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T:OW Your Thoughts


Skeletron Prime
So this is coming from, 2017? only about 6 months from 2018 and its just somewhat appalling to me that it was destined to come out in 2015. I know what the developers said but I've been checking the forums and steam daily for it to come out. it hasn't. I don't know how much longer but the unfathomable want that I have for this game is crushing me. (When's it gonna come out, when's it gonna come out) It's sad to see all of the problems this game has run into and how long its been delayed. But even if it was delayed for, heck, 5 more years I would still be waiting, checking the forums. Even if the silence we have received is frightening I still cant wait for this game.

My thoughts on what it will be like: More story driven for one thing. You have npcs that give you quests (Shut up angler, I hate your dumb achievements) and you fight off the corruption on a world scale. In terraria you never really had this chance because of the cost of the clentimator and how long it took to dig a trench 5 blocks wide so the evil couldn't spread. Coming to the last surviving haven on the face of the earth and spreading that so called purity, fighting off the enemies that are coming to destroy the crystals of purity. T:OW will be a much more urgent, dire situation game trying to survive and keep your few crystals alive, and then thriving and expanding under those conditions.

I Like the idea of a sort of slower and more intense looking combat then a winged man flying in circles swinging a sword in the exact same arc for the duration of infinity.

The clip of the character fighting the crimother shows that the crimson will probably be a creature of immense size coming after all/most of the corruption is gone. It might be cool to have all your work destroyed to only work even harder now to cleanse it.

All and all I think the games gonna be great, even if it seams to have disappeared. :)

(Don't let me down, don't forget T:OW!)
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