AND Re-Logic. I was assuming you were talking about Re-Logic.

Also, where have you heard that they were behind design and development? I do not ever remember them stating that Engine is completely behind all design and development.


Actually, Engine isn't the original dev team. Well, not completely. It was Engine AND Re-Logic. I was assuming you were talking about Re-Logic.

Also, where have you heard that they were behind design and development? I do not ever remember them stating that Engine is completely behind all design and development.
I think maybe you had to be there.


Let's just take one of your suggestions.
"There could be other reasons for Engine quitting the development."

What right-minded developer would decide to walk away from a potentially multi-million selling title?
"No thanks, we don't wish to be rich."

The very fact that there is no mention on the website of the original development team suggests they have severed all ties with the project.
It also suggests that "possibly" they are not allowed to mention it.
But it is more likely that their version is dead-in-the-water and so when/if T:OW finally appears it will be the creation of another team entirely, so they cannot suggest they had any input in its creation.

Now let's take another of your points while we're here.
"You actually don't have any evidence that they made an product which did not meet Re-logic's standards."
On July 28th of last year this was posted "To keep it short and simple, at the beginning of this year, we undertook a full in-depth review of the project versus our standards, expectations, and vision for the game. It was pretty clear to us at the time that Otherworld needed quite a bit of work - and even a good bit of rework - in a number of areas in order to hit that mark."
Notice the use of the word STANDARDS there?
It failed to meet with those of Re-Logic.
On January 21st the lead designer at the original developer tweeted that they were no longer involved with the project.
That's fairly conclusive evidence.


Actually it was NOT.
Re-Logic licensed their product out to an external developer so that they could create another Terrarian product.
The design, graphics and code were developed by this external team and the problems that arose from this product is their responsibility, NOT Re-Logics.
If you don't actually work in the industry then you really don't understand the complications.
Speaking as someone who does work within the games development industry I can state without fear of contradiction that Re-Logic's only fault was in trusting an external developer with their IP.
Certainly they should have kept a tighter control on the development of this product, but they believed that the team involved was more than capable.
Again, this might be seen as being a flaw of theirs and in the fullness of time it has been proven that this was indeed the case.
They gave an external team far too much freedom and did not keep a tight hold on the product.
The result being a product that was far below the standard that Re-Logic feels is deserving of their fans.
The situation as it stands is that the product has been removed from the original development team and is now being "fixed" by either an in-house team at Re-Logic or by someone else they know they can trust.

So...there you have it.
To say that Re-Logic was the original development team of Terraria Otherworld is completely incorrect.
They developed Terraria, nothing else.
How do you know all this stuff? :confused: It sounds like u work for engine or re logic


well i just cant wait i got some money in my steam wallet buring a hole in my 100$ virtual jeans lols


The way they are saying "status update" and not spoiler makes me think it will be bigger than an average spoiler. More like a "We are almost done" than a here ith a picture, have fun!


Check out the TOW facebook page.
announcement 12 minutes ago.

As you all know from when we first announced the game a good while back, Re-Logic’s focus has and always will be on delivering complete and quality game experiences to our fanbase. This means that we will not compromise game quality for speed to market or for any other reasons within our control. Our team had a clear vision for this game – one that we shared with all of you with much shared excitement – and, as much as we hate to say it (and in spite of all of the reforms we tried last year) - the current state of the game is still equal parts far from that vision and well behind schedule.

As a result, we have made the decision to move on from having Engine Software continue development of Terraria: Otherworld. Re-Logic has possession of the game (code, art, sounds, etc.) as it exists today, and we have been examining the array of options available to us to get TOW to a place to where we can confidently deliver on the vision and expectations we all have for this game. After taking a good hard look at everything, we feel that a new and fresh start/direction is the only way Otherworld will ever reach its full potential at this point.

So, where does TOW head from here? The great news is that we already have a dedicated and passionate team ready to pick up the torch and continue the Otherworld journey! Based upon their really impressive work to-date with the Terraria re-write on Console/Mobile, coupled with an amazingly on-point proposal for completing Otherworld (after a thorough review of the game on their end), we have made the decision to bring Pipeworks on board as our new development partner for Terraria: Otherworld!"
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